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Under the cut, you’ll find 466 rp icons of a literal cygnet, Danielle Campbell! I do not own any of the pictures as I merely edited them for the convenience of indie writers. But please do not repost or claim them as your own. Please like or reblog if you’re using these or found this post helpful.

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Below the cut you’ll find 175+ high and medium quality roleplayable gifs of Daniel Dae Kim, as requested by me because it’s a good excuse for looking at him. More can be found here. None of these gifs are mine, and if you see one you made, and would like it removed, please tell me! Feel free to like or reblog if this helps you!

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hey there !! under the cut you’ll find approximately #80 roleplayable icons of the super adorable & talented actress danielle campbell with a border and texture !! they’re all sized down to 100x100 & many were edited, cropped, & resized by me. if you found these at all helpful please like or reblog !!

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Sorting SG-1

So @warpedinside asked me on twitter what houses I thought the Sorting Hat would sort SG-1 into and I’m collecting it here:

hmm. Well I’d say hit the easy ones first. Vala gets sorted Slytherin before the hat even fully settled on her head.

It takes a bit longer to decide but Cam gets sorted into Hufflepuff. He’s always up for an adventure but his strongest trait is being loyal to his team.

Teal'c joins Cam as a Hufflepuff because like Cam he’s brave and courageous, but he’s steady as a rock and super loyal to his friends.

And let’s face it, Hufflepuffs are the glue that bind the rest of us together.

Everyone’s s bit surprised when Sam gets sorted into Gryffindor, except Sam. Sure, she’s super smart, but you have to be brave and have a lot of nerve to be not only a scientist, but a Brigadier General.

So now it’s down to Jack and Danny. Jack gives Daniel a push and he sits down and jams the hat on his head. This ones a tough one. Should the guy who speaks 27 languages be in Ravenclaw? He’s certainly intelligent enough. Or maybe it should be Hufflepuff. He’s loyal and he’s not afraid of hard work.  He’s brave when the situation calls for it.

Finally after it seems like forever the Hat yells out Slytherin. Everyone’s a little shocked except Jack. He knows above all of his other qualities Daniel is creative, resourceful,and ambitious.

So it’s just Jack left now. Like Daniel the hat dithers for a while. There’s certainly cunningness that would serve him in Slytherin. And his general do daring would make him a fine candidate for Gryffindor certainly.

And then the hat yells out Ravenclaw, because despite his efforts to make it seem like it, Jack O'Neill is not an idiot.

It takes a core of intelligence and a fast flexible mind to ride herd on Carter and Daniel. And while the military isn’t really a place for originality or individuality, Jack has a style all his own.


Out of all of these Daniel was the hardest, but it finally came down to who Daniel is at his core, and that’s ambitious. He grew up in foster care and still managed to get a PHD relatively quickly. His ambition is certainly tempered with a strong moral core, but above all else, Daniel generally does what he sets out to do.  Also, who else but a Slytherin could manage to come back from the dead so many times?

lacetia  asked:

Hey, I noticed you said that you use psychoactive plants in your practice. If you don't mind, what plants specifically do you incorporate? If you take the time to answer then thank you very much x

The nightshade plant family has a long history in European witchcraft, going back hundreds of years. Plants like belladonna, henbane, mandrake, and thorn-apple contain tropane alkaloids that can induce hallucinations and trance states in some.

However, personally, I’ve found that the nightshade plants only cause me nausea and dry mouth.

Currently, the plants I’m working most with are yarrow (Achillea millefolium) and mugwort (two subspecies, Artemisia vulgaris and Artemisia douglasiana) to great effect. Both contain thujone, which while not as powerful a compound, at least in my experience, reacts with me much more pleasantly for trance work and lucid dreaming.

I’ve also been making bleeding heart root tincture for years which has just a phenomenal sedative effect. 

If your interested in the use of poisons in witchcraft, these two articles by Sarah Lawless are a good place to start: Introduction to Flying Ointments and the Poison Path Reading List. I also highly recommend the works of Dale Pendell and Daniel Schulke.


Thousands of Nicaraguans have held a protest [on Saturday, 6/13/2015] against the planned construction of a canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

The $50bn (£32bn) scheme, being built by a Chinese firm, will be longer, deeper and wider than the Panama Canal.

But the demonstrators fear it will have huge environmental costs and force thousands off their land.

Nicaragua’s government says the canal will bring vital investment to one of Central America’s poorest countries.

Some among the protesters, who were mostly farmers, accused President Daniel Ortega of selling Nicaragua to the Chinese.

Initial site work began last December, with completion due in five years.

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