danielle peazer

Interview With Stuck Inlove Cast

Interview: So, do you guys miss the series? being on it..being apart it? cause in a few months…it will be over a year?

Cast Responses:

Leighton Meester: 
“I mean, of course..it’s almost a year and honestly, we understand that we are always busy but I think that we all have our own thing to do and its apart of life but deep down…Stuck Inlove is still in our hearts..finish or not..”

Danielle Peazer:

“I do miss it..I hope we can go back to it soon, its an adventure and life lesson for people”

Ariana Grande:

“Stuck Inlove? oh god…its apart of me..a lot of memories..we all want it back”

Gigi Hadid:

“I am a new member of Stuck Inlove and i am pretty sure that I didn’t even start my part yet but I wanna meet everyone”

Nina Dobrev:

“I MISS MY FAMILY! Of course we want it back”

Camila Cabello:

“I agree with everyone…we want everyone back in business..WE NEED THE DRAMA”

Eleanor Calder:

“yes I do miss it”

Selena Gomez:

“of course I miss…everyone…but look at the bright side…we will be more active with everyone in our series of Stuck Inlove”

Chace Crawford:

“I miss the ladies..we need it back”

Liam Payne:

“I miss the lads and everyone, we need to reboot Stuck Inlove”

Louis Tomlinson:

“I think we should..new year new start..right? it does deserve for new parts!”

Niall Horan:

“of course I do..is that even a question?”

Harry Styles:

“I think people do..we should get it started again”

Zayn Malik:

“um..yeah…we should”