Bow Pose

Bow pose, also known as Dhanurasana, is one of my favorite poses.  Because I have a very flexible back, it is one that I have always been able to easily come into and feels fantastic. Bow pose is a backbend and therefore strengthens the back muscles while opening the entire front of the body including the chest, abs, thigh, groin and throat.  It is also a hip opener giving a deep stretch to the hip flexors.  Bow pose is an energizing pose that helps with fatigue, anxiety and gives a little extra kick to your metabolism.  It is a recommended pose for those with respiratory and digestive issues as well as menstrual discomfort.  Last but certainly not least, Bow pose helps to improve your posture!

External image

A big thanks to Danielle Top for taking this photo of me at Sangha Yoga Shala!


Niel stop bullying the maknae lmao