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              BRIELLE CHAMBERS

(age.) twenty five
(species.) human
(occupation.) bartender at purgatory
(residency.) arrived february 2017
(mirror.) danielle campbell

❝  a pavement of the past

tw: murder, blood, self harm (kinda?), death

“YOU DID THIS.” The words were sprawled across the wall, staining the once white paint a deep red as the abundance of blood they were written in left drips down to the floor. A message to the only person left alive in the Chambers once happy home. What it meant, it’s meaning, wasn’t lost on its recipient as she awoke to find herself smeared in the same red that made the message. She’d woken up on the floor of her parents bedroom, head pounding. It was the first time that Brielle Chambers had ever wished she hadn’t woken up. The scene she found above her was gruesome, her parents mutilated bodies lay sprawled out across the king sized bed. Their youngest child and only daughter stood frozen in a mixture of fear, disgust, and horror as a piercing scream left her lips. A sound so full of anguish that their neighbors of 20+ years called the police instead of venturing over to find out the cause of the scream. A sound that didn’t stop until the 17 year old girl was wrapped in a blanket and the arms of a police officer, being pulled out of the house as first responders descended upon the usually quiet cul-de-sac. It was the day that Brielle Chambers’ life took a hard left down a path she’d never in a million years dreamed she’d be on.

Prior to her parents’ murder, Brielle’s life was paifully ordinary. At just sixteen years old Brielle Arabella Chambers had everything she could possible ever want. She had an older brother who liked to pretend that she was the absolute bane of his existence, often telling her that life was much better for the three years she hadn’t existed. It was playful banter, of course, because the two Chambers children, while often at odds over their teenage angst and differing personalities, would do anything for each other. Her parents had been very much in love, proving to the young woman every day that true, everlasting love truly did exist. And then there were her neighbors. The family next door, of course, came with the boy next door. The pair grew up together, best friends first and foremost, spending all of their time together, until teenage hormones came into play and their friendship blossomed into something more. They were each other’s firsts in everything, both in life and love, and if you’d asked Elle who she’d be spending the rest of her life with, she would have said him. It didn’t end up that way, though. His leaving without so much as a goodbye, walking out of her life as if the last sixteen years they’d spent together had meant nothing, was the first real disappointment in the young girl’s life and her inability to handle the negative emotions that filled her as a result served as the catalyst to a series of events that ended the perfectly ordinary life that she’d been living her entire life.

At sixteen years old the loss of your favorite pair of shoes is too much to handle, so to lose a supposed ‘soulmate’ is a debilitating blow. So after a summer of nursing her wounds and mourning the sudden lack of a best friend, Brielle, in true teenager fashion, decided to reinvent herself. The girl who once wore a plethora of pastels, spent time dancing in the kitchen and singing at the top of her lungs, now wore black and red, coloring her bright eyes with dark makeup. Her signature pale pink lipstick being replaced with a deep red matte stain. She pulled away from her friends and family, her teenage rebellion now in full swing. Heartbreak didn’t look good on the girl who now preferred to be called Elle. Following her usual cliche fashion, Elle fell in with the wrong crowd. They were older, going nowhere, but they were easy. Their extracurricular activities made it easy for the young, heartbroken women to forget her temporary woes and it was with this group that Elle was introduced to the monster that would change her life forever.

Maddox Lawson came into her life like a hurricane. He was everything a parent wouldn’t want their daughter to be around, let alone date, and he swept little naive Elle off of her feet. The pair instantly became inseparable, when she wasn’t in school she was with Maddox. She would have sworn she saw a side of him that no one else could, a fact that she’d later find was simply a facade. What Elle didn’t know was that the man she’d fallen so quickly for was more than just a man - he was a vampire. They’d been together for five months when she discovered the truth about her new beau. She’d showed up at his apartment early for a date, letting herself in she came face to face with her boyfriend and another girl from their group of friends locked in to her, appeared to be a romantic embrace. But when she let out a shocked gasp, Maddox lifted his head and she got her first ever look into the supernatural. What she couldn’t only describe as fangs hung down past his blood stained lips as he stood up, allowing the other girl’s limp body to fall to the floor as the pair stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Elle didn’t know how to process what she’d just witnessed, so with wide eyes her brain finally restarted itself and sent a message to the rest of her body to move. She turned and ran, as quickly as she could, towards the front door, but she was no match for Maddox’s supernatural abilities and he’d already reached the front door and was waiting for her, wiping the blood off of his lips with his sleeve, when she got there. It was there, in the foyer of her boyfriend’s apartment, that Elle was introduced to the supernatural world. He hastily explained that the stories were true. The supernatural existed. Witches, werewolves, vampires. They were all very real and one was standing in front of her right then. In the moment, with her head spinning from all of the new information, Elle didn’t know what to do. So, almost as if on autopilot, she gave her boyfriend’s blood stained lips a quick kiss before walking out of his apartment, getting into her car, and just driving. She didn’t know where she was going, but she drove well into the night, having to stop for gas before finally turning her car around and heading back home. She stayed locked in her room for a few days, worrying her parents and brother to a point that even her old friends were reaching out to check on her. People she hadn’t spoken to in months calling her phone to see if someone, anyone could get through to her, but she ignored them all until one fateful Sunday. With enough time (and research) to wrap her head around her new reality, she emerged from her room and made her way to Maddox’s apartment. She wasn’t sure how, but she figured they could work through his immortality. However, all of those thoughts left her mind as soon as she came face to face, once again, with the cruel reality of his bloodlust. She’d been let into the apartment by his roommate, following the familiar path to his bedroom, opening the door with a smile on her face that was quickly replace with a look of horror. In bed with him were two women, one who was obviously barely hanging onto her life as blood oozed from her neck, the other was locked in a passionate embrace with her boyfriend. The sight disgusted the girl, who, in a fit of anger, screamed at the boy who, only a couple of weeks prior, she’d been declaring her love for. He was a monster, a cheater, he was dead and now he was dead to her and she told him as much before storming out of the apartment. To this day, that reaction is the one thing in her short life that Elle truly regrets.

