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Valentine's Day

The florist shop where (y/n) worked was always busy on Valentine’s Day, and for good reason. They made some of the most beautiful bouquets for relatively cheap prices.Understandably, (y/n) was called into work, and when she arrived, there was a large group of people perusing the shop. She quickly removed her coat and purse, putting them in their appropriate places, before throwing on an apron.

(y/n) loved her job. She loved recommending different floral arrangements, as well as actually getting her hands dirty creating bouquets. “A bit busy today, yeah?” she remarked to the coworker nearest to her who laughed at her statement.

“Just a tad,” was her coworker’s response. “Any big plans for after work?”

“Oh, probably not. I’m thinking Dan and I will probably just watch a movie and eat takeout, the usual.” (y/n) responded truthfully. She really wasn’t expecting much, Dan wasn’t really the type to go crazy over Valentine’s Day. (y/n), on the other hand, loved all holidays, Valentine’s Day included. There was something about the day that (y/n) liked. She enjoyed sending cheesy valentines to all of her closest friends, this year she found them on tumblr. She loved both cinnamon and conversational hearts. 

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Dan Imagine

Word count: 351 words

a/n: this is my third imagine thingy I’ve made. Idk I come up with them randomly so yeah. If you guys have any ideas I would LOVE to hear them! Just message me ok. Yeah. Now read what you came here for. Ok bye.

You lie there in your bed feeling warm and cozy. Thank god it was your room that was the one that was warm. The other rooms in your, Dan and Phil’s apartment were freezing overnight. Phil decided to live with his parents for the few days before the heating got fixed, but Dan stayed. The first night he braved it out in his bedroom with tons and tons of blankets, but tonight, he was done with that.

You were falling asleep, you know, that part where you are awake, but in some sense not. Anyways, you felt a tap on your forehead and slowly woke up to Dan standing next to your bed with his pillow and a sheepish smile on his face. “Hey, I was wondering if I could sleep with you?” he asked. You gave him a look like “what?” “I mean can I sleep in your bed w-with you,” he stammered quickly afterward.  “There’s not enough space Dan,” you said as you spread out your limbs to take up all the extra space on your bed. “Come ON y/n! It’s freezing in my room. You know that!” he protested and started to shove you over. “Ugh fine,” you muttered and slid over.

You and Dan have been best friends for basically forever, this was actually really comfortable and it was nice to have the extra warmth there.  Your back was facing away from Dan and Dan was facing your back. His arm was extended over your hip and his hand hung limply in front of your stomach. It felt natural. You turned around towards Dan and snuggled your head into his chest. He then rested his chin slowly on yours as not to disturb you. His arms also slowly wrapped around you and you smiled into his shirt. The best thing was that it felt like it was meant to be. It felt like a normal thing to do.

You were drifting back off to sleep but before you reached that total state you heard Dan mutter,” I love you y/n.” You quietly answered, “Love you too Daniel.”

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Soul mates will wait

A/N: sorry for not writing lately…I have no excuse other than I haven’t felt like it…

this wouldn’t have been done if it wasn’t for my dad locking me up stairs all day.. so thanks dad. But anyways enjoy.

We are all given hints of who our soul mates are all throughout our life. Different stages in our lives we are told our future, the more I think about it the weirder it seems. Mom told me that my life was going to be harder than everyone elses’ but I will be a very lucky woman. I never knew what she meant by that till gram explained it a few days ago. Mom would have told me but she passed away when I was six during child birth and those were a few of the last things she told me. I would have had gram explain earlier but I just remembered due to a big day tomorrow. I get the book tomorrow!

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You Have Always Known (Dan + Pj imagine)

* note: this was one of my friend’s (who writes imagines also) requests, that i wrote for her… hope you guys like it.

Your POV:

I was at one of Dan’s friends parties. To be honest I have no idea who it’s for, and where I am. I don’t want to be here but this will probably be the only time this week I will get to see Dan. He always has something to do, whether its work related or just to spend time with his other friends. It seems as if I don’t exist in his life right now. I started sleeping in my own room, no reason to sleep in his empty bed. He gets home at like three every morning, no need for me to be woke up by him when I had a room and bed of my own. And I like my room better it actually smells good, his smells like a mix between sweat and cologne. It wasn't pleasant.

I miss him so much through the week, and it just sucks. The only reason I stay is for the rest of the guys. Otherwise I would go back home. By home I mean my parents house. The only other home, I have no job to afford my own flat. Well I mean I could easily get a job involving film, since I have gone and graduated from uni with that as my major. I have actually been offered jobs, but I don’t really want to have to worry about work.

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Loosely based on Panic! At The Disco’s Nicotine. Enjoy.

The London air is cold tonight, and I grip my jacket as I take a drag of my cigarette. I’m standing on the balcony attached to my flat, waiting for my best friend, and sometimes lover, Dan to arrive. I inhale the nicotine and exhale a moment later, blowing smoke from my lips.

