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[request] but i can’t help (falling in love with you)

AUTHOR: ongniels (ali)
PAIRING: Ong Seongwoo/Kang Daniel
SUMMARY:  “I’m in love with you,” Seongwoo suddenly blurts out, snapping him out of his thoughts.

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How Wannaone’s Hyung line would surprise you on your birthday! (as ur boyfriend)

note: Ok here’s a blurb about how the wanna one (hyung line) would surprise you on your bday! Let me know if you want a maknae line version or eliminated trainees version. Small update I haven’t gotten any requests but I have so much free time so if you request I can do mtls, blurbs, scenarios, imagines, etc.

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Daniel: Daniel is literally such a sweetheart when it comes to these things. When you have woken up and gotten ready to go out to meet him, you would open the door to go out of your apartment and see him standing there with your favorite flowers in a bouquet all with his beautiful bright smile across his face. The two of you would spend the day at a beach shops and stuff (kinda like Santa Monica) maybe going by the ocean and then going on the Ferris wheel on the pier when the sun is setting. The whole way around he hugs you in his arms and gives you your present which is a photo album of all the dates you’ve had and a reason he loved you along with each picture. Probably no kissing mostly just skinship because I mean he’s saving that all for later tonight then you two would go back to his place where you’d order in and spend the rest of the night enjoying each other’s company.

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Sungwoon: Okokok Sungwoon would make your birthday out to be a huge deal. He would want everything to be perfect and mostly just want you to be happy. Picking you up in the afternoon, you would do something you’ve always wanted to do. For example riding a hot air balloon, go to an escape room, etc. After doing that, you’d go home to a cute set up and the two of you would have fun baking brownies and cupcakes together and having frosting fights and maybe sneak some kisses here and there ;) Anyways after you would turn the tv on while cuddling on the couch and he’d tell you he loved you and pull you into a small kiss that quickly escalated and after when you two were about to fall asleep he gives you your birthday present of a teddy bear that you wanted on your first date for when he’s gone and you miss him.

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Jaehwan: Jaehwan would probably have to try his hardest to pretend that he didn’t know it was your birthday. Putting up an act all like “When’s your birthday again?” and totally failing because he can sing NOT act but then “surprise” you by serenading you on your birthday (maybe writing an original song about how much he loves you) then having a dinner at home set up with lights all over (dimmed) and overall just a romantic night. As for the gift, I think Jaehwan would cluelessly ask the lady at the desk of your favorite store “what’s good to buy” and get you the most popular items.

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Minhyun: Minhyun seems like he wouldn’t really care about the whole birthday thing but JUST BECAUSE ITS YOU (and he loves you) he’d go out of his way and probably google search “cute ways to surprise your girlfriend.” I don’t know why but I feel like minhyun would give you a puppy or a cute animal? He’d probably take you out on a picnic at night time to see the stars and maybe spend half the time kissing then go spend the night with you but when you get home you’d see your animal waiting for you in a nice play pen and stuff! After playing with it the dog/idk would fall asleep and you would cuddle until falling asleep to his singing.

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Jisung: Given his years of experience, I think Jisung has learned to be super observant in a relationship. On your first date you (which was more than a year ago) you told him it was always a dream to rent out a roller skating rink (or movie theater, ice skating, you can choose) but you never found the time or money. Obviously Jisung being Jisung would rent it out for you and surprise you with it! Let’s say on your birthday you had to work the morning shift. Jisung would come pick you up when you’re about to get on the bus to go to work and say surprise! You’re boss let you off and I have a surprise for you. When you arrive to your surprise location you’d see all your closest friends, family, friends you haven’t seen in ages, and even more. After a day filled with fun, you and Jisung would go back to his place and order in some chicken or pizza while watching a movie on the couch. He’d give you the necklace you had wanted for 5 months for your gift.

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Ong/Seungwoo: Out of all the wanna one boys, I think Ong would be the biggest flirt. Many people think he wouldn’t be faithful but I think once he finds someone he will devote all his energy to that person.  That being said, Seungwoo would probably tiptoe in while you were asleep and decorate your whole room with roses and have petals leading out to the living room. When you would reach the living room you’d see him dressed extra nice for you even though he says he just chose a random outfit with your favorite breakfast (waffles? pancakes? omelets? toast and croissants?) then just say “good morning love. happy birthday” while grinning at your shocked expression. You two would spend the whole day together and of course go to karaoke then he’d spend the night with you and who knows what could happen and give you a necklace with your birthstones on it.

