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hello! what harry potter houses would you place the wanna one members in and what type of students would they be? thanks in advance!

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: mongoose  
Favorite Class: apparition 
Type of Student: is outgoing and silly, which makes people initially assume he’s a gryffindor, but he has such a humble and selfless nature that he’s become the most popular upperclassman in hufflepuff. is so sociable, he has friends in all four houses. likes apparition because he’ll do the thing where he pops up out of nowhere to scare woojin or daehwi. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: sparrow 
Favorite Class: muggle music 
Type of Student: is hardworking and dedicated, but has a strong will to be the best. likes to spend time doing physical magic that involves your body, not a big charms or potions guy. muggle music is his favorite not because of the instruments, but because of the dancing. was recruited by the professors to help teach others to dance for the yule ball. 

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: mare  
Favorite Class: potions 
Type of Student: super sweet and reliable, but is also into some weird hobbies like tarot card reading and ancient ruin magic. wants to know everything there is too know about potions, overwhelms the teacher just a bit. is really nice and shows care for underclassman, but he’s also competitive and smiles to himself when he sees he placed first in his class. (but also apologizes to the house ghost like everyday for forgetting to greet them in the morning, what an interesting boy) 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus:  chimpanzee 
Favorite Class: defense against the dark arts 
Type of Student: the sorting hat wanted to put him into slytherin because seongwoo is greAT at coming up with good plans and schemes, but his personality just yells gryffindor. is a beater for the quidditch team and keeps trying to get the defense against the dark arts teacher to tell him about forbidden curses. which,,,,,,,is not going to happen.

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: magpie 
Favorite Class: frog choir 
Type of Student: really intelligent and capable of becoming a great wizard, but he’s much more interested in his musical talent. has learned over 200 different songs, all in different languages, from different wizarding schools and sects from around the world. wants to get the school to fund a band aside from frog choir, keeps trying to bribe seongwoo with food for him to be the bands drummer. 

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: hammer-head shark 
Favorite Class: care of magical creatures 
Type of Student: is the pride and joy of hufflepuff’s quidditch team because they’ve never had such a good seeker in the history of their house. but amazingly, daniel gets super shy when complimented. has love letters from people in all four houses. people think his favorite subject is flying or dark arts, but he loves animals a lot and owns like three copies of fantastic beasts and where to find them. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: salamander 
Favorite Class: astronomy 
Type of Student: relatively day-dreamy in class, always has something cute pinned to his robes, and is a pretty big deal with the local press that visit hogwarts because,,,,,,visual? visual. he likes astronomy because he thinks the stars and outer space is fascinating and probably reads horoscopes at breakfast even though everyone tells him that stuffs fake. people jokingly say he really doesn’t give off a slytherin vibe but he’s the best kept person on campus, with a resourcefulness that sometimes beats daehwi’s. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: brown hare 
Favorite Class: transfiguration 
Type of Student: is actually rather talented at dueling with a wand, he can easily catch on to charms and spells, but for some reason he likes to be a class clown along with jisung. he does have a really high interest in human transfiguration, since he isn’t a metamorphmagus, he studies and practices really hard to get the spell down. jisung asked him once why he wanted to learn it so bad and woojin was like so i can transform into minhyun and see what its like to look like that for a day LOL. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: boomslang snake 
Favorite Class: alchemy 
Type of Student: likes to read and spend time in the library, but his choice of material is always quite odd. he thinks slytherin has the most interesting background and therefore has read almost EVERYTHING there is on its history, his personal favorite wizard is Merlin who was also a slytherin so jinyoung was actually super stocked about being sorted into the same house. he likes alchemy because it’s a close study of the elements of nature which is fundamentally where magic comes from. someone once teased him for it, but ever since it got out that his patronus was a literal venomous snake, people have backed off. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: jaguar 
Favorite Class: charms 
Type of Student: even at such a young age, he’s already become a registered animagus, able to turn into a jaguar which is also his patronus. his love of charms comes from the infinite amounts of ones to learn and perfect, and he dabbles in creating ones of his own. is highly praised by the teachers and people believe he’s going to be on his way to becoming a member of the ministry of magic soon enough. does a lot of flashy charms in the courtyard just because he can. 

Guan Lin
House: slytherin 
Patronus: orca 
Favorite Class: divination 
Type of Student: is a big fan of non-verbal magic and so you’ll never see him actually taking notes. he’ll just wave his wand around and put his head down for a nap while his quill does the rest. is from a pure-blood family who has been a staple of the slytherin house for years but he doesn’t show it off in the least. everyone thinks his patronus is freaking awesome like an orca??? how cool and guan lin is just like “it’s gigantic. i wish it was a gold fish or something.” 

