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I haven’t been on tumblr in a while, and I deleted my old acc bc I got bored with it, so

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-shane dawson

-dan and phil

-dodie clarke

- twenty one pilots

-fall out boy

-my chemical romance


-panic! at the disco

-the brobecks

-the young veins 

-frank iero andthe patience 


-jon bellion

-all time low

-lana del rey


-melanie martinez


-arctic monkeys

-green day

-mindless self indulgence


-cage the elephant

-neon trees

-vinyl theatre


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Are you excited for World Turtle Day? From tiny, cute baby turtles to massive 1,500 pound leatherbacks, these fascinating animals can be found in almost every ecosystem around the world. Carrying their shells, they’re at home wherever they roam. Human intervention has threatened some turtle species, so please make sure you don’t disturb or distract them, especially nesting sea turtles. Photo of green sea turtles at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge by Daniel W. Clark, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.