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RebelCaptain AU || The Mummy

After her adopted brother, Bodhi, finds an old intricrate box containing a map, English librarian Jyn becomes interested in starting an archaeological dig at the ancient city of Hamunaptra. She gains the help of an ex-soildier, Cassian, after saving him from his death. What Jyn, Bodhi and Cassian are unaware of is that another group of explorers are interested in the same dig. Unfortunately for everyone, this group ends up unleashing a curse.


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Was It All Just Noise? Independent Analysis Casts Doubt On LIGO’s Detections

“After an effort of more than 100 years and a collaboration involving over 1,000 scientists, we all celebrated. It was February 11, 2016, and LIGO had just announced their first direct detection of gravitational waves. Analysis of the data attributed the signal to a black hole merger that happened several billion light years away. But what if there wasn’t a signal at all, but rather patterns and correlations in the noise that fooled us into believing we were seeing something that wasn’t real? A group of Danish researchers just submitted a paper arguing that the celebration might have been premature.”

It revolutionized our view of the Universe when the LIGO annoucements – and we’re up to three, now – came out. They indicated the direct detection of gravitational waves from merging black holes, teaching us about a new population of stellar remnants, confirming the existence of gravitational waves, and showcasing yet another victory for Einstein’s General Relativity. But it all rests on one critical assumption: that what LIGO detected was a gravitational wave signal, not just noise in the detector. A critical test of this is whether the noise is truly random between detectors, as one would expect, or whether the noise is somehow correlated between the detectors, which would run contrary to expectations. An independent team from Denmark, outside of the LIGO collaboration, put this idea to the test, and what they found has cast significant doubts on the LIGO results.

There’s a new debate brewing surrounding gravitational waves, and while LIGO isn’t giving the new analysis much credence, the importance of getting it right, publicly, is too great to ignore. Sabine Hossenfelder explains.


remember when junhong featured in swedish-danish pop group bracelet’s music video


Crown Princess Mary’s foreign visits → Bangladesh, 2017

For her first foreign visit of 2017, Crown Princess Mary made a top secret journey to Bangladesh which wasn’t announced until she was already in the country due to security concerns. The future Queen was making the journey in her capacity as an advocate for women’s rights. She has visited countries across the globe to fight for female empowerment but this was her first time in Bangladesh. During her time in the country, she visited a number of projects which promote women and are funded by Danish groups. She took in Farmer Field School, a Danish supported initiative which aims to improve women’s knowledge of farming techniques and the Jaago Foundation which runs schools in vulnerable areas, including slums. She also took in the Auto-Tex textile factory which employs a number of women. Mary’s warmth and compassion immediately won over the crowds of people who came to visit her and she relished the opportunity to learn more about the local context. She particularly focused on the impact of climate change on women as rural areas in the country have been severely affected by flooding, storms and high water levels. Listening to the local women’s stories was a profound experience which clearly left a deep impression on the Crown Princess. 

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Carte de visite portrait of a group of Danish officers somewhere in Southern Jutland in Denmark during the Second Schleswig War, 1864.

Source: Royal Library, Denmark.

Some favorites of obscure/experimental pop music

Christine Baczeska - The Brain Itself Feels No Pain

It’s hard to find info on this artist, and hard to find other songs, but I really enjoy this. Has a very Laurie Anderson kind of vibe to it. 

Leoncie - Love Messages From Overseas

Leoncie makes really fun lo-fi popsongs. Also writes the most heartwarming descriptions of her music in the YT descriptions. 

Katie Stelmanis - Join Us

Stelmanis is mostly known for her work with Austra, but her solo album of 2008 Join Us is also worth checking out. It’s pianobased songwriting with harsh electronic noises interjecting.

Soleima - Paper

Danish star on the rise. For fans of MØ.

Negative Gemini - Body Work

Electronic music ranging from bassheavy clubby stuff to light popballads.

Filur - You & I

An almost forgotten gem by Danish electronica group of the 00’s Filur.

Stina Nordenstam - Under Your Command

Norwegian artist with a voice that gets right under your skin in a great way. For fans of Joanna Newsom and David Sylvian and all whispery-voiced singers.

Robert Wyatt - Pigs

I don’t know whether Robert Wyatt is actually obscure, I just never heard of him until recently, and fell in love with his vast amount of work.

White Noise - Love Without Sound

This song blew my mind in a way I don’t often experience when I heard it first.

I got a bit carried away. Hope you like some of it.