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 Pairing: Danielle/Eleanor/Ariana/(Y/N)

(Y/N)’s POV

Today was my best friend Ariana’s birthday. She was having a sleepover, having invited me, Eleanor Calder, and Danielle Peazer. Danielle and Eleanor were picking me at my house on the way to Ariana’s house. My palms got sweaty just thinking about being in the same room as Ariana. Ever since I could remember, I’d had a massive crush on Ariana.

I went out to the car once I saw Dani and El pull up in my driveway. Once I got in the back seat, I set Ariana’s gift onto my lap, refusing to look at Dani from the rear-view mirror, although I could feel that she was watching me. Sometimes I could swear she knew that I liked Ari.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Dani greeted. “How’re you?”

“I-I’m good.” I stammered, glancing only a second at the mirror, to see a smirk on her face.

As Dani drove down the street to Ari’s house, Eleanor burst out with, “I can’t wait to see the look on Ari’s face when I give her, her gift.” She giggled. “She’s gonna flip.”

“What is it?” I asked curiously.

“You’ll see.” Dani replied, seeming to know what it was.

Later on once we got to Ari’s house, we sat in a circle on the floor, waiting for Ari to open her gifts. She opened mine, then went to open Eleanor’s. I watched Danielle’s face. She seemed cocky– and so did Eleanor.

“Oh my god!” Ari squealed as she pulled her gift out of the bag. I was shocked to see that it was a bright pink dildo. “How’d you know that’s exactly what I wanted?” She joked.

Eleanor smirked. “I don’ know. I just figured you needed it.”

“Wanna try it out?!” Danielle asked.

“Right now?” Ari giggled, blushing softly.

“I think you should. Don’t you think she should, (Y/N)?” Danielle said to me. “I think it’d be really hot to watch. And I think you should help her.”

“Uhm.” I stammered. “Why don’t we play truth or dare instead?" I suggested, looking over at Ariana.

Ari nodded quickly.

Half-way through the game of truth or dare, it was my turn.

”(Y/N), truth or dare?“ Eleanor asked.

"Dare.” I said.

“We’re all friends here, so let’s see how much stamina you have.” She smirked, crawling over to me.

“And how do you want me to do that?”

She leaned closer, the smirk perfectly fixed on her face. “You’re gonna scissor with Ariana for as long as you can.”

I gulped. “O-okay.”

“I have a better idea.” Dani smirked. “Why don’t we see who can scissor the longest?”

“I like that idea.” Eleanor agreed.

Ariana and I glanced at each other. Believe me, I wanted more than anything to have Ari under me, but I didn’t want it to be for a dare or a challenge. I wanted it to be something we were willing to do. But, having this opportunity… I wasn’t gonna miss out on it. I went over to Ariana as I watched her undress, feeling myself get wet. I noticed that Eleanor and Danielle didn’t take any time in undressing.

I stripped off my clothes and gently laid Ari onto her back, lining my pussy up to hers. She looked up at me, a smile playing around her lips.

“Are you guys ready?” Eleanor asked, looking over at us as she straddled Danielle’s waist. “Go.”

I grinded my pussy down onto hers, trying my best to hold back a moan as our clits brushed against each other. I didn’t want her to think I was enjoying it. It wasn’t until I heard Ari moan softly underneath me that I realized she enjoyed it. It fueled my desire, causing me to grip her hips and grind my pussy into hers harder, moaning softly.

“Oh, yeah, El! Harder! Right there, fuck!” Dani screamed, throwing her head back and moaning.

“Shit.” Ari whispered, making me smirk. “God, yes.”

I leaned back onto my hands as Ari sat up a bit, rubbing her clit into my pussy. “Ari!” I moaned, throwing my head back.

“Like that, baby?” She moaned softly, seeming to thrust her clit to my pussy, the way she thrusted making it feel like she was trying to hit my g-spot.

“Yes, Ari! Fuck!” I whined, rubbing my pussy onto hers quicker and harder, moaning loudly. “Fuck fuck!” I yelled, feeling myself getting close. “Fuck!”

Ari pushed me onto my back, taking control and holding my hips down, roughly thrusting her pussy to mine. "Ohh, (Y/N), fuck.“ Ari moaned, slowing down her movements. "Cum, baby.”

Almost on command, I moaned loudly, yelling out swear words and shouting her name. "Fuck!“ I yelled as she continued to rub her pussy onto mine. I was oversensitive, still recovering from my first orgasm.

"Shit, Dani!” Eleanor screamed.

I looked over, seeing Dani plunging two fingers into Eleanor’s dripping pussy. I moaned at the sight, more turned on than I was before. “Fuck.” I said, watching as Ari closed her eyes tightly, moaning as well.

