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Both Agent Carter and Supergirl had amazing first seasons with kick ass fight scenes and great character development with a horrible second season that had a bland white guy come in and destroy all the character growth and demolish the relationship between the female lead and the black romantic interest.

Be careful,
you are not in Wonderland.
I’ve heard
the strange madness
long growing in your soul,
in your isolation
but you are fortunate in your ignorance.
You who have suffered
find where love hides,
give, share, lose,
lest we die unbloomed.
—  Kill Your Darlings

w.i.t.c.h. fancast:

lily collins as will vendome

shelley hennig as irma lair

zoe kravitz as taranee cook

dianna agron as cornelia hale

fan bingbing as hay lin

elle fanning as elion brown

matt lanter as matt olsen

daniel sharman as caleb

Captain America: Civil War icons

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GUYS, it’s childhood in a picture. Vanity Fair 2003

But wait, it gets better!


#Excuse me sir#we don’t allow cuties inside of#our spacecraft,#it is for safety regulations#and you are currently breaking it.


10 couples with personal styles that look oh-so-good together:

1. Abel Tesfaye/The Weeknd + Bella Hadid

2. Zayn Malik + Gigi Hadid

3. Olivier Sarkozy + Mary-Kate Olsen

4. Alexander Skarsgård + Alexa Chung

5. Cara Delevingne + Annie Clark/St Vincent

6. David Beckham + Victoria Beckham

7. Johannes Huebl + Olivia Palermo

8. Daniel Craig + Rachel Weisz

9. Ryan Gosling + Eva Mendes

10. Justin Theroux + Jennifer Aniston

Winter Break: Part Six

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero. 

Characters:Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Daniel Bruhl, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen (more to be added)

Word Count: 1.4k words

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: this actually made me laugh a few times, and it took forever to write because I kept forgetting a few cast members, and there’s a few I did leave out, but they’ll be coming up eventually. enjoy (:


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       “Yeah, I miss you guys too,” you say into the hotel phone line.

“DAMON MISSES YOU THE MOST!” Forest’s voice is cut off when a wumph! noise comes through the receiver, and you laugh.

“Don’t kill him, please,” you say, twirling the curly cord attached to the part of the phone you’re holding around your finger.

“No promises,” was Damon’s gruff response.

“That looked like it hurt,” Chris laughs.

“What are you all doing?” you question, raising an eyebrow.

“Damon is looking for Deforrest-”

“Don’t call me that!”

“And looks like he just found him.”

“Maybe you should go do something about that,” you chuckle.

“Is this you saying you don’t want to talk to dear old Chris?” Chris asks, fake hurt in his voice.

“You’re younger than me,” you reply, a smile on your face. “And I have to finish getting ready for dinner.”

“Dinner? It’s like- ooooh yeah,” Chris says, and you have a strong feeling he’s shaking his head. “I’ll tell the guys you had to go. Love you, (Y/N). Call us again soon.”

“Love you too,” you reply, “Tell Max and Jamie I miss them too and I’ll call them tomorrow.”

“They’re not with us, but okay,” Chris assures you. “Bye, have fun and stay safe.”

“I will,” you promise, and pull the phone from your face and put it back on the mount, hanging it up.

After staring at the phone for a moment, a small smile on your face, you stand and sigh. Walking into your bathroom, you pick your hairbrush up and begin to brush out your hair in front of your mirror.

Knocking on your hotel room door makes you jump, the hairbrush you’d been using clattering to the ground.

“Be right there!” you shout, and pick the brush up off of the bathroom floor. It was about five o’clock in Germany, but it felt like eleven pm, and you had been muttering curses ever since the walk back from the park with the others.

Jetlag had hit Sebastian, but not as badly as it had smacked you. He’d flown Germany to pick you up, and stayed for two days at home in America, but his schedule was still adjusted to here, where yours was fighting you tooth and nail to just drop and take a nap wherever you landed.

Opening the hotel room door, you grin. “Elizabeth!”

“(Y/N)!” The now-brown haired woman hugs you hard, and you laugh, holding onto her as you stumble backwards.

“I haven’t seen you in two years!” Elizabeth says, throwing her hands up into the air as she pulls back from you.

“FaceTime isn’t enough?” you ask, chuckling, and she rolls her eyes.

“Aaron sends his love,” she tells you in reply, and you light up.

“Tell him I miss him,” you say, smiling. You’d met Aaron Taylor-Johnson back at the Avengers Age of Ultron movie premiere, also when you had met Elizabeth, and he’d been kind and friendly towards you. You’d had a crush on him anyways during the movie, and you and Elizabeth had indulged in comparing Pietro Maximoff to Aaron during the after party.

“I’m sorry I didn’t go with Anthony to the airport,” Elizabeth apologizes, and you wave your hand in an absentminded motion.

“It’s okay,” you assure her. “It was like, six in the morning when we finally got here anyways.”

“Ah,” Elizabeth says, hugging you again. “It’s so good to see you.”

You return the words, and snatch your room key, money, and phone from off of the dresser holding the TV. “Ready to go to dinner?”

“God yes,” Elizabeth blurts. “I’ve been starving all day. I went with Daniel to lunch, but we ended up getting nearly mobbed.”

“Geez.” You give her an estranged look as you close the door. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” she nods, “but Tom was telling me the rest of you went to the park. How did that go?”

