“The Family” made in 1990 - created by Sergei Danilin.


From Alexander Palace forums: “The amazing thing about this painting is that it was the very first portrait of the Imperial family to be painted and publicly exhibited inside Russia since the Revolution!

Sergei Danilin painted it in 1990, before the fall of Communism and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The picture is entitled simply “The Family”, and is dedicated to the family of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. For two years, this painting hung in the “Exhibition of One Painting” in the museum of the town of Pushkin [Tsarskoe Selo]. The work was well known in Russian cultural circles and became the symbol of the World Wide Tsarskoe Selo Romanov Foundation, which was established in Pushkin. As co-founder of this Foundation, Mr. Danilin was invited to the United States in 1991 by the activists among the Russian and Cossack émigrés. Ever since then he has been working several months out of the year in the USA.

At the time that the portrait was painted, there were fears for Mr. Danilin’s safety, so a producer in St. Petersburg made a short film concerning the painting and its author — in order to give Sergei more public exposure, and to make it more difficult for the authorities to harass him over it.”

Link to film (in Russian) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBeLJB6kcGg

**Unfortunately, in 1994, Mr. Danilin’s studio in St. Petersburg was robbed and set on fire. A great series of paintings and portraits of contemporary figures in Russian culture were lost in the flames, including the portrait of the Imperial family.