danielle fong

The Signs of Famous Youtube Gamers
  • aries: daniel hardcastle (nerdcubed)
  • taurus: jonathan (h2odelirious)
  • gemini: evan fong (vanossgaming)
  • cancer: mark fischback (markiplier)
  • leo: matt haag (opticnadeshot)
  • virgo: anthony padilla (smosh)
  • libra: lewis brindley (yogscast)
  • scorpio: felix kjellberg (pewdiepie)
  • sagittarius: joseph garrett (stampylonghead)
  • capricorn: arin hanson (egoraptor)
  • aquarius: jordan maron (captainsparklez)
  • pisces: mitch hughes (thebajancanadian)
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Danielle Fong, Abe’s boss and our best friend being interviewed by Forbes. Abe met Danielle in the Plasma Physics program at Princeton.

Name: Danielle Fong

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, LightSail Energy

What you should know: Danielle is the co-founder and Chief Scientist at LightSail Energy, making inexpensive, efficient energy storage systems.

”At age 20, Fong co-founded LightSail Energy, which has invented a compressed air storage technology that is scalable, portable, clean and economical. The idea is to make it possible for intermittent sources of renewable energy like solar and wind to go mainstream, and revolutionize power grid design.“

Twitter Handle: @DanielleFong

Credit: Forbes 30 under 30 feature