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Super excited the danish twins, Vincent and Josephine start school August 15. and Athena (Joachim's daughter) on August 11. They will have photo opportunities. Cue cute little kids with their little backpacks! cant wait

I’M SO EXCITED!! But I didn’t quite believe it at first. I can’t make myself believe those two munchkins are old enough to be at school. I agree with Mary; they need to stop growing!!

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If the Stars Align - Chapter II

Summary: The Musketeers AU. Danger lurks around every corner in the French court and as a Musketeer in service of the royal family, Killian’s duty is to protect them from any and all threats. As his relationship with Queen Emma develops into something more than just friendship, threats against the queen escalate and put everything they hold dear into jeopardy.

Rating: M

Content warning for the story: violence, mature themes, minor character death.

Art by @hook-and-star-ink , @acaptainswaneternity and @seastarved. Follow this to check all the pieces currently published and give them some love!  

Catch Up: ch1

AO3: ch2

The first event of the Parisian season is a glittering dance held in one of the Louvre’s magnificent ballrooms. The already luxurious ballroom is even more decorated tonight, with stark white tablecloths, embroidered in gold, and glittering glass sculptures as centrepieces on every table. Solid silver goblets are filled to the brim with wine and champagne, crystal serving-trays piled high with every kind of appetizer imaginable.

It’s the first real ball Killian has attended, and the extravagance is breathtaking.

This ball is held every year to welcome the queen back to Paris for the summer and is the first time in many months that all of the nobility are back together. Since Emma started taking her winter retreats a decade ago, it has become the fashion for the rich ladies of France to disappear for the cold months, only returning to the capital when the first signs of spring appear. Now, with all of them back together in time for the Parisian season, the excitement of everyone’s return to the capital is palpable in the animated chatter and laughs filling the ballroom.

The Musketeers are milling around, taking stock of exits, entrances, and the attendees. Killian’s watching them too, though his assignment is to guard the west doors to the ballroom until the royal family arrives, lest something happen or someone rushes at them as they enter.

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