all the things you can't explain | dan/clara/daniel

[walks through the woods on the way home, deciding to take the shortcut home after staying late with the ninth grader he was tutoring. it was dark and cold, a sound of shuffling off in the distance causing him to stop] Hello? [mutters, continuing to walk forward. sees two figures hunched over something he can’t quite make out yet and continues walking down the track which just happened to be in their direction] Are you guys o- [cuts off as he gasps and covers his mouth, eyes growing wide at what he saw]

allons-y! | stiles&daniel

[brings down the stuff intended for Daniel while waiting for the paint to finish drying and quickly dials the aforementioned’s number, barely giving the man a chance to respond once the line is picked up] So… about that favour? I wanna cash it in now… how soon can you get here?

it's where my demons hide | fight | kevdan

It had been a long time since Kevan had actually allowed himself to drink so much that it impaired the majority of his senses, that he let his guard down and allowed himself to be the young Lordling he was as opposed to the restrained personal knight he was sworn to be. But with his capture, his ‘argument’ with Daniel, the riot and generally everything that had gone wrong since he left the camp in Riverrun, Kevan had quickly found himself at wit’s end. In all his life he had never felt more helpless than he did now, and on top of that he had finally come to terms with the fact that he would never see his family again. His own or even the Salvatore’s. He was finally and truly, without hope. “I said I didn’t want to be disturbed.” He slurred absently, momentarily forgetting the fact that he was a prisoner and had no say in the matter, and looked up to scowl at his intruder, the expression not leaving even when he recognized the man at the door. “Oh… it’s just you.” He muttered, letting his head drop again after taking a lengthy drink from his glass. “What do you want?”

In the dark of the night | Daniel&Rhaegar

The moment they were all called into the Court, Rhaegar knew no good would come from it. His stomach turned uncomfortably when he had stepped inside to join the rest of the court, his expression blank as he surveyed the giant hall. The Northerners stuck out like a sore thumb, but there was one missing that had only proved to confirm his fears that something bad would happen, and when the doors had opened to see guards escorting the young Salvatore, his expression hardened immediately. Were he not held back by his cousin, Mikael, Rhaegar would have shoved his fists into all of those guards that laid their hands on Daniel. We must wait. Mikael had whispered to him. It was the only thing that he allowed himself to think about as his fists balled tightly at his sides.

As soon as night had fallen Rhaegar made his way to the cells he knew Joffrey had sent him to. Everything else was in place, their ship waited for them out at the docks, and Mikael would make sure that none of their family would be suspected. There were only two guards outside the boy’s cell. Rhaegar would have preferred not to shed unnecessary blood, but when he recognized them both as those that partook in Daniel’s beating, he had no problem in smashing their face in with his fists before slitting their throats easily. He stopped and listened to see if anyone had heard the commotion, but eventually started fishing about for the cell key when it remained silent.

Once he found it on the guard’s body he quickly unlocked the door and heaved it open, frowning deeply when he saw the boy crumpled up in the corner and stepped inside, moving to crouch beside him as he assessed the boys injuries, “Come, Daniel. It’s time for you to fly away from here.”

daniel digivolves tooo creeper!derek | daniel pls

[trudges up the stairs with his overnight bag he took to the hospital slung over his good arm and kicks open his door, automatically walking over to his desk to switch on his music and drops the bag by his feet] God. Music, I have missed you, you beautiful bitch. [turns around with intention to drop dead on his bed only to practically jump out of his own skin when he sees who’s already lounging there like he owns the joint] Jesus christ! What the f–… Daniel? What the hell are you doing in my house? [places his hand over his heart and frowns back at him] And in my room on my bed…

your time will come | kevdan

[hidden by the crowd at the back of the court, quietly seething as he watches the guards beating Daniel, their faces etched into his mind] Daniel! [calls as he immediately comes to his side as he limps out of the throne room and aides him in walking] They will pay for what they’ve done. [mutters under his breath, saving his anger for the privacy of his room] 

would you kindly | dan&daniel

[knocks gently on the door to his chemistry class before opening the door slightly ajar, peeking his head through the gap] Mr. Har- [pauses when he sees someone other than the person he was looking for] Oh… sorry. This is Mr. Harris’ class right? [raises his brow curiously at the stranger standing in the room]

a bitter song | dan/daniel

Dan stared blankly at his laptop, Gossip Girl’s latest blast still plastered across the screen. He had barely moved since it was posted about an hour ago. It wasn’t even the fact that GG was insinuating some sort of relationship between himself and Daniel that had him dumbstruck. Rather it was the whole Daniel and Blair part. He wasn’t sure what he should have expected to be honest, Blair was straightforward about her feelings from the start, and Daniel… well he wasn’t sure how he felt about Daniel at the moment. He had poured himself out to the guy, so would it have hurt for him to tell Dan that he had slept with the girl he was blithering on about? Finally he slammed his laptop shut and stood up, choosing to pace around the room instead.

His fingers were hovering over Blair’s number on his phone, he wanted to call her, but at the same time he knew nothing would come from it. That’s when the sound of creaking at his window caught his attention, brows furrowed when he saw who had just climbed through the window. Without a second thought he had rushed forward and socked the guy in the jaw as hard as he could, “You’ve got some nerve showing up here, Daniel.” He bit out angrily, ignoring the pain in his hand as he shoved the older man back, half hoping he’d push him out the window.

together we can stand tall | kevdan | flashback

Even though Kevan had been in Boreal since Robert’s Rebellion, well over a decade ago, he still felt like an outsider, and the people of Boreal helped none in easing those feelings. They weren’t cruel or malicious by any means necessary, it was just clear that he was filling a seat, that he could be shipped off again at a moments notice. He had a decent enough relationship with the Salvatore’s, but he hadn’t become comfortable enough with them to ease his attitude around him, not even Faye whom he had grown quite fond of. There was the one Salvatore though, Daniel, whom Kevan had grown to learn much about. His parents had died when he was just a child and had to live with his uncle and their family. In a way Kevan felt like they were similiar, having to stay with people that weren’t his own family, but he had never gotten the chance to get to know him as well as he’d wished. At least not until now.

In passing he had heard of what some of the people around Boreal called him, the orphan lord, and because of Lord Giuseppe himself, a bastard. But he had never seen it happen before his own eyes, so when he saw a lumpy older kid push down the young lordling and curse at him, Kevan wasted no time in walking over and shooting his leg out to shove the boy to the ground, holding his collar as he crouched over him. “Pushing around the nephew of your Lord probably isn’t the smartest idea, don’t you think? If I see you do that again you’ll have me to answer to, understand?” The boy was younger than he, and knew that Kevan was in training with the other soldier’s, so he was smart in nodding quickly before scurrying off faster than Kevan thought the lump of a mess could. He smirked to himself before he turned to face Daniel, holding his hand out to him and give him a small smile, “Come along, my Lord. I can’t imagine it’s fun being down in the dirt.”