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hiya!! can i request wanna one's reaction to their s/o having a sensitive neck/ears? so like they basically melt if they're kissed in that area ;; thank you!!!

Jisung, Jaehwan, Minhyun, Jihoon, Jinyoung, Daehwi would all find you extremely cute whenever you start giggling and tell them to stop because you’re neck is sensitive. They would really enjoy kissing you there or right below your earlobe, on your jaw and I think they would all do it more often if they see you liking it so much. They would always make comments about how cute and adorable you are when doing that. 

Sungwoon, Seongwoo, Daniel, Woojin, Guan Lin would love it even more honestly.They would probably use it against you most of the time and tease you by slowly kissing your neck and grazing their teeth across the sensitive skin. For the hyung line (Sungwoon, Seongwoo, Daniel) they would all love teasing you about this in bed as well; you will just get thousands of neck kisses and low whispering in your ears as they pleasure you.

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How would each wanna one member kiss their significant other

Yoon Jisung - sweet and comforting. He would like kissing you all over your face usually, but his favorite types of kisses are the angel kisses. He would place gentle kisses on your eyelids as he sings you to sleep or when he wakes you up.

Ha Sungwoon - playful and flirtatious. He would like the hug and kiss ones very much; he will lift you up from the couch and start dancing with you in the living room with no music before he crashes your lips together in an amusing manner.

Hwang Minhyun - affectionate and warm. He would love kissing your forehead. Whenever you are sitting side by side, he would have a hand around you as he places a sweet kiss on your forehead. It would be very sweet and loving.

Ong Seongwoo - passionate and sensual. His favorite types of kisses are hickeys. He would like seeing them all over your body as he enjoys showing off to the others that you are taken and you are his and no one else’s.

Kim Jaehwan - romantic and soft. His favorite place to kiss you would be your hand. He would gently stroke your hand wil his fingers before he kisses the back of your palm smiling. It would be very manly, but at the same time very gentle; just like Jaehwan.

Kang Daniel - loving and exciting. Your neck is his favorite part of you and he loves placing a hand on the back of your head as his lips linger around your neck, teeth barely grazing the skin. His lips would feel soft, almost ticklish on your sensitive skin.

Park Jihoon - adorable and silly. As he is pretty young, he will worry a lot about kissing your lips or you thinking he is a bad kisser. So he will just peck your nose while laughing and it will be very cute. He will do it multiple times before you tell him to stop; but he doesn’t want to, so he will chase you around until you let him kiss you again.

Park Woojin -  gentle and bashful. He would be very shy when kissing you, so eskimo kisses are his favorite. He would have his eyes closed as your noses are rubbing together and both of you start laughing. It would be very adorable and childlike.

Bae Jinyoung - shy and innocent. His face will always be bright red when he thinks about kissing you and at times he won’t dare to go for your lips. So he will place adorable butterfly kisses on your cheek as he makes you laugh because it’s very ticklish.

Lee Daehwi - cute and youthful. He wouldn’t be shy to kiss you and will always place cute, little kisses on your cheeks. Sometimes he would come from behind you, surprise you with a kiss and then run away giggling.

Lai Guan Lin - intimate and romantic. Guan Lin is not a man of many words; but instead he shows his affection and love towards you through his actions. Thus, he is always capturing your lips in a long and deep kiss instead of actually saying “I love you”. He will kiss your lips whenever he feels loving, but isn’t sure how to express it.


[ENG] 170919 Wanna One Show Champion behind - Ong Seong Wu cut 

Daniel cut

Guan lin cut

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How would they treat you if u were sick? i love your writing by the way!! ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“

Yoon Jisung - mother Yoon is in the house! Well, first of all he would scold you a bit for not taking care of yourself and how could you be so careless to skip meals and sleep so little for you to get sick. Would force you to eat whatever he cooks for you for the next couple of days and would probably judge you silently if you refuse to do it. Will retort to feeding you and tucking you into bed himself if you still refused to listen to him. “You can do that essay tomorrow, now stay still and eat this soup I made you.”

Ha Sungwoon - really sweet, but a little clueless. he would try his best to care for you and to bring you everything you need and want. Would probably hire some movies and bring over your favorite snacks. Lame jokes, stupid jokes and even more lame jokes; anything to make you smile and forget that you have to spend the next few days in bed because of the cold.

Hwang Minhyun - similar to Jisung, he would probably give you a bit of a nasty look when you tell him you caught a cold. “I told you not to dress in that thin dress when it’s raining outside.” He will keep you in bed and cuddle you as he feeds you some homemade food (probably not cooked by him, but who cares). He will help you fall asleep and if he were to be busy or anything, would call you or text you every 30 minutes so he can check on you. “Drink lots of tea and stay in bed, I will come back soon. I left food in the microwave and there is some pie in the oven if you want.”

