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“Wild Ones” by Bahari

We’re the wild ones,
Curious fools,
Trapped in the flume,
We’re the wild ones,
Raised by the wolves,
We howl to the moon.

  Sword Art Online Vol. 7: Mother's Rosario
"Since Absolute Sword's so strong, is it possible that... it's someone from SAO?"
In response to the whispered question, Lisbeth nodded with a
serious expression on her face."I suspected that. But when I
asked Kirito what he thought after his fight with Absolute
"What did Kirito-kun say...?"
"He said that there was no way Absolute Sword was originally a
SAO player. His reason being..."

"He said that if Absolute Sword existed in that world,
«Dual Blades» would've been given to that person instead."
-Mother's Rosario ,Chapter 1
 Sword Art Online Vol. 9: Alicization Beginning 
Of course, there was nothing much more to be said about the
virtual world. The Nerve Gear and AmuSphere had had a pain
absorption function that could remove them almost completely,
and the level to which it did so was such that I would wonder if
it was too overprotective. Because of this, damage in battles
was just a simple increase or decrease in Hit Points. Oh yeah,
if such pain existed in Aincrad, I would definitely have been
unable to leave the Starting City.

Underworld was a dreamland that was created,
and also another reality.
-Alicization Beginning Chapter 1