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danielle & y/n {dirty imagine}

“i want this classroom quiet, be sure to take notes throughout the film.” our english teacher says as she flickers off the lights in the class and the film begins. About five minutes into the movie we all hear giggling and whispering coming from the back. “Danielle.” Our teacher snaps pausing the movie. “yes, miss.” She smiles leaning back in her seat. “would you please watch the movie and not talk.” Mrs. Woods replies. “yes of course my apologies.” She smiles laying her hand over her heart. We catch each others glance as the lights go out and the film begins. giggling comes from the back of the class once more. “that’s it.” the teacher says “ Emily and y/n switch seats.”  “what?!” Emily shouts from behind. “no I wanna be with my bestie.” “should of thought of that when you both wouldn’t stop talking.” Mrs. Woods says pointing towards my desk. I sigh, grabbing my stuff and moving to the back. “now anymore noise and iam cutting this film off.”  I sit in the desk linked with hers. I keep my eyes on the screen as Danielle scans me. “what?” I whisper looking at her. “nothing.” She smirks licking her lips. I begin to write down the information the narrator says. “wait your actually taking notes?” Danielle whispers leaning towards me. “yes, I actually want to pass this class.” I whispers back looking towards her, then leaning back a little as I see how close she is. “how cute.” She whispers in my ear. I scoot the desk over a bit. “you scared y/n ?” she smiles pulling the desk back hitting hers. The scraping of the floor gets mrs. Woods attention but she doesn’t get up. “I bet you haven’t had anyone touch you.” She whispers in my ear as her hand glades up my thigh. “Danielle!” I shout whisper grabbing her hand. she smiles. “ease up y/n” she whispers in my ear, her hand passes mine to touch my undies underneath my skirt . A shiver rushes though my body and I straighten up as her finger traces my slit. “that’s it.” she mumbles beginning to kiss down my neck. The movie glitches and I push away from Danielle. She almost laughs watching my reaction. “calm down its too dark back here to see what we are doing.” Danielle says playing with my hair. “did you like it?” she asks smiling. I nod a bit watching her hand return to its last position. “lets take this a bit further.” She whispers unbuttoning my blouse with her free hand. “no.” I whisper stopping her hand. “but I want to see them.” She pouts laying her hand on my chest. I swallow the lump in my throat and release her hand. a small smile grows, as she unbuttons my shirt to the middle area. “these always look so nice.” She whispers grabbing my right breast, pressing her lips to it. I suck in a breath, watching her. Her lips locked on my nipple, and her hand massaging my core. I begin to move my hips a bit wanting more from her. I grab her hand as it slides my undies aside. “shh.” She smiles looking up to me. I slowly let go, feeling her fingertips slide into me. I gasp, as she begins pushing her three fingers in and out. I cover my mouth blocking any moans that might escape. “god how I would love to taste this pussy.” She whispers in my ear, pulling my blouse over my chest. I lock eyes with her as she goes deeper into my pussy. I gasp, her fingers smack into me, rubbing my clit with her thumb. “dani.” I whisper grabbing my pencil on my desk, gripping it tightly. I look towards her and she smiles presses her lips against mine. I pull away after a few short seconds, looking up to the ceiling as my high takes over. I clench around her fingers, my body shakes with excitement not wanting this feeling to end. She speeds up her pace, making me feel every little thing that comes with hitting my climax. I bite down on my lip as she keeps moving her fingers slowly inside me. “fuck.” I whisper rocking my hips on her hand, sliding my hand down towards hers. “that good?” she says jerking her hand around causing me to jump. I nod not wanting her to stop. “your so sexy.” She whispers. I take a breath as she pulls her fingers out of me. “I will taste this pussy one way or another.” she smiles licking her fingers clean. “I will have a round two with you.” She winks.  I fall back against my chair breathing heavily. I look to Danielle who hasn’t took her eyes off me. I push my lips on hers, she slides her tongue into my mouth. I pull back.  “cant wait.” I whispers smiling. She smiles, about to lean in once more to kiss me but the lights flicker on, ending our small love fest.

 sorry this one is short! hope you liked it ! let me know what you think xx