Some of these really seemed like actual scenarios even though I only planned on a couple sentences haha. For some members I started writing and just couldn’t stop >.< If you want actual imagines made out of these or a scenario with an altered version let me know! I’m not getting any likes or reblogs but It’d be nice just to know people are reading my work because that’s all that matters :)) (ALSO IM SO SORRY JAEHWANS IS SO SHORT I JUST COULDN’T GET MY CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING FOR HIM)

Tour Series #12: Picture He Sends You

A/N: All pictures used are from 5SOS and do not belong to us. We are simply using them for your viewing pleasure :) 

Michael: (Tweet)

@Michael5SOS: It’s not bigger than me right babe? @Y/T/H


With the tour being almost over, you started to get ready for Michael to come back home. You were almost to excited that you couldn’t contain it anymore, but you knew you could do it. He would always send you little messages and pictures with little updates on where he was when he didn’t have time to talk on the phone, and those always made you smile. If you couldn’t be with him when he was actually there he would make you feel like you were. You were curled up on the couch as it was pretty late and you were just finishing your binge marathon of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. Usually you and Michael would be together watching it with your dog Jasey, but now it was just you and Jasey curled up under your fuzzy blanket that said “Princess” all over it, a gift from Michael when you first started dating. It was sometime in the morning or afternoon for Mikey, so you were waiting for pictures of him out exploring. 

Scrolling through twitter you looked at your mentions, mostly flooded with mentions from fans, you saw one from Michael from a few minutes ago. You knew he was in D.C. on a day off with the lads, so it was bound to be a picture of a monument or something. At least they were learning something when they were there, you thought to yourself and laughed. You clicked on the picture, where you were greeted with a picture of Mikey looking slightly sleep deprived and the Washington Monument in the background. It’s not bigger than me right babe? @Y/T/H was the caption and you gasped so loud you woke Jasey up from her slumber next to you. You couldn’t believe Michael sometimes, but he sure did know how to make you laugh in surprise when you needed it. You tried to show it to Jasey but she just licked your phone thinking that it was food. 

You pressed reply and typed in @Y/T/H: @Michael5SOS THAT’S A NATIONAL MONUMENT MICHAEL. He would turn history into something dirty if he could manage it and he sure did. The fans were going crazy over it, bringing up the fact that Michael was known for that. You remembered the day they posted the picture of Michael fully naked in the studio. He had these tweets coming and you couldn’t stop laughing at him. So much for the lads learning something, you thought. You saw that you had a text from Michael now, reading it to yourself. You didn’t answer my question Miss Y/N! You just laughed at him, he wasn’t going to stop until you answered his question, but you were certainly not going to do it where the entire internet could see it. Of course not Mikey, of course not :P You shook your head. You didn’t know what to do with him sometimes, but you loved him for it anyway.

Calum: (Text)

Calum Hood <3: You weren’t here, so Luke stepped in! Aren’t we cute babe?

Y/N Y/L/N: Didn’t know you had a tour boyfriend Hood! :P 

Insomnia was starting to get to you again as you tossed and turned in your huge bed with only Junior to keep you company. You had tried turning on a movie that would usually put you to sleep but even that wasn’t working. You tried to avoid going on your phone because the bright light so close would hurt your eyes and you would end up on it for so long that you would never go to sleep. The perks of being able to work at home were nice so it didn’t matter what time you got up really, but you tried to keep on as normal a sleep schedule as you could when Calum was away. It was the only way you knew how to stay sane without messing anything up. You looked at the picture of you and Calum from your two year anniversary and it almost made you tear up. No matter how many tours passed, you hated being alone.

When tea didn’t even help, you knew that sleep wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. You got out your phone to call Calum or check twitter, maybe even go on tumblr and answer asks if you were awake enough. When your screen lit up, you had a text from Calum. Opening it, you saw it was a picture of him and Luke, looking like one of those tourist couples everyone hates. You weren’t here, so Luke stepped in. Aren’t we cute babe?  Looking at Calum’s face made you laugh even more. If one didn’t know any better, they would actually think that Calum and Luke were a couple. Those boys could be so strange sometimes, but you loved them none the less. Didn’t know you had a tour boyfriend Hood :P was your reply, and it made you laugh even more. You wished you could see his face when he got your reply. 