Ong Seongwoo - you didn’t even tell him you were sick, he just figured it out once he heard your hoarse voice. He would come by your house unannounced with his snack bag full of your favorite treats and some medicine he picked up on his way over. “I’ll make you a cup of tea and then I can tell you how Daniel’s cat ruined my favorite shoes.” He would cuddle next to you and have his arm around you as he tells you some story about how Daniel’s cat peed on his favorite shoes.

Kim Jaehwan - he would be calm and very mature about the whole situation. He would probably be the one to suggest going to the doctor if you were feeling extremely bad. Would bring you medicine and also help you be comfortable. Won’t leave your side for the day and won’t let you move from the bed; he will stay with you and probably bring his guitar to sing you some ballads which will help you forget about everything else.

Kang Daniel - he would baby you so much. Would bring you a ton of medicine, even some you don’t need, but “just in case you need them in the future”. He will also bring his cats, so you can all cuddle because he is sure they will make you feel better. He would snuggle with you in bed and would let you place your head in his lap as he plays with your hair. He would tell you over and over again that it’s going to be fine and everything will pass fast. “Let’s take a nap now and when we wake up, you will feel better. I promise.”

Park Jihoon - will try to act mature, but will probably fail. I think he would call his mom to ask her what to do and what kind of medicine to buy. He will stick with you, but if you were to fall asleep, i think he would leave you alone for a bit as he prepares you some tea or some food his mother taught him to do. But probably check on you from 10 to 10 minutes, so you won’t be able to sleep too much. “Sorry, I just thought you called for me. I will come back later.”

Park Woojin - pretty baffled at first, won’t be quite sure what to do. It will take him a minute before he comes to his senses. He would make you a tea and then probably try to distract your mind off the pain with some stories, music or a movie. Would pat your head quietly as he puts your favorite movie or even some funny cartoons he knows you love so much and lets you fall asleep on his chest. Won’t let go too easily and you practically have to push him away. “You need to stay warm, so you need cuddles.”

Bae Jinyoung - would panic most likely, won’t quite know what to do, say or how to act. He will keep ask you what kind of medicine you need or if you want him to buy you any food or anything. Will end up doing a run to the store for you and would most likely call you again to check what type of medicine you need. Would stay by your side for the rest of the time and soon you two will probably drift off to sleep together.

Lee Daehwi - he would sigh and probably roll his eyes. “Y/N please, this is the 3rd time you caught a cold in the last 2 months. Just because Seongwoo says you have to go play in the rain, it doesn’t mean you should!” He would make you tea and tuck you into bed and then probably sit next to you as he tells you some funny story about the guys or he just puts a movie for you to watch.

Lai Guan Lin - he would be unsure wether to stay with you or just leave you alone to sleep, so he will probably stay by your side for a bit until he sees you start falling asleep. Then he would move away extremely slow cause he would feel a bit restless and wouldn’t want waking you up, but probably knock something over and he would groan cursing under his breath. So will end up coming back to cuddle you until the whole situation repeats itself for 3 times and he finally gives up.

Wanna One reacion to crush being cold with everyone except them

what a long title, i’m sorry lol. hope y’all enjoy this and are having a nice day bc y’all are cuties.

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Jisung, Jihoon, Daehwi and Jinyoung will be so soft for you, they treasure the fact that only they can see this side of you. Probably they will start to open up more and try to start a relationship with you.

Minhyun, Sungwoon, Woojin and Jaehwan would be so confused, like, why are you being soft with them? What did they did to deserve this blessing? They ain’t complaining tho, but I don’t think they’ll try a move on their crush soon, they need some reassurance first. 

Daniel, Guan Lin and Seongwoo would be the pretentious crew, but kinda shy at the same time, does that make sense? They would tease their crush but would be internally screaming like a school girl, because dang, their crush trust them to show their true self only with them!

Requests are open.

L.A and Dogs (Hwang Minhyun)

『Request: “Hi there! I was wondering if I could request a Wanna One fluff scenario? Thanks❤ Setting: Wanna One are in L.A for work/mini vacation. During a photoshoot, a dog interrupts by frolicking in the water. The owner (Y/N) gets her dog and apologizes. One of the members (your choice) falls for her at first sight and tries to get her to stay so they can hang out afterward’s. (Y/N): Kind, funny, multi-lingual, loves her dog Day (short for Daebak), and mostly perspective(never notices guys liking her)”

Author’s Note: I used Minhyun in this one since I don’t have anything of him. Also can we talk about how cute he is!

