When you have a chronic illness, it can be tough to push through pain and fatigue and remain active.

I’m in the midst of an extremely bad relapse of my illness right now but I keep trudging forward.

Sleep was not an easy friend to find last night.

Even so, I rose with the sun after a night of tossing and turning, with the intent of pushing through and going to the gym before work.

On my way there, I turned around and impulsively decided to go for a hike instead.
It nourished my body and soul in times of squall.

While I’m seeing rainy days, with more sure to come I reached the eye of a storm today.

The place where the rain can’t reach me.

All that matters is the now.

I always try to remind myself that everyone is at different stages of growth in their lives.
We emulate nature.

Some will grow delicately and bright like sunflowers with experience and time.

Some grow tall like trees. They face storms and hardships but they spread their strong roots downward to anchor them to earth and their successes allow them to reach their branches toward the sun.

Some grow and they don’t nourish themselves. Their leaves shrivel and they wilt before they were meant to.

Some people remain tiny weeds in their growth. They spread their small roots and cover the ground, never growing tall, never finding happiness.
They don’t grow strong like the tree grows tall. They don’t grow toward the sun.

We have to remember that everyone is on their own journey of growth. We become what we nurture ourselves to be.
When we have more to give, we must also remember to tend to what’s around us so that we cultivate a beautiful world.

I always strive to be like the tree.
I hope that one day I wake up as a birch.