danielle parsons

I saw Les Mis again on Thursday.

The following are listed as causes of death on my death certificate:

- Marius slapping Montparnasse’s cheek during the robbery
- Prouvaire stealing R’s wine bottle during ABC cafe
- R chasing Prouvaire, shouting “Jean Prouvaire give me my bottle back!”
- R and Prouvaire pretending to sword fight
- “It is time for us all to decide who we are” “Enjolras, would you like a drink?”
- R twirling Enjolras’s hair
- All of Drink With Me
- That last desperate hug between Enjolras and Grantaire before Enjolras ran up the barricade (with R hot on his heels)


In honor of it being Sound and Fury weekend, here are a few film shots I took of Tigers Jaw during Sound and Fury 2010. The fest got shut down and someone was kind enough to let the remaining few bands play in their backyard, which also ended up getting shut down (I think during Bracewar). This was truly one of the craziest and most memorable shows I’ve ever attended. I was 20 years old and got to see the entire country with some of my closest friends (TJ toured out to the fest from Pittsburgh). This was also my very first time in California, and it’s crazy to think it’s the place I now call home. 

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