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Name: Gabrielle/Gabe
Nickname: Toast
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Height: 5'5ish
Orientation: Panromantic?? Asexual
Ethnicity: white
Favorite fruit: Strawberries!!
Favorite season: winter for sure.
Favorite book series: i mean i gotta say harry potter and the lords of time Series.
Favorite fictional characters: Audrey Jensen, Mike Wazowski, James P. Sullivan, Noah Foster, Spencer Reid, and Derek Morgan.
Favorite flower: lilac.
Favorite scents: Mint and Cinnamon, not together lol.
Favorite color: pink or turquoise
Favorite animal: Komodo Dragon, Great Dane, Red panda, all Monkeys, and Flamingo.
Favorite artist/band: 5SOS, David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, P!ATD, and tons more.
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa?: tea
Average sleep: 3-6 hours
Number of blankets I sleep with: I think 6 in the winter and a sheet in the summer.
Dream trip: France, London, New Zealand, or Iceland.
Last thing you googled: flight times for southwest, Denver, CO
How many blogs I follow: 726
Number of followers: 987
What I usually post about: aaa anything i like, really.
Do I get asks regularly: eeeh. on this blog, not as much. on sideblogs, yes.
What is your aes: irl?? Hair dye and stars.
I tag: @transespeon @nxthanprcscott @khai-day-the-13th @biraciallybisexual @angstysquirrel16 @nathansfreememes and anyone else who wants to!
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Need Blogs to Follow
  • Sherlock
  • Battlestar Galatica
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Trek TOS
  • Star Trek Reboot
  • The Beatles
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Dane Dehaan
  • Marvel movies
  • Iron Man (Tony Stark)
  • The Hulk (Bruce Banner)
  • Captain America (Steve Rogers)
  • Thor (Thor….& Loki)
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Martin Freeman
  • Bob Dylan
  • Psychology
  • Writing