anonymous asked:

Could you suggest any good teen wolf blogs my dashboard is lacking teen wolf (:

Pshhh, well there’s my Daniel Sharman blog, which also consists of Teen Wolf. and its danielsharmanlovesyoufyteenwolfteenwo-l-f, sterekcookiessharmans-innocent-face, and danielsharmandaily

hope this helped :)

(ask me anything guys cause i’m bored and yolo)

doitwithstiles asked:

hiya, i just made this blog tonight and was wondering if you have any good tw blogs to recommend for me to follow? that would be so helpful, thanks either way! xx

oh uhm let me see if i follow any teen wolf blogs, if not then i’ll give you some good Daniel Sharman blogs!

lets see theres Inês, danielsharmandaily, teenwolf, teenwo-l-f 

i’m sorry there’s not more but i hope this helped