danish royal girls


ROYAL JEWELLERY || The Diamond Daisy BroochIn 1935, the Swedish Princess Ingrid married the Danish Crown Prince Frederik, and for this occasion, Ingrid’s father, Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden, commissioned a diamond daisy brooch for his daughter. The brooch was made from diamonds belonging to Ingrid’s mother, the British-born Crown Princess Margareta, who had died fifteen years earlier, when Ingrid was only ten. It held an extra sentimental connection to the late Crown Princess in the sense that the French version of her name, Marguerite, is also the French word for a daisy and Margareta’s own nickname was Daisy. The brooch was immensely treasured by Ingrid (who later became Queen of Denmark), she wore it on her own wedding day and when her oldest daughter, Margrethe (later Queen Margrethe II; whose name, the Danish version of Margareta, was given in honour of her grandmother – and whose nickname, like her grandmother’s, is Daisy), married Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat in 1967, she lent it to her. Shortly before Ingrid’s death in 2000, she gave the brooch to Margrethe as a birthday gift, and today, it is one of her own most treasured pieces of jewellery.