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lonely man; you’ll see that i won’t fall from grace  -  LISTEN

i. daniel james • a lonely man ii. adam barnes • howling iii. hudson taylor • weapons iv. bear’s den • isaac v. lauren aquilina • lilo vi. the head and the heart • lost in my mind vii. kodaline • war viii. hozier • take me to church ix. daniel james • gallaher blues x. ok sweetheart • all we have xi. laura welsh • hollow drum xii. josh record • bones xiii. the careful ones • paper knees xiv. awkward i • the unknown character xv. mighty oaks • just one day xvi. orla gartland • piece by piece xvii. lewis watson • what about today? xviii. shooting suns • icarus

tricitay  asked:

favorite thing to watch? and favorite book?

well movies are my favorite of course but i don’t tend to have a specific go-to thing to watch. my fav tv show is impractical jokers, though!! it’s always on and it always makes me happy

my favorite book is probably the shades of magic series by victoria schwab!! i also like daniel morden’s welsh story compilations

My Favorite (330+) Faceclaims 

As requested, this is a list of my favorite faceclaims! There’s a mix of #331 overused and underused faces, and I also included their age and ethnicity (if it’s available). The list is also divided by gender, and listed alphabetically. There’s probably not going to be a lot of model/musician/reality TV/Youtuber FC’s since I’m not a big fan, and the FC’s I’m most familiar with are popular in Western culture just you’re aware. So yeah, enjoy!

Note: All ethnicities were found on either ethnicelebs.com or Wikipedia. If you notice an error or have the answer to somebody’s unknown ethnicity, please message me with a valid source and I’ll change it! 

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