danielle doodles

I have been manually blocking, but like you say @creekycoffee, they’re reblogging the posts from each other a lot of the time. I wonder what tumblr can really introduce to combat it?  Maybe a better reporting system or a hide feature? Allowing you to hide the text from a reblog appearing in the immediate drop down window of a post as it does now? Maybe it’s some of the tags I am using? It is happening to my Peter Steele pics and Daniel Tighe doodles. 


I have no excuse. I just really like drawing these boneheads. XD

I lost the link, but MysteryBen posted a character lineup of the Mystery skulls characters, and then someone else created an image that attached a grid so we could see then height each character fell under. If I remember right, Lewis is 7′3′‘. I don’t exactly know how tall the other guys are, but imagine my surprise when I found out that Brook is over 9 feet tall. Makes me wonder how some of these guys can fit through a door without hitting their heads against the top of the frame…