danielle kotch


After the revelation at the end of “Synecdoche,” I want it confirmed that Zoe has her own team. I even went to the trouble to pick out the team members. You have a skip tracer, a self-trained spy, and a former NSA operative who figured out the Machine existed without any outside help. And running it all is the mysterious Zoe Morgan, professional fixer taking her skills to a new market.

* Zoe Morgan (1x06 The Fix)
* Henry Peck (1x22 No Good Deed)
* Genrika Zhirova (3x05 Razgovor)
* Frankie Wells (4x18 Skip)

i’m just not wired for this kind of stuff, kid.”

i know. i figured you out. it’s not that you don’t have feelings. it’s just like the volume is turned way down. like the sound on an old tape. the voices are there, you just have to listen.