For the this year’s GQ Comedy Issue we had Danny McBride and Maya Rudolph recreate some awkward family photos. THEY CAME OUT SO WELL. Check out this clip of Jay Leno's The Tonight Show interview with Danny McBride and the behind the scenes with Danny and Maya.

The full set of pictures is on my website!


Check out some behind the scenes action from Danielle’s July shoot for GQ with young golf star and total stud muffin Ricky Fowler !! A big thanks to the amazing cheerleading squads of Clemson University and University of South Carolina, as well as from Edge Cheer & Dance based out of Raleigh, NC for your excellent job of swooning!!!



Check out this piece from the New York Times on me and my new bar and restaurant Wise Men on Bowery that I opened with Christina Chin and Caroleyn Ng! 

AND HUGE SHOUTOUTS to my friends Adam Rapoport, Ryan McGinley, Brad Goreski, Dora Somosi and Aubrey Plaza for their quotes! 

Danielle Levitt, Photographer and, Now, Bar Owner - Written by John Ortved -  NYTimes.com


Now that the Giants have once again triumphed over the Patriots, check out the exclusive football feature from Nowness written by Chris Wallace:

Focusing on frat parties, future stars, college football teams and high school cheerleaders, Levitt’s portraits take us beyond the glitzy façade to the dramatic personal narratives woven into the game. Renowned for the thought-provoking documentation of youth culture and outsiders collected in her 2008 monograph We Are Experienced, as well as work for The New York Times MagazineAnOtherArena Homme+ and Time, Levitt found football, with all its tribal rivalry and statistical arcana, an alluring milieu. “I’m passionate about people who are passionate, and it is a full time job to be even a high school football player,” she says. “Football is primary in these kids’ lives, before even the ladies.”

Follow the link for the full story on Nowness - Danielle Levitt: Gridiron Culture