i get that the stunts are as frustrating as ever but i wish people would stop and realize that the way stunts work…is that louis and danielle’s teams are coordinating this stuff…everyone knows what’s going to happen…it’s not like danielle is some evil person rubbing her hands and scheming behind louis and his family’s backs trying to make their lives difficult…like…i don’t know how to put this but the past few days have been so frustrating because i feel like a lot of people are losing sight of what a stunt is…i don’t like danielle either and there are plenty of valid things to criticize her for but to act like she’s an evil bitch going behind louis’ back for posting a picture in a shirt or with his sisters or something is…just another way of turning louis into a helpless victim and it makes me really uncomfortable on a lot of levels. he knows what’s happening and OF COURSE i know that this is the furthest thing from what he wants, but it’s not like he opens up his phone in shock at whatever minor social media thing danielle did today.

anonymous asked:

Maya, this night out is reminding me of when you were speculating months ago about how Douis came to be and you said it was unnecessarily rough to put him into a second stunt on top of the first. As glad as I am he's gotten some distance in babygate, it feels like between that, D, and the stalkers... they've always got him performing. I guess I don't really have a question, it just looks exhausting to do this hand-holding each time when it more and more makes them look like miserable strangers.

Oh, I remember, anon, and I totally stand by that, still now. 

As I said, I don’t pretend I have half a clue about what they do, why and how, I don’t have answers most of the time, but I know what isn’t what. And I really really don’t think Danielle was brought in as a scapegoat from babygate by the Azoffs or whoever is supposedly out there to help Louis. Has her presence possibly been used by them, and possibly going to be used again in the future, as a tool in the narrative that should free Louis? Yeah. Was she deliberately called in to be of help to Louis’s situation (while obviously been offered some profit on her part)? In my opinion absolutely not. Unless we’re here discussing the possibility of Louis willingly choosing this. Which I’m not. 

It’s enough to see whose projects she’s been attached to, what events she’s followed Louis to and the MO through which she was introduced. It’s also very likely that her original contract contemplated very different terms and limits, but the “she’s there to keep Briana away and let him live better” excuse has stopped making sense more than 6 months ago, if you ask me. 

Translation of pixiv tags in JoJo fandom (Part3 Stardust Crusaders)

Hullo! I’ll be translating ships in SC in pixiv. Embrace yourself…I mean, Enjoy yourself!! (The transcription will be Seme/Uke.)

Kakyoin/Holly 花ホリ

Jotaro/Kakyoin 承花
Kakyoin/Jotaro 花承
Jotaro/Joseph 承ジョセ
Joseph/Jotaro ジョセ承
Jotaro/Polnareff 承ポル
Polnareff/Jotaro ポル承
Avdol/Polnareff アヴポル
Kakyoin/Polnareff 花ポル
Polnareff/Kakyoin ポル花
Star Platinum/Jotaro スタ承
Kakyoin/Joseph 花ジョセ
Star Platinum/Hierophant Green スタハイ
Uke Jotaro ships 承太郎受け

Jotaro/DIO 承DIO
DIO/Jotaro DIO承
DIO/Kakyoin DIO花
Kakyoin/DIO 花DIO
DIO/Vanilla DIOヴァニ
Vanilla/DIO ヴァニDIO
DIO/Joseph DIOジョセ
The Wolrd/DIO ワーDIO
Terrence.T.D’arby/Daniel D’arby テレダニ
Daniel D’arby/Terrence.T.D’arby ダニテレ
Hol Horse/Polnareff ホルポル
Uke DIO ships DIO受け・ディオ受け

THAT WAS A LOT. I…I knew part3 has lots of characters but I didn’t quite expect that many. Some ships may sound unfamiliar, but its only that in terms of shipping Japanese Give No Fuck about Common Sense™
So I’m 110% sure I overlooked some ships so if you have any ships not on the list, please send asks! See you!

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they were saying he was happy but now Danielle is with him he is suddenly thine and needs to take care of himself? Like????? no one cared enough to trend anything when his baby was being called plastic doll and the mother of his child whore and slut and his girl friend attention whore but when he is with his family, celebrating his sister birth day, looking content that ever they trend take care? why the fuck do theyhate him so much?????? i cant deal with larries... this is too much

Okay but weren’t they just talking about how happy and wonderful he looked like 2 days ago when they thought Danielle wasn’t around? That was a really fast decline. #prayers for louis

anonymous asked:

how come you're always so unbothered by the douis stuff?

because its just… so not bad. like at all. like, im sad he has to do it at all and I wish it wasnt happening. But this isn’t some new development. Danielle didn’t just decide to steal one of Louis’ shirts. Shit like that is all set up beforehand. this would have all been negotiated. 

