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Favorite Janiel moments thus far?

Ooookay, this may take awhile! Haha how about I do favorite Janiel moments of 2016?
12 months of Janiel:
-When Janiel went on that ski trip, and were completely adorable. Daniel pulling Joey with his ski poles…when Joey wanted to switch board for skis and Daniel put his boots on him (so cute how he tied his shoes and pulled his pant leg over them, it was so caring). Also, Daniel took a cute snap on the ski trip where he called Joey “Josey” and Joey turned to him in a really cute way, posing for a picture cause he didn’t know it was a video.
(Okay…this is going to be longer than I even thought).

-Obviously Janiel confirmed.
-But also when Daniel took Joey on the adorable Valentine’s date. He made it so special (possibly because it was Joey’s first Valentine’s day), took him to the mountain where they had their first date, brought and spread rose petals, brought cute little valentine’s treats, it was so cute. Also, Joey making Daniel the freaking scrapbook, and Daniel giving Joey a Valentine’s card from the dogs. It was just really damn cute.

-In bed with Janiel, for many reasons. Because they really seemed like they were letting their true personalities show. Daniel completely took charge and Joey was more reserved. The hand holding, oh the hand holding. Also, all the insight into their relationship, yes please.
-Also, I love the Bubble Wubble video because they seem so comfortable finally sharing their relationship on camera. It has Daniel’s iconic, “I’ll tie her up like I tie you up.” Also, Daniel filming and admiring Joey’s booty. Also Daniel looking Joey up and down and saying, “I just want to wash you off myself.” (Or something like that).

-Janiel in Hawaii. Daniel holding the camera and yet again admiring Joey’s booty, and claiming it as his (I bet if Daniel was a vlogger we’d get comments on Joey’s booty in every video, haha.) Also when Joey tweeted about being a little drunk and Daniel responded “A little?” Lol. And we got one of my favorite Joey sleeping on Daniel snaps.

-Joey’s birthday trip to Disney Japan, such a cute vlog! Daniel being so adoring, so many cheek kisses, Joey seemed so damn happy.
-Also when Daniel took the camera and filmed Joey, “Look at him, look at how cute he is, THE cutest!” THAT was the cutest!

-I think my favorite moment in June was Daniel’s plane snapchat story coming back from NYC, documenting drugged up Joey and taking care of him, then Joey sleeping on Daniel’s lap. “Always asleep on my lap, my puppy.”

July was an excellent time to be a Janiel fan. So much to love!
-Joey riling Daniel up and Daniel responding by kissing him all over his face.
The chapstick challenge. I didn’t even know I wanted a chapstick challenge until it happened (I was like “I’d rather see them kiss organically”), but it was so much better than expected!
-Janiel anniversary. Enough said? Haha. And Daniel’s snap video of Joey shaking his booty in the cutest way, “twerking to the wedding”.
-“Aw, it’s stuck in your hair, sweet boy.” (I swear, that one made my heart explode.)

-Janiel on the plane heading to vacation with Joey’s family, being so lovey because they missed each other while Daniel was in Montana.
-Joey not being able to keep his eyes off naked Daniel in the pool.

-Their interactions in the Gelli Baff video,
J: I need you to wash my face off please!
D: come here little boy, aw you’re cute.

-When Hope was taking pictures of Daniel, and Joey is just gushing about him, “That’s my boyfriend daniel, and he’s not and sexy, and he’s a model.”
-Daniel kissing all over Joey’s naked shoulder and neck in bed, distracting him when he is trying to talk to the camera.

-The streamy’s, Joey’s little personal speech to Daniel, “I forgot to thank the most important person…” and then later them cuddling in bed, Daniel running his hand all over Joey’s chest under his shirt.
-Them being so adorable and couply ice skating together in NYC.

-“Just kidding, I love you, you’re the best camera man I could’ve ever asked for.”

The Janiel promise rings, how Daniel hugged and kissed Joey when they revealed Daniel’s, and how happy Joey was about his. ❤❤❤

Love interests on Revenge

Revenge Writers: Here’s Jack, he and Emily were in love as kids.

Fandom: Look at that pretty bad boy is Daniel. How cute proposal under the rain. And he has money… DEMILY!

Revenge Writers: Here’s Jack okay? Emily told her who she really is. Daniel knows nothing and he’s going to be a bad bad Grayson.

Fandom: Oh! Look at that precious british 007 guy that is Aiden. AIMILY OTP!

Revenge Writers: Aiden is dead okay? But here’s Jack…

Fandom: Daniel is so redeeming himself. DEMILY AGAIN!

Revenge Writers: Now Daniel is dead, got it? Jack, on the other hand…

Fandom: Look at the police officer. His name is Ben! He’s going to be detective and Emily started rejecting him because he tried to touch her like Aiden!

Revenge Writers: You don’t understand. Jack is in love with her…

Fandom: BEMILY!!!