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The Queen's justice - episode 3 - what I liked and didn't like

This is no recap, just a bundle of thoughts on the most recent episode:
I liked the episode overall, plenty of characters that were more consistent than before. Plenty of plotlines I’ve thought for a long time were likely to happen. Although : no GHOST, no Arya, no Gendry…

The North : What’s not to like? Sansa as a competent ruler who actually cares for her people, and not in a bossy way, but listening to people (makes you wonder what she did with her time before Jon left, or why Jon never asked these questions, when he is so concerned about food in the books); Sansa continually putting LF into his place, might not be the smartest move, but it’s fun to watch. then there is the Stark reunion! Hooray! Bran acting all emotionally distant is no surprise, he is the 3eyed Raven now and I always expected him not to become Lord of Winterfell. Sansa haters said she was undermining Jon by jumping to give Bran the title and that Bran was suspicious of her. They must watch something different. I declare DarkSansa is as dead as she was in the seasons before and I wish the show would stop feeding the Sansa hate by teasing DarkSansa every season… Still no Starkbowl! Sansa is missing Jon, and I’m not crying, I’m not crying….

Cersei/Jaime/Euron : Have I told you already that I love Lena Headey? What several times? Well, she is great. Cersei doesn’t give a fuck that someone sees her with Jaime. I think this is such an interesting character development, if you think about her panic in the very first episode when Bran caught them, then her telling their father about her affair trying to get some agency, then her ‘confessing’ to September Unella and now she just does what she wants. That doesn’t make her a likeable person or a good Queen, but she’s no hypocrite. And then Euron. I mean his teasing of Jaime. The man is a nutter, but I love to see him having screen time. Jaime is just fucked, he sits beside himself most of the time. Olenna had a great, great exit, and the Dorne storyline is officially buried, thank God! The reintroduction of the Iron Bank was pretty cool. Cersei really is quite cunning. Sansa is right to fear her.

Dragonstone : Jon Snow was finally back in his glorious brooding self. The last episodes had me truly think, that there must have been an impostor. He talks with Tyrion about Sansa, like with LF in a way that tends to be more possessive than protective. 'I didn’t ask’, he says when Tyrion offered the information that his marriage to Sansa was not consummated. I think that Tyrion who is a good judge of character nevertheless heard the unspoken question which he answered. Like other scenes with Ramsay and Littlefinger this can be put down as 'over-protective’ brother, but I say three times is not a coincidence, but a tradition and I know I wear shipper googles. If Sansa comes back as a subject with Theon and Sand or….
Dragon sighting as a nod to Jon’s Targ parentage and perhaps a move of Danielle to frighten Jon.
The scene with Danielle and Jon showed again how biased the leaker was. This was juxtaposition, Danielle all entitled, Jon humble (Davos, Davos!). Danielle giving all this (inaccurate) historical examples, while Jon was calling her out on her hypocrisy and refusing to bend the knee. They were set against each other. Apart from the very sloppy treatment of Westeros’ history this scene could be read two ways: a setup for Targbowl or the beginning of a Romantic Comedy where the boy and girl don’t like each other very much in the beginning. Since GoT is not a Romantic Comedy, guess where my money lies. That does not rule out a tryst of Jon and Danielle. I always thought that the secret parentage of Jon could very well lead to unwittingly committed incest. But IMHO it will be both, Targbowl and a tryst.
Jon is now virtually a prisoner in Dragonstone and this might actually be a good explanation for his willingness to leave Dragonstone later, even on a suicide mission. Jon misses Sansa. He doesn’t say so, but he wants to leave and he talks about her arguments as the arguments of his advisor. I’m not crying, not at all!
He didn’t call out Tyrion on his trick that he did not mention the kneebending in his letter. I feel this was sloppy writing or Jon didn’t want to alienate a valuable ally, but Jon and Tyrion together were good. And Jon might be right: His not being a Stark might save him in the South or it might endanger him further. Nice foreshadowing that one!
Jon and Danielle had another encounter after they were told by people they trust that they should try again. Bonding didn’t really happen, they were opposed again the visuals supporting that they didn’t even look at each other, although I would argue that Danielle eyed him as a possible fling when Jon walked away. It’s hard to tell with Emilia. If Lena played Danielle we could be sure. To sum up : Danielle thinks Jon is stupid enough to be distracted by the mining of Dragon glass and Jon think Danielle is stupid for not listening to reason. Chemistry? Zero.
I think Mellisandre is wrong again and she has a history of being wrong. She did not bring together fire and ice, this is a red herring.

Just my thoughts, the MS Jonsa still sails…

An Odd Encounter

Title: An Odd Encounter

Genre: AU, Fluff, Getting Together

Word Count: 3, 250

Warnings: None!

Description: In which Dan safely helps a stranger remove himself from an embarrassing situation on the subway.

Author’s Note: Ugh, only in fanfiction would this ever actually happen. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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Wanna One as IOI Members 1/3

(( I know there’s a bunch of these out there, but I’m procrastinating for Midterms and I really wanted to get this out of my head. This is based on my personal opinion, so I’m open to all comments and critiques )) 

  • Kang Daniel: Kim Sejoung – Humble and super talented, these two were recognized just as much for taking care of their dongsaengs (Lee Woojin, Kim Sohye anyone?) as they were for their charisma and 5-star performances on stage. Admired by younger fans and beloved by older fans for their confident and cool attitudes, these two can always be found smiling, laughing and having fun off-stage.
  • Park Jihoon: Kang MinaAegyo professionals, dancing machines, and rap stars all in one; what is there not to love?? These two know how to work a camera and can deliver any vibe for any genre – cute, sexy, cool, you name it and they’ll attack you with it.  
  • Lee Daehwi: Jeon SomiThe *Vitamins* of their respective groups, these prominent maknae line members attracted a lot of attention even before pd101 s1/2 started airing. Unashamedly quirky, forever energetic, and all-around talented, this bubbly duo can also speak English well and are unsurprisingly friends IRL.
  • Kim Jaehwan: Kim Chungha – Once these two showed off their respective talents during the first pd101 ranking performances, these powerhouses gained loyal followings even without significant screen time. When not effortlessly slaying while singing or dancing, these two devolve into teddy bears and make you wonder where they hide all that talent.

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P.S. Wrote this as if IOI was still together as a group to make it easier for me grammar-wise (too lazy to keep switching back and forth between present/past tense and put [former group] in a bunch of times)

Don't you know? (He's my now and Forever)

Summary:  During their road trip across America, Felicity runs into someone from her past.

Notes:  Post s3 - during Oliver and Felicity’s get away and before they took their travels overseas. In my headcannon, Ray’s ‘death’ didn’t happen until sometime in the middle of the summer, so Felicity’s not CEO and Starling City hasn’t been renamed yet.



Hearing her name, Felicity looked up from her tablet where she was sending information to Laurel.

An internal alarm went off in her head, a habit she picked up being around Oliver for the past three years. It was justified considering she was in a small town in the middle of California where the only person who knows her is her travel companion.

The person saying her name is definitely not him.

Upon looking up, it took a second for Felicity to register him. Once the recognition kicked in, her eyes widened

“Daniel?” she said in disbelief. A smile formed on her face as the man, Daniel, approached her.

Felicity welcomed him with an embrace. “Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s you,” she said as they pulled apart. “How long has it been?”

Daniel shrugged humbly. “Two, three years I think?”

“Yeah…” Felicity trailed off for a few seconds thinking back to the last time they had seen each other.

It wasn’t pleasant.

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