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Are you telling me that Regina - the Regina Mills who rightfully didn’t want her son’s birth mother to suddenly be in her kid’s life, and who took a long time to get used to the idea of sharing him with her - is okay with Henry living with the sleazy pirate and being close to consider him a father figure?

Are you telling me that Henry - the Henry Daniel Mills who took 2/3 seasons to finally forgive his own mother - is forgiving the pirate after literally 5 minutes, and not only that you have him say “he would never hurt this family” when he literally tried to kill them all just the month before?

Are you telling me that Emma - the Emma Swan who could always see right through everyone’s lies and took crap from no one - can’t recognize the multiples times in which her bf is lying to her face, and keeps buying all the bullshit he throws at her?

And finally, are you saying that Snow - the Snow White who could immediately see that Ruby shared true love with Dorothy, and who is quick to point her finger at Rumple for treating Belle badly - can’t see how much Regina and Emma love each other, and how horrible H00k is being to her own daughter?


3.01 - The Heart of The Truest Believer || 1.01 - Pilot

We’ve talked about memory loss and new memories before - for example in this post. This flashback is one of the best examples of how a flashback to Emma’s past definitely tells us a story about her past or present, but not necessarily in the way we think it does. What we see didn’t happen literally, but we actually get a symbolic scene that tells us about her feelings. A view from the inside out, if you will. This is how Emma’s new memories are created.

The scene where Emma gives birth to Henry in the beginning of season three actually tells us about Emma’s real emotions. The pain she felt - but had to repress for his sake - when Henry came back into her life in the Pilot.

It’s interesting because for this scene we actually did see the reality it was based on. It might help us translate other scenes for which we haven’t seen the experiences that triggered them. The scene with the clock and the flickering lights are the most obvious visual links between the scenes. We learn the order of the scenes isn’t relevant, but the fact they didn’t choose a 17-year old actress to play this part seems like another clue that this isn’t about the first time Henry came into her life, but the second time.

It’s the very first scene of season three and it ends with Emma in pain after giving Henry up again. This sets the theme of the first half of the season. Emma has to deal with the painful memories Henry brings back. In season one she ended up admitting to herself that she loved him, but because this story is a lot darker and more complex than we’ve been led to believe, that was only the very beginning of what Emma needed to overcome in order to open herself up to the idea of being his mother. 

As mentioned in the post about Emma’s secret, her story with Neal conceals her complex feelings for Henry. Her darkest secret would make a perfect voice-over for the metaphorical birth scene about the pain rushing back. It’s visceral.

“The instant you stepped back in my life, I knew. I knew I’d never stopped loving you. And before I even had a chance to take a breath, I… I lost you once more, and all that pain that I had pushed down for all those years, it just came… rushing back, and I… I didn’t know if I could go through it again.” ~ Emma Swan || 3.06 - Ariel

During the winter finale for season three, we revisited the birth scene again, but now with a different outcome. Emma has done the emotional work in Neverland. This time she is able to accept her son. After Neverland and with Regina’s blessing Emma finally allows herself to become Henry’s other mother.



“What are you doing here?”
"I uh… I came to… rescue you.”
"Rescue me? A commoner?”
"Actually, I came to beg your forgiveness. I offered you the world and at the first test of honor, I betrayed your trust. Please, Danielle…”
"Say it again.”
"I’m sorry.”
"No. The part where you said my name.”

Henry Mills x Reader

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People say that ignorance is bliss. If that’s so then why do you feel so deflated? How come ever since that moment with Henry you’ve felt so torn? So broken? So… far away? Henry’s noticed this too.

At first he too stayed away but then he realised that it was impossible. It’s not possible to be able to stay away. There’s just something that keeps pulling you back. Something that’s keeping you close.

You wish you knew the reasoning. You’ve had this pain in your chest whenever you are away from him. Since the moment you chose to step back all you’ve wanted to do is move forward again. You want to be with Henry.

You never saw him in a romantic way. You never even thought about it, but then he tried to kiss you and everything changed. You thought you still felt distant towards him so you prevented the kiss, then when Henry left and you stood there feeling the cold against your skin where you once felt Henry’s warmth, you knew.

You love him.

But things have been difficult. More dark creatures have attacked Storybrooke and you keep getting separated from him. He hasn’t been injured since that night, thank goodness, but you feel like you have.

You haven’t been hurt physically by the creatures, but you have been hurt emotionally by them. This, though, you haven’t told anyone. You’re afraid that it’ll change things if you do.

One creature made it’s way towards Henry and you were so scared that you called out to it. So it changed its’ course and headed straight for you. Then Henry screamed. The creature turned back and in the faintest lighting available, you saw the creature smirk.

This dark creature had consciousness. It was created from dark magic that was tethered to the owner. So in fact the creature did not smirk but the creator did. And once it did it decided that it was going to kill you both. Luckily, though Emma and Regina defeated it just in time.

But that moment has scarred you. You never talk about it, but you always worry. Not about how it was so terrifying but about how it almost killed the two of you. And what would’ve happened if it only struck Henry? How would you have coped?

