danish lighting


“The chemistry was immediate, the spark intense. I said early on, ‘This girl frightens me’. She’s so fierce and brave…it kind of bowled me over.”
~ Michael Fassbender


Madsen light machine gun

Designed c.1896 by Julius A. Rasmussen and Theodor Schouboe, adopted for Danish military service c.1902 by Colonel Madsen, manufactured c.1902~1945 by Dansk Rekyl Riffel Syndikat A/S.
8x58mmR Krag 40-round removable box magazine, long recoil automatic, air cooled.

The first light machine gun to see mass production,

Madsen Model 956 light machine gun

Designed c.1896 by Julius A. Rasmussen and Theodor Schouboe, manufactured post-WW2 by Dansk Rekyl Riffel Syndikat A/S for Portugal.
7,92x57mm Mauser 30-round removable box magazine, air-cooled long recoil automatic fire, mounted on a Danish tripod.
It’s pretty insane how little this gun changed in its almost century of service.


Alicia Vikander wears Louis Vuitton as she attends the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival premiere of ‘The Danish Girl’ at The Princess of Wales theatre in Toronto, Canada, on September 12, 2015.



List of Favorite Actors/Actresses → Alicia Vikander 

↳ “I vividly remember watching women in films when I was nine or 10, picturing them being what I’d be like as an adult. I had these real female crushes on certain actresses. And I’d watch them thinking, one day I’ll be that. One day I’ll be a woman. … I get that wish to find your complete form.”


Academy award nominee winner Alicia Vikander, (8yr) performing “Du måste finnas” by Helen Sjöholm  (1997)

A film you’ve seen most times in cinema.
The Danish Girl (2015) dir. by Tom Hooper
Your most rewatched film.
Love Actually (2003) dir. by Richard Curtis
A film you quote on a daily basis.
Captain Fantastic (2016) dir. by Matt Ross
Favorite film soundtrack.
Drive (2011) dir. by Nicolas Winding Refn
Favorite quote.
“In my experience, the prettier a girl is, the more nuts she is, which makes you insane. You’re probably nutty, coo-coo crazy.”
Top 5 favorite performances.
Alicia Vikander in The Light Between Oceans (2016) dir. by Derek Cianfrance
Brie Larson in Room (2015) dir. by Lenny Abrahamson
Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything (2014) dir. by James Marsh
Michael Fassbender in Hunger (2008) dir. by Steve McQueen
Jake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw (2015) dir. by Antoine Fuqua

An underrated actor.
Viggo Mortensen
An underrated actress.
Alicia Vikander
An overrated actor.
Casey Affleck
An overrated actress.
Jennifer Lawrence
A film you wish you had seen on the big screen.
Casablanca (1942) dir. by Michael Curtiz
Your favorite actor.
Michael Fassbender
Your favorite actress.
Alicia Vikander
Favorite animated film.
Up (2009) dir. by Pete Docter & Bob Peterson
Favorite Oscar speech.
Viola Davis for Fences (2016) dir. by Denzel Washington
“I became an artist—and thank God I did—because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.”

A film that always makes you cry.
The Light Between Oceans (2016) dir. by Derek Cianfrance
A film that you think everyone should watch.
The Great Dictator (1940) dir. by Charlie Chaplin
Favorite superhero film.
Spider-Man (2002) dir. by Sam Raimi
Best cinematography.
Moonlight (2016) dir. by Barry Jenkins