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Danish Schouboe M1906 single action semi-automatic pistol

Manufactured by DISA or Dansk Rekyl Riffel Syndikat A/S as it was called in Copenhagen, Denmark for the president of Uruguay for the occasion of a Madsen machine gun sale. It features sexy gold inlays as well as the crest of Uruguay on the grip.
It fires a 11,35mm jacketed wood bullet for some reason. Serial number 339.
Having a wooden cored bullet allows for a bigger caliber without making it too heavy. Pretty weak.

Sauce : James D. Julia Inc.

Extremely Rare Bronze Age Horned Helmet, Denmark, 900 BC

This is one of a pair of bronze horned helmets from the younger Bronze Age (c. 900-1100 BC) found in the Brøns Mose swamp just west of Veksø, Denmark during peat digging in 1942.

European Bronze Age and Iron Age horned helmets are known from a number of depictions, but few actual finds. These were probably used for religious or ritual purposes, possibly representing the Alcis, the two divine twins who were worshipped amongst early Germanic peoples. They are first mentioned in Tacitus’ 1st century work Germania, where he writes,

“The Naharvali proudly point out a grove associated with an ancient worship. The presiding priest dresses like a woman; but the deities are said to be the counterpart of our Castor and Pollux. This indicates their character, but their name is the Alcis. There are no images, and nothing to suggest that the cult is of foreign origin; but they are certainly worshiped as young men and as brothers.”