danis shit

cersei is over here poisoning tyene and making her mother watch her die slowly, and talking about wanting to flay lady olenna & hang her from the the walls of kings landing…..and some of y'all have the nerve to call dany the ‘mad queen’ for using her army & drogon to attack the lannister army?? you know, the people she’s at WAR with????

that is some serious mental gymnastics one has to do to convince themselves that daenerys is somehow worse that cersei 

i think the reason for dany’s “blank” reaction to viserion dying was because she never really thought any harm would come to them. like why would she? she’s seen drogon get hurt like twice already and he is fine. she had no reason to believe the white walkers had anything to harm her dragons. her looking there “emotionless” is just her being in shock that one of her “invincible” dragons died. it’s a huge shock for her, of course she froze up.

Winterfell’s gonna be lit in 8x01. All these characters reuniting and some of them interacting for the first time ever… Hope we get some nice moments before the NK comes around and ruins my life.

Dany did some things wrong


“I will answer injustice with justice” is one of the most famous Dany-quotes out there, but I hate to break it to you: She answered injustice with injustice. 

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the bittersweet between my teeth

Pairing: Daenerys Targaryen x Jon Snow
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 3,750

Belowdecks, all Jon could hear were the creaks of the boat as they rode the gently rolling waves to White Harbor and his own quick, shaky breaths. He lingered outside the queen’s quarters, shoring up the courage to knock. There were no sounds coming from beyond the door. Perhaps the queen was already asleep. Perhaps, despite the lingering looks, first in her council room then later in the mess hall over dinner, she wasn’t waiting for him at all.

He wet his lips, eyes boring into the finely carved Targaryen sigil in her door. It was foolish to be nervous. He could face down the White Walkers and their dead with all the grit of a true Northern-born son, lead the Night’s Watch and thousands of Wildlings as Lord Commander, and protect the people of Winterfell as King in the North–but all that went to shit when Daenerys so much as looked at him, that violet-hued gaze as sharp as Valyrian steel.

And yet, whatever misgiving he had about being here, he knew she wouldn’t turn him away. It was inevitable he’d end up here. He knew that much.

Gods be good. One more deep, fortifying breath, and he rapped a sharp knock on her door. He didn’t wait long for her to answer. Hazy lighting from candles and a crackling fire illuminated her silhouette from behind as she opened the door, staying her movements at the sight of him. There was surprise in that normally impassive, steely-eyed stare. And–acknowledgement, he thought. A shared understanding.

She knew it was inevitable, too.

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some sketchy geezers that I don’t know how to draw

somewhat inspired by @spanimator and their lovely future AU, at least for the Gun Tree Man

reminder that keith and shiro know each other before kerberos mission - keith knows shiro enough for him to turn all teary eyed and gentle voice when he first found shiro unconscious, enough for him to actually plan rescuing him alone before the garrison trio comes, and enough for him to have shiro’s clothes in his alone-in-the-desert shack.

reminder that shiro is a big part of keith as a person before voltron, and even after.