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Is there anything in Eve: The Awakening that you'd go back and change now that you're a more experienced author? (I mean, Daniel Radcliffe said he can't watch the first HP films because it's watching himself learn to act; is it sort of the same for you with Eve: The Awakening?)

The thing about writing is that we improve as we go. I finished EVE several years ago, and I’m a better writer today than I was then. So realistically, I could potentially write the entire thing over again, and it would be better. But that will likely be the case with literally every single book I ever write. At some point you gotta say fuck it and publish the damn thing, or else you’ll end up rewriting the same book for your entire life. 


Hey, can I ask you a question? Sure. How do you know if a guy you’ve been hanging out with likes you? You like him? Uh-huh, but I think he hates me. Ask him. Doesn’t want to talk about it. No guy ever does. How do I know, then? Does he get that look in his eye when he’s with you? What look? You’ll know it when you see it.

Reading some of the netflix reviews from people who didn’t like ASOUE because the ‘writing was nothing like the books’. If you didn’t like it because you didn’t like it then fine what-the-fuck-ever, but don’t fall back on that as your argument. Why? Bitch. Daniel Handler wrote the screenplays.

The author wrote the series.

He’s writing ALL. THE. SERIES.

Sit your ass down and stop assuming you know the tone of the books better than the person that fucking wrote them just because you’re a purist literary snob.


Fangirl Challenge: [20/50] Female Characters » Davina Claire

“My whole life, the witches of this city have lived in fear. Vampires run wild, children are sacrificed. Nobody took charge. Now, be honest. Have any of you ever stood up to the vampires? The Mikaelsons? No? Well I have, and I have won. I might be young, but the truth is I know better than anyone here what we’re really up against. I can help build peace or I can burn our enemies to the ground. The question isn’t whether or not I should be made Regent… the question is what the hell would you do without me?”

Out of all of Richie’s various costumes - you mentioned the fireman - is there one that you liked better than the rest? The gold body paint was epic. When am I ever going to do that again? It took a good solid hour, with five people applying this makeup to every crevice. I had to be covered in gold. Once you go through all of that, I’m going to make this thing memorable.

This is it you guys… Today’s the day! The Bears are ready to meet you (though some of them may be a little shy, so be kind)! 

It’s been over a year now since I started working on Bears, and even though I’m not on the show any more, it will always be immensely important to me. It’s the first professional project I ever worked on, and I can tell you truly that there is no better first boss to have than Daniel Chong. He’s worked countless hours to make something great, and his dedication is the inspiration for the whole team. 

So, I hope you tune in to Cartoon Network at 6:30/PT!! I will (and I will probably cry… )! 


Look at these nerds. Look at this adorable height difference. Tom is 4 inches taller than Dan. His mouth reaches Dan’s eyebrows. Is that not the absolute cutest thing you’ve ever seen? This is honestly my favorite thing about the movies is that Dan being short makes Harry short, and short Harry gives me life. It’s the cutest shit in the world and it makes Drarry that much better

It is not Cyndago, without Daniel.
There may still be content created, but it will never be Cyndago.
For those of you saying “it’s not what Daniel would have wanted.”
Right fucking now.
The name of Cyndago will never be the same without Daniel. He was literally one third of what it as all about.
And appreciate all that he has given us, rather than cry for what we have lost.
Telling Ryan and Matt what they should be feeling right now is not going to make anything better.
If they feel they should end this, then that is in their better judgement. They knew Daniel more than you ever have.
Do NOT discredit their judgment. And have respect.
The more you tell Ryan and Matt how they should be feeling, without being remotely connected to them, other than being a friend, or part of their family, the more you are hurting them.
It’s inexcusable.
You do not tell them what to do.
You do not tell them how to feel.
They know better.
You do not.