“I thank God for the suffering.“

Three years ago, human society was rocked by the knowledge of the existence of supernatural creatures. From witches to vampires, werewolves to shapeshifters, representatives from each sect gradually made their species known in the name of peace and coexistence but their reveal was greeted with human fear and retaliation. Neighbor turned on neighbor in suspect of these creatures living among them to the point of the government passing a law deeming supernaturals unfit to live on a human level.

By this law Echo was created, a safe town where supernaturals could prove their innocence with the assistance of humans. The program brands and pairs a human with a member of the supernatural species: the creature acts as a bodyguard while the human vouches the creature worthy of being equal to humans. Yet the process is painful, and permanently opens a channel of feelings, thoughts and life experiences between the paired two. Should the supernatural fail to protect their partner, their chance at living an equal life is shot, while all residents work against the human government and various sects of supernatural and radical humans threatening to breach their walls.

Welcome to Echo, Pennsylvania. Your partner will be assigned to you shortly, and the struggle for life and peace begins now. Echo HQ is an open and active, pair rp, looking for more creatures hidden in the shadows and the humans willing to give them a chance. Come check us out!

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David: oh gosh so many questions, well it was kinda fun having ears and a tail even if Daniel keep pulling them. I really like my red hair but hmm… I dunno what color I’d look good in, got any ideas? I actually do make little carvings and sell them for a bit of extra money. I think I’m gonna try to be a teacher assistant or something when summer is over!

Daniel: If I color my hair I’d probably try white… maybe spray it red to confuse Jasper… and as for what I’ll do when camps over… Oh no… never though about that… uhhh… probably try to go back to my original cult or start one up that I won’t kill off as fast…

Jasper: oh my hair color? I though about blond but Daniel kinda ruined that so… I dunno. And after camp in going back to collage

Gwen: I’m just gonna find a better job… I hope

Jen: I’m gonna help Daniel with his cult stuff so I can meat Xeemuug with him!!!!




❛ ┊ — ✶ MORGAN JAMES ( PHOEBE TONKIN ) requests A SISTER as a GUEST / STAFF with the face(s) of POPPY DRAYTON, JAIMIE ALEXANDER, TAYLOR COLE, LUCY HALE, DANIELLE CAMPBELL and a history of: Morgan is the middle of five sisters, so this could be either younger or older. Morgan’s not been home since she was 16/17 but she kept in contact with her sisters. They were all raised by the eldest sister, their mom passed during the birth of the youngest sister. Morgan and the second oldest were the rebels of the family, and the younger two were the most sheltered / protected. I’d love one of them to come and give Morgan that relationship back again. ANNA does request prior contact before taking this connection.

OPEN TO: males (18-22, natalie is 18 fyi)
SUGGESTED CONNECTIONS: boyfriend, best friend, friend, acquaintance

“Hold on,” Natalie suddenly pulled back from the kiss that was getting more and more heated by the second, smoothing down the skirt of her dress that had started riding up her thigh. “Is this going where I think this is going?” she asked, resting her hands on his shoulders. “Because you should probably know that I-” the girl bit her lip nervously and drew in a deep breath, “I’ve never had sex before.”

Jasper: maybe if I could actually get to him I’d have a chance!

Jasper: but maybe your right…. I should try harder…

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( danielle campbell / cis woman / she/her ). Marguerite Durand wasn’t expecting to be given a second chance at life. the twenty-three year old last remembers being a French Resistance Fighter in the 1940s in Normandy, France. they’ve been described as being brave and distant, but that is to be expected since they are a medium. they’ve been around for two years, but they haven’t gotten any older. (ooc: elisabeth, 20, gmt+2, she/her)

accepted! margurite durand has been given a second chance at life. please make sure to have your account in within the next 12 hours or your spot will be reopened! danielle campbell is now taken!


A quaint snowy mountain town neighboring Aspen, Colorado. Brookhaven is known as home to those who work for the thriving ski resort owned by the Keller family that took a page out of the book of many of the promising ski resorts that cover Aspen, Colorado. Tourism to Brookhaven usually comes from those that venture off the beaten path and want a quieter experience while visiting the Rockies. But don’t let the quiet and relaxed demeanor of this town fool you, there are countless of secrets waiting to be exposed. One cold case murder investigation wasn’t enough to keep the trouble out so it seems.


Brookhaven is created solely for the purpose of creating a creative atmosphere for those seeking a place to bring their original characters to life within the role play. Mature themes will be experienced in this role play. All characters within this role play are credited by their player. Acceptances are done daily!