“It was fun,” you reply truthfully. A flurry of snow had come down on the way back to the hotel, which ended up with Tom and Sebastian throwing snowballs the size of marbles at each other. It was also how Robert ended up with said marble snowballs down the back of his pants.

“Sooo,” Elizabeth bumps her shoulder with yours in the elevator. “Tommy told me about the walk there.”

You blush red instantly, and Elizabeth claps her hands as she laughs. “I thought he was lying!”

“It was so cold and he was so warm,” you explain yourself. “And I would have felt bad if I had just told him no.”

Elizabeth snorts, shaking her head. “I remember you telling me once you didn’t even like Spider-Man.”

You blink, and then roll your eyes as you laugh. “I don’t like Spider-Man, and I don’t like Tom.”

“Whatever you say,” Elizabeth teases, and the elevator doors open before you can swat at her.

Right in front of you are a group of unfamiliar people, and they gawk at Elizabeth as she pulls you away from the hall and towards the hotel lobby.

“I’m surprised they didn’t rent out the entire hotel,” you comment as the front of the lobby comes into view.

“Yeah, me too,” Elizabeth agrees. “The Russos are staying at a hotel near the airport we’re filming at tomorrow, and some of the camera crew is here with us, but it’s mostly us and security guards. You’d think they’d just clump us all together somewhere though.”

“It’d make it easier,” you nod.

“Elizabeth!” Sebastian’s voice shouts, and you both turn the corner into the lobby to find the rest of the cast already waiting.

Elizabeth hugs Sebastian and migrates to Chris’ side, grinning at him as he hugs her.

“What took you so long, Little Stan?” Mackie questions, hugging you quickly.

“Elizabeth surprised me,” you told him, glancing in your friend’s direction. “And I was on a call.”

“With who?” Sebastian asks.

“Damon,” you shrug, because that was originally who you had called.

“Was he well?” Tom asks, coming up beside you. You can’t stop the smile that touches your face when you see him.

“He was,” you tell him. “Probably finding a place to bury to body of my dear friend Deforest right now, but he’s good.”

Tom looks mildly confused, but Sebastian laughs.

“God, that kid is so weird,” Sebastian says, “but not as weird as Chris.”
“Me?” Chris Evans pipes up.

“Nah, my friend Chris back home,” you shake your head. “Unless you’re seventeen and gay.”

Chris makes a face. “Maybe.”

“I’m not surprised,” Chadwick and Mackie say in unison, and the group bursts into laughter.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” Chris Evans says, shaking his head and laughing along as well.

“Sure you are,” Scarlett says, eyebrows raised in a joking way.
Chris sticks his tongue out a her.

“Why am I friends with any of you?” you hear Robert say, and automatically, Sebastian, Chris, and Don Cheadle slap their hands over their chests.

“Rude,” Don Cheadle says, and you smile at him when he meets your eyes. “Hey kid,” he says to you.

“Let’s go get some dinner,” Elizabeth says. “Daniel didn’t let me eat all day.”

Next to Robert is a man who you had yet to meet, his brown hair and pale complexion on familiar to you in Captain America: Civil War trailers, makes a face.

“That wasn’t my fault,” is all he says. German, you pick up on instantly.

“Food,” is Elizabeth’s reply, and she tugs Chris in the direction of the restaurant they’d been in earlier.

“Captain’s call,” Paul Rudd shrugs, and you gasp loudly, scaring Tom.

“Holy shit!” you whisper loudly, staring wide eyed at Paul. “It’s Paul Rudd!”

“Holy shit!” Paul mimics you. “It’s someone I don’t know!”

“That’s my little sister,” Sebastian introduces you, “(Y/N).”

“There’s another Stan?” Paul hisses, jerking his thumb in your direction. “Hopefully this one is nicer.”

Sebastian rolls his eyes. “I only punched you once.”

“It hurt!”

“You punched Paul Rudd?” you question Sebastian.

“He punched me!” Paul confirms.

“It was an accident!” Sebastian throws his hands into the air, and follows the rest of the group into the restaurant, leaving you with Tom and Paul.

“It was an accident,” Paul chuckles when Sebastian is out of sight.

“Seabass doesn’t punch that hard anyways,” Tom adds.

“Yes he does,” both you and Paul say together, and he raises his hand for a high-five, and you slap hands with him.

“(Y/N)!” Chris calls from the restaurant entrance. “Come on!”

“You heard the Captain,” you say, and begin to walk.

“Only following his orders because he’s Captain America,” Tom says, beginning to walk forward.

“Such a baby,” Paul rolls his eyes.

“Says you, old man,” Tom laughs.

Paul smacks at him as you three walk up to the table, and you sit down in the closest open seat, next to Daniel.

Hallo,” you say to him as Tom takes the seat on the other side of you. Daniel’s eyes widen, and he smiles.

Hallo,” he replies. “Entschuldigen Sie mich für Fragen, aber wer bist du?” (Excuse me for questions, but who are you?)

Ich bin (y/n), Sebastian es jüngere Schwester,” you respond. (I am (Y/N), Sebastian’s younger sister.)

“You speak German,” Daniel says in English.

“I took a two-year course,” you tell him.

“Well,” Daniel smiles. “It’s nice to finally meet someone here who speaks my language.”

You laugh, and don’t catch Tom’s vigilant expression.


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