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Age: 17
Species: Human
Occupation/Factions: Beacon City Morgue Assistant / High School Dropout
Face Claim: Daniel Sharman
Availability: Open


Isaac Lahey was born and raised in Beacon’s Harbor. He’s the youngest son of Craig Lahey. Several years ago, after Isaac’s Mother abandoned their family on a whim, the Lahey’s home life began to dismantle. Isaac’s older brother, Camden, left to serve in the war and was killed in combat. Craig took to coping the loss of his wife and his eldest by drinking copious amounts of alcohol. And as a result, he not only became an alcoholic but he could no longer afford the house their family once inhabited. Eventually, Isaac and his father moved to Beacon’s City where they started renting out a one bedroom apartment (only a 10 minute radius outside of town) because they can’t afford anything bigger or nicer. Mr. Lahey runs and supervises the city morgue where Isaac works part-time when needed. Their bills are always overdue, and Isaac is instructed against answering any calls from collection agencies. They’ve hit a struggling period when it comes making ends meat. Their new place is a rundown, old apartment building, and Isaac’s bedroom is also their living room. He sleeps on the pullout couch, and had to give away a lot of his own things during the move. Losing their house, ontop of everything else was hard on  Isaac’s Father because it was like leaving a lifetime of memories as a Coach/Father to Camden behind.  In place of facing his grief, Mr. Lahey’s drunken, raging outbursts are worse than ever.  He’s triggered by the slightest of things, such as finding Isaac sleeping in past 9 AM. Because they’re tight on money, Isaac dropped out of High School. His Father insisted that he wouldn’t get into any colleges, with poor grades and a lack of extracurricular activities. So, Isaac getting a job, and helping to pay the bills, is the only way Mr.Lahey would consider his son useful. That and he pressures him to enroll in a GED program (which he hasn’t done yet).

 Luckily, there’s tons to explore in the city, and so Isaac has developed a habit of avoiding his new home as much as possible. This is the first time Isaac is living anywhere but the house he grew up in. While, the transition hasn’t been easy based on his living situation, as far as friendships go he’s not missing out on much. Isaac tends to keep to himself. But over the last few weeks, and during one of his many explorations of the city he’s discovered the city’s voodoo scene. He was introduced to it by a girl he met on the streets near his favorite convenient shop. The two were once regular customers and ended up hitting it off. Ever since he’s been infatuated with the culture, and has even developed a fixation with it. Isaac sees it’s practices as a potential escape from the prison of his father who he feels is unbearable. Desperate, Isaac looks for ways to relieve himself of his father’s verbal and physical abuse. He’s even gone as far as looking into curses and hexes that will do the trick and not make him look like an obvious suspect. As he immerses himself in these voodoo practices to accomplish that one end, he doesn’t realize how obsessed he’s gotten. Later, when he is given the werewolf bite, his affiliation with the culture will be completely cut off. At first the loss of it will be something Isaac mourns but he’ll soon see the bite he’s been given as a gift. He’ll be able to heal without reciting a spell or seeking special herbs to get results. He’ll have no idea who bit him and will feel a connection to another werewolf in the city that he meets named Derek Hale. 


Family: Craig Lahey (Father)
Friends: Adam Conant, Blair Fell, Nick Armstrong, Mason Crawford, Melissa Glaser, Jeremy Gilbert, Braeden Lewis

Hero Of The Week ::: DANIEL SHARMAN

Sooooo…. I have exams coming up next week. So why not do something contra-productive, right?

The thing is just.. I started watching Teen Wolf a month ago and I’m now at the end of season 3 and I decided not to continue watching because of many reasons but one of them is definitely the farewell of this man right here. Idk I guess it’s the TV junkie in me talking but I’m convinced that it all could have ended in a different way.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my appreciation for this handsome man (and his lovely accent). ;-) And I really can’t believe he’s almost 30!!!?? I guess it’s that whole innocence thing that keeps him so young…

So excited to see where life will take him.

I’ll be watching your IMDb page, Mister :-P

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I kinda made this as them being friends and that Isaac just got back in town. 😊 ~give credit if used~ #teenwolf #tw #isaaclahey #danielsharman #crossover #auships #TheSecretCircle #tsc #fayechamberlain #PhoebeTonkin #myedit #fandom_edits_au_shipsTW #fandom_edits_au_shipsTSC (at taking requests)