danish desk

Tonight, Late Night host and SNL alum Seth Meyers will be hosting the Emmy Awards. Terry spoke to Seth in the spring shortly after he took over from Jimmy Fallon. Here he’s talking about his desk on the Late Night set:

The first [desk] I thought was a bit — didn’t quite have much personality. I sort of like this Danish modern desk. We did a little bit of work to it because originally you could see my feet, which turns out, I think accurately was criticized as being a mistake. Especially because I realize I tap my foot to keep time. … I think just to keep my own internal rhythm, if that makes sense, to keep joke time. That’s something I noticed, because at Weekend Update I felt like my foot was always tapping, even when I was talking — which you realize when you’re doing a monologue, you’ve got to stop, lest you look like Fred Astaire getting ready to start a big number.

photo via Rolling Stone by Peter Yang