To daniellikesbeards:

First: Damn, that’s some dedication. I feel like I’m being interviewed haha

Anyways, favorite animal: gotta say it’s a tie between pandas and blue whales. Huge underwater creature plus cute-ass bear equals my faves. 

Favorite food: Hmmmmm but there’s so many D: There’s this restaurant chain where I live called Eegees and they have the best mother-lovin’ french fries IN THE WORLD. I could live off them.

Favorite movie: Slumdog Millionaire. God, so many feels for that movie.

Favorite Avatar character: Can I pick two? If not, then Zuko all the way. I could write a thesis on why he’s my favorite, and Sokka because come on- all that meat and sarcasm in one man is a gift.

Favorite country: The Philippines. It’s my mom’s home country and I’ve been there about 4 times, and I gotta say, it’s beautiful over there. The atmosphere, food, people, etc. It’s a constant party, I love it.

And there you have it! Every question answered