danish music

Danish music

Help me out. I am searching for some music with Danish lyrics in order to improve my language skills. So far I only listen to Djämes Braun and it’s driving me absolutely crazy. 
I’d rather like to listen to metal, hard rock or folk but with nice and clear vocals. Otherwise I can’t pick up anything from listening. 
So please, recommend me you favourite bands/artists/songs/albums.

@useless-denmarkfacts - tagging you guys, hoping you can help me somehow.


Myrkur - Ulvinde
completely beautiful!!


Danheim - Ivar’s Revenge (Danish Viking Music)

wooow, just woow :o

Agnes Obel

They won’t know who we are
So we both can pretend
It’s written on the mountains
A line that never ends

As the devil spoke we spilled out on the floor
And the pieces broke and the people wanted more
And the rugged wheel is turning another round

Dorian, carry on,
Will you come along to the end
Will you ever let us carry on

Swaying like the children,
Singled out for praise
The inside out on the open,
With the straightest face

As the sad-eyed woman spoke we missed our chance,
The final dying joke caught in our hands
And the rugged wheel is turning another round

Dorian, carry on,
Will you come along to the end
Will you ever let us carry on
Dorian will you follow us down

School of X’s Rasmus Littauer on his music, dreams and working with MØ and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

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Although a solo artist in his own right, Rasmus Littaeur is probably best known for his on-tour presence as the little drummer boy behind big name Danish acts MØ and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that from always being on tour that his latest album is inspired by sleep and the best moments from it: dreams. Titled, “Faded. Dream”, the album is slow and gradual, its lush textures communicated through a dreamy vocoder coat and symphonic detune. There’s the light R&B saunter of “Get Higher”; the clanging beat clap of “Words” and my personal favorite, the hazy drift and synthesized shoegaze of “Forever”. Taking some time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions with quite a few smiley emoticons, Rasmus wrote back to us about his start in music and a little about what he dreams about.

Words: Peter Quincy Ng

So tell us a little about yourself. Both you and your brother Simon are musicians. Was this always the dream?

It was indeed. I’ve made a lot of music with my brother Simon and also my little brother Yangze. They’re both specialized in different things. Very inspiring to me, and useful as it’s different from my expertise :-)

 I see you’re on tour again, it’s where I always seem to see you whether through MØ or previously through Asteroids Galaxy Tour. How did you manage to squeeze out music through such a busy schedule?

It’s been taking up all my time: to tour and to make music. Every minute I work, the more I get done, if you know what I mean. I become more efficient if I work a lot and I like that more than not being busy. I think it’s called “flow”, in psychological terms. I definitely seek that as much as possible and I guess everyone seeks that.

It’s quite the résumé I must say. What have you learned about making your own music touring with MØ and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour?

I have learned everything about how to tour (laughs). I’ve also settled with how my lifestyle is and how it will be. I like this way of living even though it’s tough emotionally and physically, but it keeps me stimulated. That’s important to me, to live progressively. We’ll have to see where it takes me.

Your album is about dreams. Tell us about…

A dream collaboration:

I collaborate with my friends here in Copenhagen. We’re a lot friends who’s hanging everyday and living together. I’m gonna work on a track with my roommate Vera today and tomorrow we’re gonna play a show with our other friends Vasco and Goss. I guess that’s my dream collaboration. Since it’s easy and they’re all really good at what they do.

A dream day on tour:

I cold sunny autumn day somewhere in Europe is as good as a rainy day in Russia or a hot day in Brazil. It all depends on my mood and attitude. So bottom line is that a dream day is a day without worries and a clear mind.

 A dream vacation:

I love Mexico and I try to go there once year with my girlfriend and sometimes friends as well. The ocean and the food there are better than anything.

A dream car:

I have a Volkswagen GOLF II actually. It’s from ’89 like myself. I love it.

 A bad dream:

If there’s no one else around :-( 

A funny dream:

Last night I dreamt I was in this Italian supermarket in Copenhagen eating Cacio e pepe :-)

ID #45548

Name: Emma
Age: 14 to be 15
Country: Norway

I really to get to know new people, and I am very awkward, short and gay.

I like memes and Theatre and music. I am also kinda intrested in politics, even though I am very bad at actually debating and discussing it. I like learning languages, and I can speak Norwegian, Swedish and English. I am currently learning both German and Russian. (I can understand written danish too btw.) I am also very intrested in learing how it is to live in other countries, and their culture and stuff.

My current intrests are Hamilton(even though I have never had the chance to see it…), Shakespeare, Hetalia(I know, don’t judge), draw(I’m not very good….), space, almost any type of music, SKAM and fashion I guess…

Preferences: pretty mutch anyone, but be openminded and not over 18. And I also swear a lot….


Myrkur - De Tre Piker

ID #47516

Name: Olivia
Age: 15
Country: Sweden

I’m a mostly happy high school sophomore from Sweden. I actually and a bit weirdly, like studying! Later, in college, I’d like to study either Art History, languages, law or design of some sort. I speak French and Swedish fluently (and maybe English too!). At the moment, I’m trying to learn Russian and Italian. As I speak Swedish, I’m also learning some Danish and Norwegian to be able to communicate with more Scandinavian people.

Other than that, some things I particularly like are : music, reading (books and magazines like Kinfolk or so), making videos (that i don’t even post), hanging out with my friends, photography, writing, sometimes watching Youtube and also discussing various topics. These topics can be things like feelings and psychology, existential questions, creative things, political ideas, art, what my favorite color is, spiritual things and how I eat cherry tomatoes. I like spending my time on Tumblr for langblrs, studyblrs and getting some extra inspiration.

I’ve wanted to have a pen pal for a pretty long time so I was happy to find a place made for that!

Have a nice day <3

Preferences: ages between 14 and 16