in this gif pack you will find #49 GIFS of DANIELLE CAMPBELL in FAMOUS IN LOVE!

  • DO NOT TURN THESE INTO GIF ICONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. please contact me if you wish to do so for PERSONAL USE. this is a strict rule and I will follow up with people who break this.
  • DO NOT edit these in any way, meaning psd, cropping, crackships or any other way — these are for rp use only!
  • please like this or give it a reblog if you used these but do not put them into gif packs, repost or claim without credit.
  • you will find the gifs in the second rule, meaning I expect these rules to be followed.
  • reminder: it takes money, time and patience to make gifs to be released for free to help the rpc, ignoring these few requests from creators is frustrating and disheartening. please be respectful and follow the four requests for all of these gifs !