“I wish you would quit,” a soft voice says from behind me. I spin around and come face to face with the man I was waiting for. I roll my eyes as I comprehend what he has just said.

“Why?” I ask, “we’re all going to die eventually, why not have a little fun before we go?” Nonetheless, I put out my cigarette.

“I fail to see how smoking on a cancer stick is fun,” he replies dryly. I laugh, which only seems to annoy him. Quickly closing the distance between us, I reach up to pull his face down to my level.

“I could show you ‘fun’ if you like,” I whisper. He raises an eyebrow, as if challenging me, and I press my lips to his. My thoughts scatter, like leaves in the wind, and all I know is that I want him. I want to be close to him, I want to feel his heart beat, I want to be one with him. The kiss deepens, and his hands roam my body. When we finally pull back for air, I’m gasping. I look up at him and all I see are his eyes, heavy with lust. My knees feel weak, my vision is spinning slightly. I realize he is like a drug, and I, an addict.

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Still My Little Baby pt. 1

“Come on (y/n), i know meeting new people isnt fun for you, but its an old friend and it would mean a lot to me if you went.” Your mum sighed at you. “Plus, her son always played with you when you were born to when you were 4 or 5, so it would mean a lot to him to see you all grown up.” She added. You’re 13, not at all grown up.

You quickly push your fringe behind your ear and tighten your ponytail and you collect your small black bag.
“How old is this boy?” You asked her, cheering up slightly.
“Oh gosh, i have no idea…” She laughs to herself. You groan and wriggle into the car. The seatbelts rough edges chaffing against your neck painfully. You slip your head phones on and nod along to the beat. “How long is the journey..?” Peeling of the headphones, you ask your Dad as he turns the engine on. “About 30 minutes, shame your sister has exams tomorrow, if not she could come along.” He complains. You wish you had exams. The raindrops trickled down your window, racing to the ledge and collecting into a small puddle. You began picking up speed, the puddle flew of the car and dispersed into the rain pouring down. The cold air seeped through a small gap in your window. You could picture the next few hours. Sitting with a quiet family who dont really remember you, or burnt every photo of you and this mystery boy both together. The car came to a halt, as you saw the large house. Bright white, with deep red pillars outside. A long hedge surrounded the neatly cut grass as you ambled up the cobbled path. Your mum rushed ahead and urgently knocked on the large black door.

The door quickly opened and your mum leaned in for a long hug. You laughed as your Dad pretened to look at his watch. He began yawning and you burst into hysterics. “(y/n)!” Your mum snapped at you. You stopped laughing and muffled the light giggles. The house was warm and inviting. Pictures covered the walls as you stepped on the squishy carpet carefully. 
“(y/n), just call me Mary … You’ve grown up so much my love.” Your mums friend said as she squeezed you tightly. “Your’re so pretty. You’re a spitting image of your mother. Hows school, you must be year 8, 9? Wow, Daniel has been incredibily excited to see you all week. He has his own little flat near by but stayed here all week in his old bedroom waiting for you,” She adds. You laugh nervously and continue into the kitchen as she offers you a drink. “Daniel!” She screams from the bottom of the stairs, with her head titled upwards. You could feel yourself shaking as he plodded downstairs. You caught a glimpse of him as you struck up your head. Your heart started pounding. “Dan Howell.” You say just before your mouth drops open. “Whats wrong (y/n)..?” You mum asks, holding your shoulders. 
“Hes- Thats D-” Your minds scrambled, you blurt out nothing but words stringed together.
“Calm down. Whats wrong?” Your mother asks again. Your speechless. You roll up your sleeve to reveal a black wristband. “Danosaur.” 
“THATS DANISNOTONFIRE!” You bellow back. She begins laughing.
“The boy you gaze at on the computer, the one you will one day marry?” She chortles. You blush and shuffle your feet. “Yes..” you say, suddenly very quietly.
“Oh no, you’re not a Danosaur..!” Dan laughs. You nod as he rushes up to you and hugs you tightly. You breathe in his scent. Memories flood back. He lets go and drags you up to his bedroom. His room, brings back such fond memories. He scrambles around into a large box, with nothing on it except newspapers. He quickly opens it, dust dispereses around you as he spills the contents out onto the carpeted floor. 
“Call me Dan (y/n), ive been waiting to meet you again for 8 years. You’ve grown up so much, still got those deep cocoa eyes (y/n). Still my little baby,” He hugs you again tightly.
“Baby?” You question.
“Sit down here, your’re mother probably didnt tell you a lot about me..” Dan says, lightly patting a space next to him on the cold floor. The contents of the box is sprawled out. Pictures of you and Dan pile up. Hidden away is a small box, you reach over and open it up. 
A tiny bracelet, with blue and pink ribbon intwined together. You hold it up, the slits of suns glisten over it. You roll your sleeve up to reveal the same bracelet. “Best friends.” Dan says looking at you. “I wear this every day, i never knew why or where i got it from, i just felt inclined to wear it.” You say frowning. He breathes a deep breath in.
“When you were younger, we use to play together.” He begins. 
“I know that bit..” You butt in.
“I saw you the day after you were born, and we spent all day together. Your mother lived across the road from here so i saw you everyday. I would plait your hair when you were one, i would paint with you when you were two, we would imagine this amazing world where we were King and Queen once you were three. I thought i was your Dad in some respect. I loved you, like you were my own. The sun would rise and still, we would continue playing in the glow of the sun. The cold winters nights were goverend by the moon, yet we still ran around carelessly. But one day. When you were about 4 or 5, our mums began bickering. This soon grew into a fearsome fight which spread like a wooden house on fire. I was banned from seeing you, you cried. I could hear you screaming my name, every night until you moved away. I never understood where you went or why. I’ve been waiting so long just to see you again (y/n)” Dan cried. A small tear trickled down his face. “Heres some pictures.” He handed you a picture, slightly crumbled and faded but you could clearly see you smiling while Dan held you in his arms. At that tender age, you couldnt remember it at all but the way your eyes glistened as you looked at Dan smiling intently at the camera, you can tell you were happy. He passes you a handful of photos from birthdays. Your party hat, slightly titled. Cake smudged around your face as Dan laughed around the softing glow of the candles.