“I’m gonna–” Before she could finish her sentence, Ari came, her juices dripping all over my pussy. “Fuck.” She whined. “Fuck, (y/n).”

Ariana continued gripping my hips, thrusting quicker. I moaned loudly, feeling myself ready to cum again. Danielle continued thrusting her fingers into Eleanor’s pussy, Eleanor moaning loud.

“Dani! Fu–” She let out a whiney moan before all of her cum dripped off of Dani’s fingers.

“Fuck, fuck.” Danielle came next, shouting and quickly rubbing her clit against Eleanor’s leg until she came down from her orgasm.

Me and Ari continued until we both came again. Not only did we win the challenge, but we also became girlfriends that night.

Sorry if it sucks.






demi & selena {dirty imagine}

“do you even know how fucking sexy you are?” ms. lovato mutters in my ear as she bends me over her desk. i moan feeling her fingers, slide up my ass slapping it nice and hard. “ughhh fuck ms. lovato!” i whimper. “you like that you nasty whore?” she whispers in my ear, biting down on my earlobe. her hands slide my undies aside, ramming two fingers inside me. “oh fuck yes!!” i moan gripping the sides of the desk. “such a dirty slut selena.” she smiles against my skin. her lips kiss down my neck. “do you want to cum baby girl?” she asks, swirling her fingers inside me. my eyes close shut, as her other hand reaches for my clit. “ohh you love that dont you?!” ms. lovato giggles rubbing harder on my swollen bud. “yes yes please make me cum!!” i shout rocking my hips. “thats it selena, cum for my baby, cum i want to taste all your sweet juices.” she whispers filling my hole with her three fingers. i grab onto the desk even more as my legs start shaking, and the knot in the pit of my stomach starts to rise. “ selena, selena….”

“selena!!!” my teachers voice, drags me back to the plain classroom. “huh? what!” i nearly shout looking around the class. everyones eyes are on me. “pay attention! we have a finals next week and your not going to pass sleeping through the review!” ms.lovato says smacking her ruler on the board. i try to contain a moan as i imagine her smacking my ass with it, bending me over her desk and letting the ruler connect with my ass cheeks. i can feel the slippery feeling in between my legs. i bite my lip watching as ms.lovato scribbles things on the board. i watch as her ass moves from side to side in her tight pencil skirt. i imagine having my tongue inside her making her yell out my name, having her hands tangled in my hair pushing me further and further into her sweet pussy. i shift in my chair, rubbing my legs together. her white almost see through blouse is a perfect fit, you can see the shape of her breasts, round and big. oh how i want them in my mouth. “selena.” ms.lovato says. “yes.” i say looking at my sexy teacher. “what is the answer to this.” she says, pointing to a simple problem written in purple marker on the board.

 my eyes dont want to focus on anything else but her. “the answer.” she says, looking down to my legs as i keep rubbing them together. “i dont know.” i finally say, not letting my eyes fall from hers. “i know ms.lovato!” the girl in front shouts rising her hand high. “whats the answer emily.” ms.lovato says keeping her eyes locked on mine. emily shouts the answer proudly. “very good.” ms. lovato smiles finally letting our gaze drop. 

about a hour later the bell rings for lunch and we all dismiss without a word from ms.lovato. iam the last one to leave the room, when i look back at her she is bending down picking up a paper she dropped. i get a peek at her bright pink undies. i bite my lip rushing into the bathroom, looking down at my soaked undies once i reach the inside of the stall. i dont want to do this in school, but ms. lovato looked so fucking good today, how can i not!!. i slide my hand down my body, going under my skirt rubbing my clit slowly. i lean against the door trying to be quiet. i push two fingers inside me pumping ever so lightly. “ohh.” i whisper covering my mouth as my fingers slide in knuckles deep. i pump faster, listening to my wetness as it makes splotching noises. 

the restroom door opens and i freeze. heels walk by my stall door, i look through the crack of the door to see who just walked in but i see no one. the heels walk by once more and the door opens and shuts. i take a breath, relieved that i didnt get caught. i unlock and walk through my stall door. ms.lovato is standing right in front of the restroom door with her arms crossed in front of her chest. “so what were you doing in there selena?” she smiles. “what do you mean?” i say not looking her in the eye. “oh i think you know what i mean.” she whispers locking the restroom door. can this be really happening?! i must have fallen asleep again. “how long have you been looking at me the way you do?” she smiles walking closer to me.

 i open my mouth to talk but nothing air comes out. she presses her body behind me, grabbing my hips. i watch her in the mirror, as she leans her head down to my ear, biting my earlobe ever so lightly. i gasp, feeling her warm hands run up my stomach then back down. “i bet you taste wonderfully.” she mutters, kissing just behind my ear. i grab her hand, when she pushes under my bra feeling my breasts. “look at yourself.” she whispers turning me to look at her through the mirror. my shirt is wrinkled with her hand under it lifting it to where i can see my whole stomach. i can see my bra about to slip up releasing my breasts. her other hand is tracing the him of my skirt ready to push down. “i want you to watch as i make you feel good okay?” she whispers, pushing her hand past my skirt and undies. “fuck.” i whimper as she cups my pussy. “ohhh look at you.” she laughs, making eye contact with me through the mirror. my mouth falls open when i feel her playing with my little bub between her fingers. her fingers slip inside me triggering me to fall back against her.

