Quiet Dreams (Part 4)

Summary: After Barry changes the timeline and saves his mother, he discovers a huge aspect of his life has changed, maybe for the better. (Set after the finale of Season 2)

Universe: The Flash

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

A/N: !!!! I cannot get on my laptop so I can’t link the other parts but if you’d like to read them, just go to my page :) !!!!!!!! I know it makes no sense that Barry will remember this timeline since he’s not the one running, but let it be because it needs to happen for the story!! And as always, thank you for the love.


I want you to take a moment and think about all the things that define your life. All the people you love. Your job. Your co-workers. Your home. And now imagine if one day in a flash all of that vanished. Do you simply accept your new life, continue on or would you do whatever it takes to get back what was taken from you? - Dr. Wells, The Flash Season 2


Barry stares at you with empty yet sorrowful eyes.

“I love you.” He whispers.

He is standing at the door while you remain by the couch, leaning on it for support.

“I love you too, Barry.” And you mean it like nothing else, because you love him more than anything on this earth. “Now go.”

Barry wonders in his mind how you are so capable of understanding, but in the past month he’s learned enough about you to know that you care more for him than anything. And that if he needs to go, you’d always put him first and let him leave.

His nod is very slight and his face is etched with sadness as he exits your formerly shared apartment. You feel the tears coming on, your physical strength diminishes and you collapse on the sofa.

It’d be a night of ice cream and sad movies, tonight. Sad movies that Barry could no longer hold you through.


Wally’s orange blur lands right behind Barry’s yellow one on the empty street.

Just as Barry is about to race off, Wally screams, “Barry, you can’t!”

He turns around, his face mixing in confusion. “Who are you?” He yells and although he was about to wait for an answer, he shakes his head and says, “No, no. I have to save her.”

He rushes off and Wally chases after him, punches are thrown but Wally manages to tackle him to the ground. Barry lets out a grunt and tries to fight back but they are both suddenly distracted by Nora letting out a broken gasp. Barry turns to her to see the knife in her, blood pouring out.

“No!” He screams, tension flooding his features and tears pouring down his face. “Mom!” He yells, crawling over to her.

“My beautiful boy.” She whispers softly as Barry keeps telling her everything will be okay, her eyes closing. Barry turns to Wally and his anger is surging.

“Why? Why would you do this?” He yells, coming forward and grabbing at his neck. Wally remains calm and answers.

“Barry. You did save her once, and the world was an absolute mess afterwards. Nothing was right, and you need to understand that. You told me to stop you. I had to stop you.”

Barry looks so defeated and broken, his hair messy, his eyes flooded with tears and his lungs gasping for air.

“I’m sorry, Barry. I’m sorry.” With that, Wally’s image fades and Barry feels everything go black.


Barry wakes up to blinding lights and white everywhere. S.T.A.R. Labs. He tilts his weak head and looks around to see Caitlin and Cisco glaring at him.

“I feel like I got hit by a car.” Barry groans, running fingers through his hair.

“No, no car. Just you screwing with the timeline over and over.” Caitlin scolds, but Cisco tells her to calm down.

“What’d you do man?” Cisco asks, “Why?”

Barry feels memories flooding him, rich Cisco, hateful Joe, his mother, the chaos of this other timeline and the brokenness that world had faced. The way things had been so tattered and endangered, those thoughts tackle him and he lets out a heavy breath as they all race through his head at once only to stop at you.

Barry feels himself calming down, but Cisco and Caitlin are rushing around him trying to figure what’s wrong. Still, Barry’s thoughts are all wrapped around you, your eyes, your laugh, the way you kissed him. How much excitement you have for movies and how you’d always cook together, how it felt to come home to you every night, to see you smile and fall asleep with you in his arms.

“Barry,” Caitlin rubs his arm, “calm down.” He looks up at her and notices the two have relaxed as well and are waiting for an explanation.

“I’m sorry.” He begins, but they both shake their heads.

“Stop Barr, you’ve been in this bed for over a month. We just want to know what happened.” Cisco mumbled.

Barry lied there, confused. A month? He figured for the five weeks he was in the other timeline, in this one something must’ve happened to him, likely having to do with him screwing around with time too much, the way Cisco once had which had caused his body to go into shock and his nose to bleed, almost leading to his existence being erased.

Time was so screwed up.

“I,” Barry started, “After Zoom took my dad from me, I didn’t know what to do, so I did the only thing that makes sense to me. I ran. I ran and saved my mother.” They book look at him with this panic, knowing that could have had dangerous consequences. “And I woke up to this new world, it was so nice at first. They were both alive,” he is choking over his words and holding back tears. Caitlin lightly squeezes his arm as to reassure him. “I had what I wanted, but you guys weren’t my friends, neither was Iris. Joe hated me and Wally was a speedster.” He looks at their faces and laughs an empty laugh. “Yeah, I know. And this world, Flashpoint-”

“That’s such a good name man!” Cisco says enthusiastically while Caitlin whacks him.

“Shut it Francisco.” She hisses to which Barry laughs. He had missed them.

“Anyway, Flashpoint was horrible, nothing was right. I didn’t know Oliver and all of these villains had risen and were causing death and suffering. And I knew it was my fault, and I couldn’t take it.”

“Barry, it’s okay. What matters is that you fixed that timeline. You didn’t just let it go on and be selfish. You did what a hero does. You saved everyone.” Caitlin says softly, hugging him.

But Barry didn’t feel like a hero, not without you. He went home that night and although they all rejoiced in being together and Barry had missed his little family, he missed you more.

He went to bed that night in his childhood room that was covered in pictures and lively memories. He went to bed with an empty heart and pieces of himself, the pieces he had given you, missing.

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