So I had a really difficult time figuring out how to upload the images so you read the correct one first so sorry if this is wrong. This is just a cute interaction between Walter and Daniels in the novelization so spoilers about that if you wanted to read it. I also apologize about the shitty image quality I was using two phones; one for a flashlight and one for the pictures and I didn’t have enough hands.

Alien: Covenant AU!
  • Oram: We should go to this planet instead, it sounds better than the one we're going to!
  • Daniels: No, we should follow protocol. We don't know this place and the dangers. We're not prepared, that isn't our mission, and we have to take care of 2,000 people.
  • Oram: *isn't an incompetent captain* Oh shit, you're right.
  • Walter, the crew, and civilians: *survive*
  • David: *can get fucked*

Ah, the flute scene! I watched the movie in German so because of translations the scene was a lot more “innocent” I guess since there was no talk of “fingering”. You can imagine my shock when I got on tumblr and found out about the original English script! I feel so robbed T^T

(at least the translation didn’t manage to destroy the tension between Fassbender and Fassbender ^^)