 “soaked through, someone is a dirty girl.” she mumbles kissing down my neck. “are you a dirty girl selena?” she asks sliding another finger into me. i bite down hard on my lower lip, trying my hardest not to scream out. “are you?” she repeats ramming her three fingers inside me. “ahhhh yes fuck ms. lovato ! iam such a fucking dirty girl!!” i nearly scream, she smirks at me. 

a bang at the door scares us both. “whos in there!?” someone yells from outside. “shh.” she whispers walking towards the door. i look towards the mirror again to see my shirt all messed up along with my hair and skirt. we hear footsteps walk away. “now go to my class, while i give the janitor an excuse .” she tells me fixing my shirt, while i flatten down my hair and straighten my skirt. “now dont be late.”she smiles, reaching for my ass grabbing it roughly. i moan in response. “go.” she smiles opening the door. walking down to her class, i cant even think straight. images of us in the mirror flicker through my head. i cant fucking believe it. walking into her class i hop up on the her desk moving her things aside. my legs dangle off the edge as i wait for her. 

the door clicks, ms. lovato walks in. she locks it behind her then makes her way to me. “just how i wanted you.” she smiles standing between my legs. “i want a taste of this pussy.” she whispers pulling her lips to mine. “can i ?” she asks as if i was going to deny her. “please.” i whimper, laying back on her desk. her kneels down lifting my skirt up, her fingers trace my inner thighs. rushes of excitement run through my body, waiting for the moment i wanted since i was assigned to this class. she rubs both her hands at each side of my covered pussy. “please.” i beg reaching down to her hands. she laughs, leaning her head forward nipping at my pussy through the fabric. “ohhhhh.” i moan deeply arching my back against the cold wooden desk. “more.” i breath out grabbing her hair in between my fingers. she shakes her head violently between my legs, causing a high pitch moan to leave my lips. she pulls off my undies tossing them aside then pressing her tongue against my pussy lips. “you are really killing me” i smile looking down to her. she smiles sticking her tongue inside me. i feel her warm tongue, slip inside running over my clit, my body reacts almost instantly. “shit yes ms. lovato like that.” i moan pushing her face into me more. “moan my fucking name.” she snaps spitting on my open pussy. “fuck yes !! ms.lovato!! tongue fuck me just like that ms. lovato please dont stop!!” i shout, she hums into me. the sensation nearly throws me over the edge. i whimper wrapping my legs around her neck, “shit shit shit.” i whisper as her tongue swirls around inside me. she smacks my ass, gripping it. “ughh yess.” i grunt grinding my pussy on her face. “uh huh you like that?!” she mutters sticking out her tongue so i can grind down on her. i nod, grabbing my breasts. she pulls away standing up. another whimper leaves my lips, from the lost of her touch. “now stand up you dirty little girl.” she demands walking over to her white board. i do as told and stand letting my skirt fall back down covering myself. “now how bad of a girl have you been?” she asks lifting the ruler from earlier. a small gasp leaves me, thinking back to class when i imagined her doing dirty things with that damn ruler and now its happening. “how bad?!” she snaps, slapping the ruler down onto the desk. “very bad.” i reply, just wanting her tongue back inside me. “really?” she smiles walking over to me. she stands behind me once more. “what were you doing in the stall?” she whispers gliding the ruler up my legs. “i-i was umm…” i start but soon get lost in my thoughts to finish. the ruler traces the sides of my legs then under my skirt touching my ass. then sliding down in between my legs, laying flat on my pussy. “what were you doing?” she hisses slapping it against my pussy. “ugh.” i moan leaning over the desk. “i was touching myself.” i breath out, feeling the sting between my legs.

