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Yo, Fannibals, try fast forwarding to 0:57, to 2:23 and finally to 2:54. Or, you know, just watch the entire thing.

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It’s really too bad you can’t hear his voice.


God, how I love this song. Everything in it is perfect: the beat, Troels’ vocals, electronic sounds and… just everything! It’s such a complex piece of art! Can’t get over this. And, it’ always been a mistery to me, why Veto and Troels Abrahamsen are so underrated? Such a shame they’re not worldwide known.


Sorten Muld (’blackened soil’) is a fairly old Danish band that my parents introduced me to wayyyy back. They do these really eerie synth-crossover versions of old Danish folk songs, with varying results. This is such a beautiful one, and I really recommend looking into them! It is weird and esoteric as fuck, but also so pagan it makes your heart flutter <3

All their songs are of course in Danish, but if you turn out to be a fan I’ll translate whatever you need :) This song is called the farmer and the elf girl.


Medina - Lonely HD (by bangbangboomcat)


Jean Sibelius and Carl Nielsen. Music & Letters has created a virtual collection to mark the 150th anniversary of the births of the two great Nordic musicians.

Sibelius’s music enjoyed a high profile from the mid-1920s onwards: the earliest articles in M&L date from the beginning of the 1930s, following the publication of acclamatory accounts by writers such as Cecil Gray and Constant Lambert. In contrast, serious scholarly interest in Carl Nielsen’s work, outside Denmark, had to wait until the publication of Robert Simpson’s monograph, which M&L reviewed in 1953, before it gained momentum.

Image credit: Sibelius. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. Carl Nielsen. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


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