Unbeknownst to the newly single girl, Maddox wasn’t just any vampire. No. He was a newly sired vampire, which meant that his bloodlust and his heightened emotions were still raging and his ability to control them was lacking. In a fit of utter rage at his now ex girlfriend’s reaction to his true lifestyle, Maddox reacted in a way that can only be described as both psychotic and vengeful. After weeks of attempting to get back in contact with her only to be ignored and berated, Maddox found his way to her parents’ home, using the spare key he knew to be hidden under a fake rock in their garden, he snuck into the Chambers household in the middle of the night. Elle had gone to sleep that night, slumbering quietly in her bed as her parents were brutally murdered by her scorned lover. Or at least, that’s what she assumes. When she awoke the next morning covered in their blood she had no recollection of the night before. A fact that both terrified and confused her. The next few weeks were a blur of police officers, various family members and sadness. Her brother came home from college to help her put their parents to rest and to find her a new place to live. She was still in school, barely 17 years old, and needed a legal guardian to care for her until she turned 18. Her brother offered to drop out and care for her, but she wasn’t about to ruin another person’s life because of her bad decisions. She’d almost given up hope when a call came in to her cell phone from an old friend, the old friend. He’d heard about her parents from his own family. He was in New York and offered her a place to stay, to recoup and get her life back on track. And while things between them had ended so hastily before, the thought of his familiarity, his safety, was an attractive offer. So she took him up on it. Knowing no one in her family would allow her to simply leave school and take off to New York to be with the boy who shattered her heart the first time, Elle left a note for her brother in the middle of the night, packed a duffel bag full of clothes, and took off into the night, hellbent on getting from Colorado to New York. To safety. To someone familiar.

But as with the best laid plans, hers were derailed in Massachusetts. She’d been caught trying to hitch a ride on the side of the highway and when the police officer ran her information she was found to be reported as a runaway. Her family had been trying to get in touch with her but she’d thrown her cell phone somewhere in the Atlantic. She’d gotten a ride from somewhere on the coast up to Massachusetts, in what was supposed to be her last top before she got to New York, until she’d been caught. When she refused to return to her family in Colorado, too stubborn and still grieving, ashamed of the fate she’d brought upon her parents, the state had no choice but to put her into foster care, where she stayed up until a few weeks shy of her eighteenth birthday. She’d reconnected with her brother, he’d dropped out of college and moved back to their hometown, gotten a job and his anger towards her about the death of their parents had subsided. He’d invited her to come home. Come back to him and let him be the proper big brother he hand’t been when she’d needed him most. So once again, Elle took off across the country. This time on her way back home.

Once back in Colorado, things were tense. So much so that as soon as she could the young woman ventured out into the city and found herself a job working as a batender at a local dive. It was her looks that got her the job and she was okay with that. It was a paycheck, a way she could contribute to the bills so her brother wasn’t the only one shouldering the financial burdern, and it was a way to get out of the small apartment where, even though they said they were on better terms, the death of their parents still haunted the siblings. She knew he blamed her for the loss and she couldn’t hold that against him, because no matter how much it pained her to know that her brother would probably never be able to look at her the same again, she knew that how she felt about herself was worse. She harbored so much anger towards Maddox and his kind for how he’d reacted to rejection, towards the police for questioning her as if she could ever do something so horrible to her own parents, and finally, she was angry at herself for putting her family into that situation. So while at the bar she could pretend. She could pretend to be anyone she wanted, she could pretend to be okay, she could pretend that the supernatural didn’t exist. That is, until a very boisterous vampire sauntered into the bar one night while she was working. He had no qualms in showing what he was, something that made Elle’s skin crawl. Slowly, as the night went on, the now 18 year old woman formulated a plan. She would lure him away from the group, flirt with him until he thought he had a chance, get him into the back room and then drive a stake through his heart. He may not have been the vampire who killed her parents but someone needed to pay for what had happened to them, and with what he was he was nowhere near innocent. She wouldn’t feel bad taking his life. It’d be easy, especially with the year of pent up anger bubbling within her.

