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hello! may i request a headcannon of kang daniel as your older brother

yes!! of course! 

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listen,,,protect him look how cute he is

- loves giving you hugs

- also,,is very smiley at you 

- protects you at all costs because you’re his younger sibling and he can’t bear to see you hurt hsfbndknfjds cutie 

- tries his best to make you smile or laugh at least once per day because he finds your smile can light up his day 

- the type to embarrass u in front ur friends or his friends 

- that one sibling that drops u off and yells through the window 

- ‘’ i lOVE U !!” 


- blasts kpop when he drives away w the window cracked all the way down 

- specifically calls u out when u leave so every one knows

- and calls ur name super loudly once he picks u up, blaring kpop or rap music 

- cue u running to the car in embarassment 

- ‘’can u turn that down omg ur embarrassing me!!”

- ‘’CaN u TuRn ThAt DoWn Ur EmBaRrAsSiNg Me!!’’

- whenever he wants something, he does aegyo LOL and it’s the cringy bad aegyo but you had to admit,,it’s still funny

- knows you can’t resist it so he does it,,, a l o t 

- ‘’could you get me chips from the store??’

- ‘’no wth get it urself’’ 

- ‘’uhm excuse me’’ 

- ‘’do i look like ur slave geT IT UR SE L F’’

- cringy aegyos you to death bc he knows that you hate it when he does that LMAO


- ‘’thanks!! c: ‘’ 

- lots of cats 

- tons of them 

- even if you have like 50 he will find a way to sneak in more

- cat hair every where in ur hair, clothes, couch, the beds 

- aka sneezing basically every minute bc of the fur and watery eyes

- and ur basically like fuck u kang daniel LOL

- despite ur hatred for hair every where,,,,you know ur brother is happy

- so u just suck it up and deal with it bc his smile lights up ur world and u knew that can’t bare with him being sad 

- and that he would probably find a way to sneak in more so LMAO 

- a big meme and he knows it 

- but of course, not as big of a meme as jisung 

- also being damn extra 

- actually the two of u are so extra 

- like,,,jisung extra

- sends u lots of memes that he gets from all the other trainees

- deadass watches those funny vine complications LMAO 

- sometimes u two bond by watching those LOL y u guys like this

- ok but u two have the most random conversations  

- sometimes late night 3am talks but not those deep ass talks no LOL more like

- ‘’do aliens exist?” 

- ‘’what if we lived in a different reality where i was famous’’ 

- ‘’what if i was a kpop idol LMFAO’’  (sike)

- listen,, the two of u talk so much about conspiracy theories u two deadass almost run a yt channel about it 

- the two of u like to talk about conspiracy theories and how it fucks u up tbh LOL 

- ok but really

- the two of you have secret adopted lee woojin as a son bc hes honestly so cute andsnjnfdlfn basically hes adopted into the family no questions 

-u two fight over the pettiest thing honestly and u never met someone petty as him 

-despite ur fights,,,u two love each other and know that u wouldn’t have it either way,,,