Your cuddles are better, don’t tell him I said that! His reply made you smile, loving that even when you were joking with each other he still managed to be incredibly sweet. You really missed his cuddles too, especially right now when you couldn’t sleep. You decided to text Luke and tell him a little something. Treat him right Hemmings! Or else! You loved being able to confuse Luke, it was always a fun game to play. You sent the picture along with it, before posting it to twitter with the caption Calum replaced me on tour guys. What do you think? and the fans went wild. That would teach a Mr. Luke Hemmings to take your boyfriends cuddles. Only a few more weeks and you would have them all to yourself again. Looking at your phone one more time you saw a reply from Luke. He won’t even let me be the big spoon! You laughed so hard you almost forgave him for cuddling without you.

Luke: (Text) 

Ashton Irwin: Looks like he’s ready for babies, Y/N! All cuddled up!

You were laying in bed with Blink, watching some stupid movie on TV when your phone lit up with Ashton’s name. Confused, you swiped the screen and gasped when you saw the picture. “Aww Ash, leave him alone. Let him sleep.” You frowned slightly, wishing you could sleep next to him. “Also, no, no babies. Not yet.” You couldn’t help but let your mind wander to what it would be like to wake up and see Luke cuddled with your child. A smile tugged on your lips as you thought about it. You imagined some day, that penguin would belong to your son or daughter.

You saved the picture, and opened your Twitter app. Typing out a tweet and attaching the photo. “Luke’s snuggle buddy for when I’m not around. Missing his cuddles bad tonight. Thanks for the photo, @Ashton5SOS!” You exited out of the app, returning to your conversation with Ashton. “He’s keeps mumbling your name and stroking the penguin. I think he misses you..” You couldn’t help but giggle. “What a loser. I miss him too. Tell him to call me when he wakes up.” “Will do, have a good night Y/N.” You locked your phone and kissed Blink’s head, returning your attention to the movie.

You soon drifted off to sleep, only to be awoken by a phone call from Luke. “Hello?” You groaned. “Hey, babydoll.” Luke’s voice was tired. “I’m sorry I woke you. Ashton told me to call you.” You smiled a bit. “Oh, right. It’s fine. I just missed you was all.” “I missed you too, Y/N.” “I know, Ashton told me you kept mumbling my name in your sleep. Have a nice dream?” Luke chuckled. “Yeah, I did.” You smiled, petting Blink who was still curled into your side asleep as well. “Tell me about it, until I fall back asleep?” “Sure thing, baby.”

 Ashton: (Tweet)

@Ashton5SOS: @Calum5SOS won’t stop photo-bombing my selfie for @Y/T/H. He says he misses her too.

@Y/T/H: @Ashton5SOS @Calum5SOS I miss the both of you as well. Can’t wait for a group cuddle! ;)

It was getting closer and closer to Ashton and the rest of 5 Seconds of Summer coming home. You were so proud of each of them for going out and chasing their dreams and doing what they loved, but you missed each of them terribly. Each of the boys had a special place in your heart and you missed being able to spend time with your three best friends, and of course, your boyfriend. You were closest with Calum, he was your best friend. If you were ever having a problem with Ashton, or just something you didn’t want to go to Ashton with, Calum was always there. Even when he was on tour. You’d sometimes find yourself dialing his number, instead of Ashton. You missed the company of your friend.

You were cuddled on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book when your phone lit up with a twitter notification from Ashton. You quickly slid it over, opening the app and seeing the picture. “@Calum5SOS won’t stop photo-bombing my selfie for @Y/T/H. He says he misses her too.” You laughed, spotting Calum. You quickly typed out a reply, “@Ashton5SOS @Calum5SOS I miss the both of you as well. Can’t wait for a group cuddle! ;)” You knew the last part would cause the fans to freak out a bit, but you didn’t care. You exited out of the app, sending Calum a quick text. “Miss you, best friend. Can’t wait til you’re home!” You smiled, and then sent another to Ashton. “I love you, chirpy boy. See you soon.”

You clicked back onto your Twitter app, looking at all of the replies from fans and giggled. You typed out a tweet, attaching a picture of the three of you. Calum was hugging your right side, and Ashton was hugging your left as you stood squished in the middle. “Relax everyone. @Calum5SOS is nothing more than my very best friend. Ash is the only boy for me. :)” you exited out of the app for the night. “Don’t lie to the fans Y/N. You know I’m your secret boyfriend.” You laughed at Calum’s reply and shook your head. “You’re not boyfriend material.” You replied. “You’re just fucking rude.” Calum responded. “Nothing personal.” You grinned, throwing in an All Time Low reference and went to reply to Ashton. “I miss you too, babygirl. I’ll be home before you know it. Goodnight love.”  

(Calum and Michael written by Danielle, Ashton and Luke written by Nessy)