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Love interests on Revenge

Revenge Writers: Here’s Jack, he and Emily were in love as kids.

Fandom: Look at that pretty bad boy is Daniel. How cute proposal under the rain. And he has money… DEMILY!

Revenge Writers: Here’s Jack okay? Emily told her who she really is. Daniel knows nothing and he’s going to be a bad bad Grayson.

Fandom: Oh! Look at that precious british 007 guy that is Aiden. AIMILY OTP!

Revenge Writers: Aiden is dead okay? But here’s Jack…

Fandom: Daniel is so redeeming himself. DEMILY AGAIN!

Revenge Writers: Now Daniel is dead, got it? Jack, on the other hand…

Fandom: Look at the police officer. His name is Ben! He’s going to be detective and Emily started rejecting him because he tried to touch her like Aiden!

Revenge Writers: You don’t understand. Jack is in love with her…

Fandom: BEMILY!!!


Daughter came home yesterday, so first night was last night…it’s an exciting time- hopefully she’ll bring us some luck in the playoffs.