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Under the cut, you’ll find 466 rp icons of a literal cygnet, Danielle Campbell! I do not own any of the pictures as I merely edited them for the convenience of indie writers. But please do not repost or claim them as your own. Please like or reblog if you’re using these or found this post helpful.

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Under the cut you will find #339 rp icons of the beautiful Danielle Campbell, best known for her role as Davina Claire in The Originals. Al icons are 100x100 and have a border. None of these pictures are mine, all I did was resize them, add a psd and the border. Credit for the pictures go to their rightful owners. If you use them please reblog or like this post.

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hey there !! under the cut you’ll find approximately #80 roleplayable icons of the super adorable & talented actress danielle campbell with a border and texture !! they’re all sized down to 100x100 & many were edited, cropped, & resized by me. if you found these at all helpful please like or reblog !!

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Below the cut you’ll find 175+ high and medium quality roleplayable gifs of Daniel Dae Kim, as requested by me because it’s a good excuse for looking at him. More can be found here. None of these gifs are mine, and if you see one you made, and would like it removed, please tell me! Feel free to like or reblog if this helps you!

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Thousands of Nicaraguans have held a protest [on Saturday, 6/13/2015] against the planned construction of a canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

The $50bn (£32bn) scheme, being built by a Chinese firm, will be longer, deeper and wider than the Panama Canal.

But the demonstrators fear it will have huge environmental costs and force thousands off their land.

Nicaragua’s government says the canal will bring vital investment to one of Central America’s poorest countries.

Some among the protesters, who were mostly farmers, accused President Daniel Ortega of selling Nicaragua to the Chinese.

Initial site work began last December, with completion due in five years.