 she leans against my back, running her hands up my body. “show me.” she whispers in my ear. i turn towards her, sitting down on her desk. she smiles watching my hands as they slip under my skirt. i suck in a breath as my fingertips trace over my clit. i play with my little bud, rubbing down faster and harder with my index and middle finger. i moan, bucking my hips. ms. lovato smiles placing both hands on my knees spreading them wide. my fingers slip inside me, triggering me to moan out. she pulls me forward against her removing my fingers. “i want to do that.” she smiles pressing her lips to mine. the taste of sweet strawberry enters my mouth as her tongue fights mine. she wins in the end, but i dont mind one bit. her hand travels down to my core rubbing me gently then pushing two fingers into me. “please make me cum.” i moan rocking my hips down on her hands. “its so sexy how fucking wet you are.” she smiles pumping her fingers faster. “lay back.” she says pulling down my skirt, and practically ripping off my shirt. “now try not to moan to loud baby.” she laughs, snaking her arms around my thighs, pulling my pussy onto her mouth. i whimper grabbing a handful of her hair, pushing her tongue deep inside me. her lips wrap around my clit, my body reacts all on its own shivering and jerking forward. her two thin fingers, slide easily into me causing a loud whimper and moan to echo through me.  “yes yes ms.lovato !! fuck just like that dont you fucking stop!!” i shout as her tongue circles my clit. “cum i want to suck you dry baby girl cum all over me cum for me.” she mutters against my core. my legs begin shaking, my heart races more than before, and my knot is my stomach feels like it is going to erupt. thousands of dirty words tumble from my lips, as i rush through my high.

 ms. lovato continues licking and nipping on my pussy until there is no more cum leaking out. she rises and sits in her chair with the biggest smile on her face as she watches me lay breathless on her desk. “that was so fucking amazing.” i gasp looking at her. “well iam glad you enjoyed it.” she laughs crossing her arms in front of her chest. “now its time to make you feel good.” i smile standing up, kneeling down in front of her. she smiles slightly, as her eyes follow me. i push her pencil skirt up her thighs, and get a look at her undies that i saw from earlier that day. “god the things i would do to you.” i mumble spreading her legs in front of me. 

“like what?” she asks in a soft tone. my fingers trace the curves of her thighs, soaking every little detail of her skin. “like kiss every single inch of your beautiful body.” i whisper kissing her inner thighs. she whimpers, “i would lick this pussy every single night.” i mumble placing my head between her legs, and nibbling at her covered pussy. she moans, rocking against my mouth. a small wet spot appears right in front of my mouth, as my lips kiss her core. “fuck selena.” she moans grabbing her breasts in both hands squeezing them. “i would want to her you moan my name all nigh long.” i say gripping both sides of her undies, dragging them down her legs. “now i want you to moan my fucking name while i eat this delicious pussy.” i purr sticking my tongue inside her. she moans out grabbing each arm rest of the chair. “shit !” she moans. “moan my fucking name!” i demand slapping her open pussy. “oh shit selena!!” she shouts. “thats it baby let everyone know who the fuck is making you feel this fucking good.” i smirk grabbing her thighs pulling them apart. “no no ughhhhh so deep!” she whimpers in a high pitch voice that ive never heard before. she mutter dirty things under her breath, as i tongue fuck her. “yes selena, please more.” she pants, wanting more. i shove my three fingers inside her. she screams out my name, guiding me to where her favorite spot is. once i find it i attack it. curling my fingers inside her soaked pussy, hitting her g-spot in a fast and hard pace. “holy shit! selena yes baby your making me so fucking wet, this is your pussy. make me cum i want to cum all over you!!!” she moans letting her head fall back against the chair, sinking down. “yes !! iam cumming ! keep fucking my pussy!! ohhh shit selenaaa!” she shouts clenching around my fingers, cumming all over me. i connect my mouth to her pussy, licking her walls clean. “your so sweet.” i smile looking up to her, giving her sensitive clit a long lick. “mmmm” she hums straightening back in her chair. “well that was a fun lunch.” she smiles reaching for her undies, and dropping them in the drawer of her desk. “what a bad girl.” i smile, fixing my skirt for the thousand time in less than  hour. “maybe you can do something about that later tonight.” she winks as the bell echos the halls. “maybe i will, i do need more help to bring my grade up in this class.” i smile. 

hope you enjoyed it ! sorry for the crappy ending…. let me know what you think! thanks for reading! xx 

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Apparently Danielle Peazer is going to go to a maybelline event and Gigi will be there lmao it’s so funny 😂 they’re going to see each other and be like “I was dating with your boyfriend’s boyfriend” lol

I’m sure they’ll have plenty to talk about, anon lmao!

What a small fucking world, huh? (BTW, she’s represented by JGG, just like Louis who’s “dating” Eleanor.)  

The same Eleanor who stunted for Jelena’s crap too:

I guess being a member of the 1D Beards Club pays off….

Except if your name is Danielle C.


chapters so far for my demi fanfiction!! let me know what you think! & tell me if you want to see a chapter eight!! 

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