You find that books are your only medicine. They can cure you of any disease– mental, physical or emotional– and they help you escape the troubles you face. So you’ve decided that you should visit the town’s library everyday. And everyday you find a new book to read.

Today you’re reading a book based on romance. Belle had recommended it to you and so far you’re satisfied with what you’ve read. The story is intriguing and impressively detailed. It feels so realistic and at many times you find yourself relating to the characters.

Then you get the butterflies. Every scenario you relate to are the ones where the two characters can’t admit their feelings for one another. One of them even is scared to say that she’s in love. That character is exactly like you.

You’re afraid to admit that you love Henry because then it’ll become real. When it’s real then you’ll have to face things together. Even so… you want it to be real. There’s a terrifying truth behind it that makes you tempted to start it. To start accepting your feelings for Henry.

“I thought I’d find you here.”

Your eyes widen and your head shoots up. There standing by one of the bookshelves is Henry. His hair is messy from a day of stressful school work and his uniform shirt is unbuttoned slightly.

You quickly dab away the tears that wet your cheeks. You started to cry from the realization of your heart’s desires. Henry doesn’t seem to notice this and walks over to you at the table.

“What book are you reading?” He asks.

You can’t manage a word. Your mouth opens but nothing comes out. Then suddenly; a sound.



Your mouth quickly shuts. How come you asked him that? What was the purpose of it? What did you mean by ‘why’? Your heart starts to be beat faster.

“I don’t understand.” Henry admits.

You shake your head (mainly to shake away the feelings you’re starting to get) and close the book. Then you slide out of your chair and put the book back on the shelf. As you turn around you get startled. Henry is right there in front of you; his eyes seeping into yours.

“What do you mean?” He asks.

“I have to go…” You say.

“Why are you avoiding the question?”

“I need to get home.”

“Is this because of the kiss?”

Your cheeks flare up in pink blushes. You turn your gaze to the ground and scrunch up your hands into fists.

“We never kissed.” You say.

“So it is, then?” Henry says.

You shake your head even though that’s exactly the correct reason.

“I have to leave.” You say, and start to move away from Henry.

He doesn’t let you leave, though. His arm flies up and his hand hits the bookshelf making you flinch. He wasn’t being aggressive but his sudden movement was harsh.

“Please stop running away from me.” He says, “I never wanted to make you feel this way.”

“Neither did I.” You admit.

Tears form in your eyes. Henry thinks that he’s made you feel anger but that’s not it. He’s made you feel love.

“I’m sorry.” Henry says.

“I love you.” You blurt out.


Henry’s eyes widen and so do yours. Why did you just say that?? You begin to blush again and immediately push his arm off of the bookshelf and run away from him. That was so stupid of you to say!

Henry is quick to follow you, however. He runs after you as you pass bookshelf after bookshelf. Then his hand reaches out and he grabs ahold of your arm; spinning you around to face him. Tears spill from your eyes but his look at you in confusion.

“You love me?” He asks you.

You shake your head. Of course you love him, but now the reality you so desperately wanted you want to disappear. Henry doesn’t say another word but instead he moves closer to you.

You worry immediately and begin to back away from him, but he keeps moving forward. His lips are dangerously close to yours as he backs you up against a bookshelf. When your back hits the shelf his lips touch yours, but not in a kiss.

Then he stops. His lips are left hovering over your own and you’re back to where you started before. You’re back to where you made your first mistake; where you pushed Henry away and ran away from your feelings.

However now, you’re doing the same thing. The moment is being replayed. You’ve denied your feelings, ran away from Henry and are trying to prevent a kiss from happening. Even so, what makes this moment different?

Henry gazes into your eyes searching for the emotion you’re feeling. He won’t take that step if you’re not ready. But when you look into his eyes you only see your reflection and in a way, that’s his emotion. He’s feeling love and it’s towards you.

No more mistakes, then. You love him. It’s clear to you now that you’ve always loved him. So you decided to take the step yourself.

You close your eyes and lean forward, letting both of your lips touch, and you kiss him. You kiss Henry as if you’ve never wanted something so badly before. He’s not slow on the uptake and immediately wraps his arms around you. Your arms wrap around his neck.

Henry kisses you back with a passion you’ve only read in story books. With both your lips against each other you realize that this is how you want to be. You want to be with Henry.

You want to be close.


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casting BRENT CHUA

with from top left KEVIN SAMPAIO & JONATHAN SAMPAIO, both @ wilhelmina, MITCHELL SLAGGERT & DMITRY BRYLEV, both @ dna, TAYLOR ASHMORE @ ford, FRANCESCO BRUNETTI @ one.1, DANIEL O’BRIEN @ wilhelmina, BRETT L @ request/click, ISHA BLAAKER @ soul, ADRYAN HANSON @ major, WILLIAM M @ wilhelmina, HENRY WATKINS @ soul, SCOTT WALHOVD @ wilhelmina, VEIT COUTURIER & CHAD WHITE, both @ soul