Her haphazard plan, however, proved to be more difficult to execute than Elle had expected. Getting the man into the back room with her was easy, she’d even allowed him to feed on her, thinking that he’d be more vulnerable that way, but his eagerness and strength proved to be something Elle hadn’t planned for, and once she realized not only was she going to be unable to fully execute her plan, but she was probably going to die there in the store room of the bar. As he fed the world around her slowly faded and instead of fear, Elle felt a semblance of calm wash over her. She was ready to go, ready to die. After all, she should have been the one taken out of this world in such a violent manor, not her parents. So she closed her eyes and simply let it happen, ready to fade into the darkness one final time as a feeling of complete calm washed over her, when something unexpected happened. A man she’d met and shamelessly flirted with a few times at the apartment complex was there, pulling the vampire off of her as she crumpled to the floor, everything going black. When she awoke she was in an unfamiliar room in unfamiliar clothes, brows knitted together as she turned to find her rescuer in the doorway, arms crossed, looking incredibly unimpressed. She would have told him off for interfering if she hadn’t been so weak from the blood loss, so instead she was treated to a lecture as she lay recuperating. That night was the first night she’d be fed vampire blood to speed up her body’s natural healing process.

After that night, Elle found herself running into the man in the building more often than not when he visited his sister and the pair struck up an unlikely friendship. The night in the bar showed her that as she is now, she was incredibly unequipped to fight off and kill vampires like she’d wanted to. So instead of seeking vengeance she instead sought that feeling of calm she’d felt that night in the bar as the life was literally sucked out of her. She became reckless in the pursuit, not only taking up thrill seeking activities, but allowing herself to be used as a human blood bag for her vampire rescuer. It was a relationship born out of necessity- he preferred drinking blood straight from the source and she liked the money he paid her to do so. But she didn’t just do it for the money, secretly she’d hoped he’d go too far one day. Take too much. Ensure that she slipped into oblivion and could be with her parents. However, as the years passed and the two’s symbiotic relationship grew into more of a friendship, Elle found herself agreeing to tag along when he told her he was moving to Hollow Grove. A change of scenery sounded nice and she was sure she could get into plenty of trouble in a new town full of supernaturals. Maybe her oblivion wasn’t so far away after all.

❝  the nature of the beast

Elle Chambers used to be a straight a student who was part of as many extracurricular activities. Never one to take any necessary risks, she found her joy in being around others, dancing around her bedroom, and playing the violin. However, that little girl was gone the day she woke up and found her parents murdered. Since then Elle has been a facade. She carries an incredible amount of anger and guilt, all directed towards herself, inside of her and it is very rarely seen by anyone. She’s sarcastic to the point when it stops being adorable and becomes either annoying, condescending or just plain cruel. She enjoys picking fights she can’t win in hopes that someday one of her opponents will finish the job she’s too hesitant to do herself. In truth, most of her personality stems form her main desire: to die. She wants to be reunited with her parents, to tell them how sorry she is for bringing Maddox into their lives. She wasn’t ready to lose them when she did and the guilt and anger of the entire situation is something she carries around with her all the time. One would never know exactly what’s bubbling beneath the surface of the youngest Chambers sibling, however, outwardly she comes across as a people person. She’s witty and flirtatious and full of life, always smiling. Elle’s decided to adopt a take on life that, simply put, has her admitting that she should be dead instead of her parents, so why not do some fun activities that could possibly help get her to where she needs to be faster? Some would call her an adrenaline junkie and others, more accurately, would tell her she had a death wish. She’d admit it was true, however, her guilt wasn’t the only thing or it. She was chasing the thrill, the feeling of actually being alive. She might as well join it while she can, right?

Sooo I’ve been writing a kinda really dark angsty mystery Camp Camp fanfic (which I update as frequently as I can) and in it Max’s trans sister Lillie comes up in conversation from time to time, so I thought I would draw a fan art visual so people can see what she looks like!

I’d love for people to check it out if they’ve got the time. Thanks :D


New Camp Camp Asks

With the new season coming in less than a week, I thought I would give this a try!

David: What are you most excited for in the new season?

Gwen: What are you most worried about for the new season?

Quartermaster: Is there any big questions you have about a specific character or part of the shows lore? (Jasper not included)

Max: What is you favorite Camp Camp trope?

Neil: Which character gets on your nerves the most?

Nikki: What camp would you most likely stay at (i.e. Camp Campbell, Flower Scouts, or Woodscouts)? And if Camp Cambell, for what reason?

Nurf: What is your least favorite episode?

Nerris: If you could put any of the characters into another universe, what would it be?

Preston: If you could write your own episode, what would it be about?

Ered: What is your favorite headcannon about Camp Camp?

Space kid: Do you have any characters you relate to?

Dolph: Is there anything you wish you could change about the show or plot of an episode?

Harrison: Are there any other story genres that you wish the show would parody?

Jasper: What is your favorite Camp Camp theory?

Daniel: Favorite antagonist?

Cameron Campbell: Least favorite antagonist?

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