Group: Wanna One

Member: Minhyun

Type: Fluff❥』

Living in L.A it was always hot since it is California, however since it was finally a breezy day you decided you should take your dog, Day, to the park so he can run around and play.

As you finished getting everything- like his ball, water bowl, some treats, and other necessities- the two of you headed out.


“Okay get ready, action!” The director yelled. As the boys ran around with water guns and throwing water balloons at each other they couldn’t help their excitement about being in L.A..

“Cut! Jinyoung, you actually have to throw the water balloon” He directed the boy “But whoever I hit will throw one back at me” “That’s the point!” Sungwoo told him.

As you were tossing Day his ball you wondered why there were a lot of cameras and other things like that. As you were distracted with everything around, you threw the ball a little too far, which landed where they were filming, Day ran to get it. “Wait, Day! Get back here!”

As you ran to catch up with him, the tennis ball rolled to Minhyun’s foot. He picked it up wondering where it came from. As Daniel was spraying Guan Lin with the water gun Day jumped on him.

He then saw Mihyun with his ball and ran to him wagging his tail happily. “Day! You can’t be over here!” You said. “Who is this girl?” The director said. “I am so sorry” you told Minhyun.

Minhyun felt like time stopped as he saw you. His heart was pounding and it suddenly got hotter. Was it the weather or just him? He couldn’t tell. “Are you okay?” You asked him.

“Uh. Me? Yes, okay”” He said in broken English. You realized they were foreigners and probably had a hard time understanding. “Is this your dog?” Daehwi asked you in English.

“Yeah, he got away. I’m so sorry” you apologized. “Guess we’ll call it a break for right now” the director said frustrated and walked away.

“Hello! I’m Daehwi and these are my members” he said gesturing to the others. You were confused, could you even be allowed right here where they were filming.

You looked around, there was no one who looked like a security guard. “I’m (Y/N) and this is Day.” You patted your dog’s head. Daehwi petted him to “You guys come over here!” He called out

As they came over, Mihyun stared at you. Hoping it wasn’t obvious that he likes you. “Dog… Your?” Jihoon asked in broken English also.

You nodded your head. “His name is Day” Daehwi said. “Day? That’s an interesting name” Daniel said, his English was pretty good also.

“It’s short for Daebak” you explained. “Do you speak Korean?” Daehwi asked excitedly. You nodded your head. “That would help out a lot”

As Daehwi explained that you spoke Korean, he asked if you would be comfortable speaking it, you agreed.

You talked with them and they explained that they were a kpop group and what they were doing in Los Angeles and you explained to them who you were and that you lived in Los Angeles.

You also took a picture with them to which they posted on their Instagram account saying that they made a new friend in L.A..

The director soon called them to start filming again but Minhyun stayed with you. You gave him a smile and he returned it with a shy smile.

“I think we’re almost done filming, would you mind staying till we’re finished?” He asked putting his hand on the back of his neck.

Day sat next to him, it was clear that he really liked Mihyun. “For what?” You asked. “I was wondering, just to show us around or to go eat?” You were still confused but said that you would wait for them. You sat under a tree with Day, watching the boys film and have fun.

“Did you get her number?” Sungwoon asked Minhyun. “No but we’re hanging out after. Did I make it obvious that I was into her?” “Very, why?” Minhyun chuckled “I don’t think she noticed” “Maybe later today, you can slip her your number” Sungwoon said smirking.

Minhyun looked over at you and waved, you waved back. ‘Maybe coming to Los Angeles was the best place for a photoshoot’ Minhyun thought.

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how wanna one would react to their s/o being rlly short(155cm?)?? :)) love your account btw <3

First of all Sungwoon would love you, girl! 

Jisung, Minhyun, Jihoon, JinyoungDaehwi won’t be able to get over how adorable you are and they honestly they won’t be able to stop calling you cute for a long time. Because honestly, they would find your tiny appearance so adorable and basically no matter what you did, they will find you cute. “Aw babe, you’re cute even when you’re mad.”

Seongwoo, JaehwanDaniel, Woojin, Guan Lin would all think you are so freaking cute! Being so small next to them, I think they would tease you a lot and probably do jokes like using you as an arm rest or putting your favorite snack on the top shelve where you can’t reach it. They would also like it a lot when you ask them for help to reach it and will most likely call you a “kid” even if you were older than me.

Others react to Tatiana’s well deserved Emmy Win! 

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here is some classic pd101 bromance to brighten your mood:

thats jihoon giving guanlin a peck on the cheek bless

and thats kang dan, woojin, jaehwan and ong having a cuddle