Also, he went out with his friends and she went out with hers, and they posed for a handful of pictures and that was it, they were free to enjoy the rest of their night. like, when she took a picture of the puppies, probably half the reason they went by the house at all was so they could grab that shirt haha. Like, louis probably has a box full of clothes he’s worn before, or, even better, they’re all clothes he hasn’t worn in ages because he hasn’t really lived at that house in over two years. 

just, of all the stuff to be mad about i just don’t have the energy to be mad about douis lol

How does this work, ad*fferentkindofson? Is Louis briefed beforehand about how much of the evening he has to spend holding Danielle’s hand? Is this spelled out in the contract that clearly can’t exist? But whoever is forcing him to hold Danielle’s hand can’t also require him to smile so he can’t send secret signals to Larries about his feelings based on how he looks when he’s being hounded by paps? Or is hand-holding the compromise? Apparently Louis has just enough leverage in this situation to say “ok, I’ll hold her hand, but I won’t look happy about it!!”

No one needs this. I don’t need it. I’m not like “OH THANK GOD LOUIS AND DANIELLE STILL LOVE EACH OTHER” when I see them holding hands, nor am I like “PHEW i thought maybe they really did secretly hate each other and Larries were right that they were forced to go on multiple vacations together and so on, but nope here they are holding hands so it’s all good.”

The only reason I can think of that someone might start thinking Louis and Danielle weren’t really going out just because they didn’t hold hands enough is if they were reading Larrie blogs and had enough doubts that they were looking out for little things and overanalyzing them for no reason. So once again, by Larrie logic they are making life harder for Louis by forcing him to stunt more.

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Tag yourself, I'm Oli holding that big fucking bottle of Circo and dancing like he isn't heartbroken his beloved Daniel isn't with them

Drinking away his feelings

My ‘You’re just too damn handsome’ team:

(No I didn’t include any Blue Jays because duh, the bias is too strong)

1B: Anthony Rizzo

2B: Jose Altuve

3B: Nolan Arenado

SS: Marcus Semien

C: Buster Posey

OF: Bryce Harper, Kevin Kiermaier, Ian Desmond Nope, I won’t do it, I will not include a Ranger on my team, have a Matt Kemp instead

DH: Todd Frazier

Danny Valencia (I didn’t say no former Jays, did I?)
David Wright 
Ian Desmond (If he promises to be a good boy and not fight anyone)
George Springer


Jose Fernandez
Chris Archer
Justin Verlander
Jake Arrieta 
Daniel Norris

I don’t have a bullpen because I don’t know any handsome relievers…

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Thing is Louis always gave the vibe of a private guyin real life. He never posted on instagram or twitter many things and whenever he did it was mostly stunt related or promo. Louis could disappear for weeks and no one would question where be was.

This is a very good point. Also, none of what we’re getting is from Louis. It’s all coming from Danielle and maybe indirectly from family members (even then she’s mostly in the background). And Danielle apparently can’t actually post a picture of him. None of that seems like a typical couple happy to share their lives with the world.

anonymous asked:

Not sure if it's been noticed but Danielle doesn't seem to appear on Lottie or Tommy's snapchat stories from last night. Looks like she just walked in/out with Louis

trust me we noticed lol. there’s one pic of louis and danielle inside together but that’s it

anonymous asked:

Hi! A/b that Anon that is a fan of Danielle and said they don't really like Louis bc of how his fans treat Danielle. Every fandom has a bad sect of fans that end up painting the entire fandom in a negative light, that is most larries with 1D. Louis defending anyone he loves has always resulted in no positive change from most larries. But know Louis himself is a kind, generous and loving person, and Danielle wouldn't put up with the unjustified abuse rn if she didn't think he was worth it.

Yeah, I understand that they are very frustrated and need a person to direct that frustration at, but I just don’t think Louis is the one. Sadly, even some of Louis’ own fans think that he could do more in this situation, but they never seem to really have a solid solution of how exactly he can fix this. 

Should he have his rep release a statement begging that his fans stop acting like complete assholes? Delete his social media? Stop being friendly with his fans that are decent? Like, really. What exactly should he do here? Would it help if he got on Twitter and said “leave my girlfriend alone you jerks?” Is that what he should do? Would we all be able to sleep better at night knowing that Louis went off on Twitter? Is that what we need from him? 

I mean, seriously. I need someone to tell me what Louis can do to make this stop. I’m sure he’d love to hear the solutions as well. 


Show jumping : round 1 - 1st qualifier 

Fence 11a and 11b aka the definition of a problematic fence

  1. Yann Candele & FIRST CHOICE 15
  2. Toshiki Masui & TALOUBETDARCO K Z
  3. Cassio Rivetti & FINE FLEUR DU MARAIS
  4. Daniel Bluman & APARDI
  5. Nicola Philippaerts & ZILVERSTAR T
  6. Jur Vrieling & ZIROCCO BLUE
  7. Emanuele Gaudiano & CASPAR 232
  8. Isheau Wong & ZADARIJKE V

So I’m laughing because

1. Didn’t we all call a very public club night at some point this week?

2. How did stalker fans magically know to go to cirque tonight in order to see Louis going in?

3. Oli just magically appeared outta nowhere.

4. Danielle wasn’t even near Louis at all in any of the snapchats Lottie or Tommy posted. You’d think Lottie would have posted one with her even but nah.

5. Paps.

Eta: 6. The only pic of Danielle even near Louis inside was posted by none other than Annas lmao