daning in the dark


when erik lehnsherr, beleaguered middle school teacher and single father to three mutant kids under ten, moves back to the city…shit hits the fan. 

you see, mob bosses don’t tend to forgive easily, and sebastian shaw is no exception. when erik is forced to return to his old contacts to find work, shaw does his damnedest to ruin erik’s life - blocking his job prospects, manipulating his kids, messing up his finances. erik eventually turns to his old friend azazel, continued employee of shaw who was the one who secretly helped erik leave when magda fell pregnant, asking if there’s anyone powerful enough to take shaw out.

az confides that there’s only one crime family in the world powerful enough to challenge shaw - the notorious xavier siblings, charles and raven. they asked for azazel’s help in infiltrating shaw’s base in return for sparing him and his friends when they took down the hated crime lord shaw, and az puts erik in touch with them.

are charles and raven enough of a match for shaw? is erik willing to pay the price the xaviers demand of him? what’s going on between az and raven, and does charles know about it? is everyone going to get out of this mess unscathed???? and how much did that ridiculous custom button-operated throne-wheelchair cost???? WHO KNOWS, we haven’t written the fic yet. all that is certain is that I am never ever going to draw raven looking like jlaw.


Behind the scenes…

Alan Rickman in “Mesmer”, “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”, “Sense and Sensibility”, “Galaxy Quest”, “Michael Collins”, “Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny”, “Love Actually”, “An Awfully Big Adventure”,Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street“, “A Little Chaos”

anonymous asked:

Do you think Luke still has his 'dark days' until now?

Luke still has his dark day. It’s part of him and it’s the only time of the year he thinks of his Dad. However, it’s not as dark as it used to be in the beginning. We saw in season 5 how he let Lorelai in on that day, how he even saw her twice(!) that day. 

After moving in with Lorelai, he would still close the diner and spend the day somewhere else. He can’t avoid seeing Lorelai though since they live together now. It takes about three years of living together until Luke lets Lorelai be part of his dark day by talking to her, even sharing some fond memories of his father.

His dark day is not as dark anymore since he’s not in a dark period of his life anymore. When his father died, Luke’s life was a mess, but now he has a family of his own. There is his daughter April, his stepdaughter Rory and his wife Lorelai. These three make him happy, he has a reason in life to smile, even on his dark day. 

After all, Luke still has his dark day, but it keeps brightening up. His dark day is not as dark as the night anymore, slowly fading into dawn, turning into a light filled day sometime in the future maybe.

Spoonie Fashion Be Like

How I wish I dressed:

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[gif: Clare Danes’ glow-in-the-dark Met Gala dress]

How I actually dress:

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[gif: Amy Poehler in a hoodie and sunglasses throwing up peace signs]
My TDA Dreamcast

Emma Carstairs - Teresa Palmer
Julian Blackthorn - Joshua Anthony Brand
Mark Blackthorn - Niclas Gillis
Octavian Blackthorn - Max Charles
Aline Penhallow - Arden Cho
Livia Blackthorn - Emily Rudd
Diego Rocio Rosales - Diego Boneta
Cristina Mendoza Rosales - Naomi Scott
Drusilla Blackthorn - Mackenzie Foy
Tiberius Blackthorn - Asa Butterfield
Helen Blackthorn - Eliza Taylor
Kit Rook - Colin Ford
Malcolm Fade - Jake Abel
Arthur Blackthorn - Liam Neeson
Jaime Rocio Rosales - Tyler Posey
Kieran of the Hunt - Dane DeHaan
Cameron Ashdown - Cameron Monaghan