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I got a little bored and this got away from me - NYT Minus Context + WWE (Part 2) (NJPW)

Awesome people whose ones you should definitely check out: @bullletclubs, @breadclubrising

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- The Shields debut match at TLC (2012)
- The Shield, and The Real Americans vs the Usos, Goldust, Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio - Survivor Series (2013)
- The Shield vs Evolution at Extreme Rules (2014)
- The Shield vs the Wyatt Family - Elimination Chamber (2014)
- Roman vs Daniel Bryan - Fast lane 2015
- Roman vs Brock - Wrestlemania 31
- Roman vs Big Show - Extreme Rules 2015
- Roman VS Sheamus - Raw (14th December 2015)
-Roman vs Dean - Survivor Series 2015
- Roman VS Dean vs Brock - Fast lane 2016
- The Shield Triple Threat - Battleground 2016
- Literally any of his matches against AJ Styles

Feel free to add your own

i need a new show, please give me suggestions?

things that i have fully watched and enjoyed are:

bates motel, weeds, breaking bad, x files, twin peaks, stranger things, the office, parks and rec, silicon valley, shark tank, moone boy,

as well as stand up by: mike birbiglia, john mulaney, chad daniels, paton oswalt,  david cross, christian flannigan, wyatt cenac, hannibal buress, tom segura, kyle kinae