Philip James Frost at Blank_Space Gallery

I accidentally stumbled into the opening reception for Philip James Frost’s exhibit “Don’t Die Time” at Blank_Space Gallery in Sydney, Australia. 

For Travelers:

This gallery is on a main shopping street in Surrey Hills. I don’t believe it has a sign, so look out for the Anthony Lister mural of a ballerina throwing up the rock n’ roll signs with a big rainbow behind her. 

GREGORY SIFF screenprint TRAILER - to be released on May 19th at The Venice Art Walk
@IntellectualPropertyPrints and @DanielRolnik (The World’s Most Adorable Art Critic) have produced a new screenprint by the artist #GregorySiff, which will be released at the Venice Art Walk on May 19th, 2013. This is a limited-edition of 40 prints. Gregory has hand painted the background of every print – making them all entirely unique. This is also the first screenprint he has completed without the use of a computer. He drew every element of his artwork on transparent sheets of paper that were later burnt directly onto screens for printing at Intellectual Property Prints headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. VENICE ART WALK: http://veniceartwalk.org/ DIRECTOR: Daniel Rolnik ARTIST: Gregory Siff MASTER PRINTER: Ryan McIntosh MUSIC SUPERVISOR: Marci Pinna (So Simple Records) MUSIC BY: VANDER If you would like to be the first people to see the completed screenprint, please email danielrolnik@gmail.com with the subject line “GREGORY SIFF SCREENPRINT.” #danielrolnik #art #screenprint #america #flag #gregory


Estate of Mind

My brother and I saw someone painting a stairwell. The stairwell led to a store. And the store led to one of the strangest places in Sydney named Estate of Mind.

We said hello to the boy at the check out desk. He was wearing 4” tall black boots, facial makeup, and a mesh shirt. But what made it most odd was how comfortable he was in his wild get up. 

Cartoonish paintings were still drying on the walls, since they had only moved into the space a few days prior to our visit. They sold sweaters, dresses, shirts, and pants just like all clothing stores do. Except, their selection exclusively features neon eyeballs, crotched aliens, cats, funky cuts, and anything else you can imagine.

As we were about to leave, the store’s mascot dragged itself inside. A bulldog. The fattest one I’ve ever seen. It fit in with the aesthetic of randomness. 

I’m pretty sure we met the owner at one point. We asked her about how she started the shop, to which she replied:

“The fashion in Australia sucks.”

For Travelers:

Estate of Mind is close to a great vegan cafe named Iku Wholefood. Get the veggie burger. It’s one of the best I’ve ever eaten. There are also a ton of shops nearby and street art pieces down all the alleyways. 

The Ritual Ducks Have Joined Us Again, (cropped), by The Cicadist, 16" x 20", Ink, for our current exhibition, Artists Across America, curated by Daniel Rolnik.

Email contact@flower-pepper.com, or visit our website at www.flower-pepper.com to purchase.

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Ghosts in The Elizabeth Bay House

The Elizabeth Bay House is one of Sydney’s (AUSTRALIA) living museums. Meaning it’s one of those reenactment places, where people dress old-timey and what not. Anyways, my brother and I captured a ghost on film in the house’s wine cellar. 

This place is the unfinished dream home of Alexander Macleay - the Colonial Secretary of New South Wales back in the early 1800’s as well as an entomologist (a scientist that studies insects). Unfortunately, Alexander ran out of money before the property could be realized and so now it’s a museum. It’s all stuff you learn about on a video playing on a crappy TV in the basement. 

For Travelers:

The Elizabeth Bay House is located on a strange side street in a residential neighborhood. It will require a lot of asking locals about how to get there. 

Outre Gallery

Melbourne & Sydney (Aus)

I hate it when galleries don’t allow photos. So I always make it a point to take them anyways and post them here. YAY!

Outre Gallery sells digital prints, small vinyl toys, and books. It is the only place I encountered in Sydney where you can see low-brow and pop surrealist art. Although, there aren’t any originals, since it’s all digital. 

For Travelers:

Outre Gallery is located in Surrey Hills, which is one of the hippest areas of Sydney, Australia. There are a bunch of cafes nearby to eat at and stores to check out. If you plan on visiting, keep in mind that Outre is more like a store than a gallery and so most of what you can find there is also online. 

Outre Gallery Melbourne & Sydney (Aus) I hate it when galleries don’t allow photos. So I… Outre Gallery Melbourne & Sydney (Aus) I hate it when galleries don’t allow photos. So I always make it a point to take them anyways and post them here.

If you are in LA today, drop by the LAart show and see some of our favorite galleries and some of the best people around. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Lots of love to all our friends in Littletopia and to @cartwheel_art for keeping us posted on all the great happenings this past weekend!

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Some of the @laartshow @littletopia #gallerists including @greg.escalante of @gregorio_escalante_gallery and @coprogallery, @betweentheditches and @niksin666 of @redtruckgallery, @matgleason of #coagulacuratorial and @danielrolnik of #danielrolnikgallery in front of the #littletopia entrance by @jeffreygillette666, who is most well known for #dismaland. Photo by @ericminhswenson of #ems. LA Art Show is officially open through Sunday. More details on CartwheelArt.com and the LA Art Show website. Also stay tuned for our photo and editorial coverage on @cartwheel_art with our six guest contributors. #laartshow2016 #artshow #artfair #laartfair #DTLA #losangeles #laartscene #contemporaryart #lowbrowart #popsurrealism #newcontemporary #newcomtemporaryart #urbanart #streetart #art #artdealers #artfairlife #cartwheelart #cartwheelarttours #arttour #arttours #laart #laartshow


DeeDee Cheriel, Mel Kadel, and Femke Hiemstra at Merry Karnowsky 

Merry Karnowsky had a variety of originals, prints, postcards, tote bags, and books by DeeDee CherielMel Kadel, and Femke Hiemstra availble at the opening reception of their works. It was cool see this because it allowed everyone attending to purchase a work by their favorite artist. In fact, the gallery is the only place to get Femke’s book “Rock Candy” because the copies available online had already sold out and it’s currently out of print. 


For Travelers:

Make sure to email the gallery before visiting, since their openings are RSVP only. There a bunch of hipster-style menswear shops like UNDFTD and UNION a few blocks North of the gallery on La Brea as well as a bunch of nice places to eat at, like Sycamore Kitchen

Our Curator Daniel Rolnik “The World’s Most Adorable Art Critic” has been buisy all week putting over 200 artpacks together from artists all around the world. Join us March 1st for opening night!

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