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Wait why won't Danielle sing? Has she sung before? I'm confused :(

She sung in the karaoke episode. While it’s one of her favorite episode she shot, she doesn’t think she has a great voice. So, she doesn’t want to sing again and certainly not when there’s Grant, Melissa, John, Carlos, Victor and Jesse singing. I totally understand how she feel. 

They’re at it again.  Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow with the synchronizing expressions got me shipping them in some kind of weird way.  Is to romantic? No clue.  I haven’t even figured that one out.  All I know is these two fools get it and I get them.

Now what do y’all  call them?   Caitco or Snowmon or just Caitlin & Cisco Either way, they are a fun package even if it’s just besties. 

Caitlin Snow

Caitlin Snow is one of the best, and yet underestimated, characters on TV, let me tell you why.

She’s a hell of a doctor, she’s a scientist, she very very smart and brilliant, she always comes up with solutions, she saved people asses more than once without taking credits for it. She’s a hero, she was a hero way before she got her powers. 

But she’s also cold by nature, she doesn’t open up about her feelings, she can think straight without letting her emotions get in the way. 

She lost her husband, twice. She got together with a villain who played with her feelings, who kidnapped her and treated her like she belonged to him. She managed to escape from him, by herself.

She is broken, but not by her powers. They broke her, life broke her and still look where she is, she tries so hard to fix herself without looking for help.

She’s broken, but she can fix herself because that’s what she’s doing for all her life and she will keep doing it.

She’s broken but not lost.

All of that in a female character. That’s so important and makes me so proud of her.

I want Caitlin to be treated like she deserves, her character needs more consideration.