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@jadeameliabadwi So about a year ago I was at the Summertime Ball Afterparty standing by myself like an absolute tit when @dcp1006 came over and asked if I needed a friend. And I didn’t realise just how much I needed a friend like Danielle - 1. So I didn’t look like such a loner and 2. Because she’s one of the loveliest girls I know 👍🏽 from shoe swapping, roast dinners, cryin laughin at 4 in the mornin in airports to being more excited about Lego than me nephew and niece, we have had an absolute HOOT and I believe everyone needs a Danielle 💃🏽💃🏽 happy birthday Peazer #TWTH love you lots ❤️

@dcp1006: Happy birthday @jadeameliabadwi - it’s taken me a while to decide which picture to post, most that I have you certainly wouldn’t approve of as they involve little or no make up, a Disney onesie of some kind and usually a less than pretty expression! But that is what I love about you, you do what you want and don’t care what people think whilst still making sure that everyone you care about is happy and feels loved. Today is your turn to be looked after by ‘wor Norma’ (did I say it right?!) and have the best birthday with your friends and family. Thanks for being a great friend and now an even better house mate - listening to my day to day moaning and our late night catch ups over pizza and a goodie bag 🎁 I owe u a million cups of tea and biscuits 😂 love you my petal, my ultimate TWTH 💘💘💘


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