You shook your head. It was too much. Too much, too fast. “‘No. This can’t be. You’re my favourite youtuber. But you looked after me for such a long time. This-” You cried unable to finish your sentence.
“I didnt just look after you, you were my best friend. No one understood our relationship. It was special. I know its a lot to take in but i just wanted to see you again, i was secretly hoping you werent a Danosaur. You think you know me now when in fact, im a completely different person.” Dan laughs, still crying. You rub his arm, comforting him. 
“Dont cry Dan. I can get to know you. The real you. Its a lot to take in, yes but im willing to hear it out.. it just needs to soak in.” You laugh back, tears welling in your eyes.
“Here. Its a video of me and you singing themetunes.” He chuckles loudly as the video blasts tone deaf screeches around the room. You’re in a pink tutu, pink feather boa and a tiara. Dans wearing a vampire costume. You laugh whole heartedily at the faces you pulled. Dan grins as the video abruplty comes to a halt.

distance sucks

A/N: I decided to try something new and let you pick who you want “him” to be. hope you like it. enjoy!

I woke up to what seemed like the billionth time my phone has went off this morning. I rolled over and grabbed it off the floor, looking at the screen and getting blinded. I dropped the phone and rubbed my eyes before trying to unlock my phone again. I looked at the time before typing in my simple code. Why the fuck is it going off this early, it’s fucking 8:42 I wouldn’t be up for like three more hours at the least. Who ever and whatever is going on better be important. 2 missed calls and 6 new texts all from him and 1 from dad. What could he possibly need this early. I opened up the texts

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Dan Imagine

Imagine, you’re sitting in a park, your back against the trunk of a tree reading a book you’ve been dying to finish. Dan is resting his head on your lap with his eyes closed. You can hardly concentrate on your book staring at his adorable face. Suddenly the sun comes out from behind a cloud and the rays penetrate the green leaves, falling across his eyes.
He scrunches up his face in annoyance but doesn’t open his eyes. You take a minute to appreciate the cuteness and hilarity and move your book across to block the stray ray of sun. He opens his eyes and gives you this gorgeous relaxed smile and says with a hint of annoyance, “Haven’t you finished with that yet?”
“Ha!I wish!”, you reply. He suddenly sits up snatches the book from your hands. “Hey!”, you say, greatly irritated He gets up and beckons you to do the same. He says “C'mon! Lets do something fun!" 
"Like what?” you ask skeptically. 
“Like this” he says with a mischievous grin flitting across his face and pushes you pretty hard. “You’re ‘it!” he says and runs away at top speed. Being a track runner yourself you catch him with relative ease. But as you start to run away, you stumble. But before you fall you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist. Unfortunately, he’s not able to stop you falling and you both fall onto the grass, starting to laugh like maniacs, attracting several stares from the people around you. You turn to look him in the eye and you both lean into a tender, passionate kiss. As you pull away there’s a beautiful smile upon his face and to the both of you, the moment seems to last forever….

It’s been a while!

Since moving in to my new place, I have been rereading all of my Fruits Basket manga. Its my absolute favorite manga series, and Tohru is my favorite character ever. I just finished the last volume today and I can’t stop thinking about how much that series means to me.

So here’s Tohru Honda. I have really needed to get a handle on digital work, so I made this really rough to get a feel for the tablet.