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Hi. What were your thoughts on the season premiere? Being from the UK I can't watch it just yet so dying to know what people thought about it. Thanks

I really liked it! I think it was a fairly balanced episode with the storylines. I’ll try and speak in more broad strokes, rather than specific things in the episode. 

In my opinion Sarah and Dr. Charles’s storyline stole the night because the performances were just so nuanced. I’ll probably do a whole post with evidence about it, but Sarah was so satisfyingly in character last night. Every decision she makes and her opinions of the situation speaks to how she probably grew up and her complicated feelings with Dr. Charles. 

But I did enjoy the little drama in cardio too. It’s wonderful seeing Dr. Latham and his interactions with both Ava and Rhodes. He’s not picking favorites which is refreshing since usually shows make it very obvious that the lead will get the spot. I really don’t mind Ava, as much as it looks like other people do. I like that someone can withstand the charm storm that is Connor Rhodes and pushes him. I think she’s excellent to illustrate the point that some doctors are all about their jobs and some doctors, like Connor, have personal issues too. I think she’s like a more developed Dr. Abrams, and I can’t wait for more of her.

I wanted to see more of the relationship of Chexton. If they’re going to sell me on it, I’d like to see something positive in the relationship as the first thing on screen, like an at home scene. But like the previews showed it was mainly them “fighting” at work. This was probably the weakest storyline because I didn’t see anything growth in it. Like we were still at the same point we came in with. 

How they got Manstead together was very Med. Like the plot line that somehow runs perfectly with what they’re dealing with emotionally kind of had me rolling my eyes. I think the storylines not completely centered around cases are usually their strongest, but I get why they had to do it. It was cute though. I liked the kiss, and I’m glad they’re over the will they won’t they and now have to deal with their lives intertwining. Hopefully we’ll see Nat with Owen and Will with Owen. 

I definitely think this episode shows a lot of promise for a new outlook on Season 3, and it’s improvement from Season 2. And honestly if we got as much Sarah as we did in this episode, with her being in 0 previews, I’ll deal with the 0 previews for the rest of the season because she was excellent. 



I like to think that genji didn’t start off knowing english too well

also a bonus bc the idiots felt too guilty:


Directing and writing are so exhilarating to me because you get to make something that is your vision. I feel like having the power to make anything feel and look the way I want it. You don’t get to do that as an actor where you are part of someone’s story. You contribute hugely and may change it for the better, but you don’t have an overview of the piece as a whole - which, eventually, is frustrating.


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #355

(Dialogue from Megamind.) (More dark Dan requested by @genius-with-a-j.)