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Once upon a time in ROH…

the hephaestus crew at the women’s march as discussed at the january ama (+ hera because they didnt think of a sign for her but i thought of a spectacular pun youre welcome)

the current political situation got people so mad they theyre marching on all seven continents and in space

i mean i came to tumblr immediately after watching the liveshow fully sure someone would’ve easily cracked dnp’s big announcement already but everyone’s also clueless and now i’m stressed

Wanna One “Beautiful” MV Theory!

So I think I have an idea that makes sense of what happens at the end of this MV!!!

First, the “Nothing Without You” album is meant to be a prequel to the “To Be One” album, right? Therefore, what if the “Beautiful” MV is also a prequel to the “Energetic” MV?? YMC has already used the clear cassette tape with the flowers to symbolize this during both the album promotions and in both MVs (see pictures below), even though the flower placement is slightly different in each video (let’s just assume that the flowers can move around in there and it IS the exact same tape). The tape itself is also on the opposite side of the cassette to symbolize the change in time (cassette in “Energetic” MV is rewound to symbolize a new beginning). This would mean that the characters from the “Beautiful” MV and their relationships carry through into the “Energetic” MV.

The most important bit about this is that it means Ong Seongwoo is alive, and I’ll detail how I think that happens below the cut.

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me: *standing in the store scrolling through Tumblr*

my dad: are you texting phil and dave?

me: i- *closes eyes and takes the deepest breath of my life*