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Sleeping Beauty

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You’re eyes were on your phone as you drank from your wine glass, waiting for your food to arrive. This was when Bloo decided to attack and as quickly as possible took a picture of you. “Daniel!” you angrily shouted at him. 

He laughed as he stared at his screen. “That was a good one.” 

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Damaged Not Broken

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Damaged Not Broken
[It’s never too late to make things right│Bloo]

“What the hell I-I gotta call you back” you spoke into your phone before hanging it up and dragging Daniel into your apartment. “What the hell happened to your face?!” you hurried into your bathroom to grab your first aid kit and a few paper towels.

“Relax, it’s not as bad as it looks.” He chuckled sitting on the counter, watching you scurry around the apartment “Who were you talking to this late?”

“Not as bad as it looks? You come knocking on my door at 5am with a black eye and it’s not as bad as it looks?” He shrugged and smirked as you came closer to him with the first aid kit. “Seriously what happened? You drink too much?”

“Something like that…” he muttered under his breath.

“You didn’t answer my question…” You opened the alcohol pads.

“Who were you talking to?” he pouted, looking everywhere but at you.

“It was just Nafla”

“This late?” He rolled his eyes.

“This isn’t late. It’s early.”

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Artist/Person : Daniel Kim/Bloo

Group/Crew : Mkit Rain/42 crew

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : 506

Request :   Hi! Can I request a fluff scenario about Bloo being clingy on you in front of the 42 crew? And the boys are teasing you guys. Thank you very much, I really love your blog💕💕

Another giggle left my lips as I pulled back from the attack of kisses that was being littered onto my face. Scrunching my nose up, I looked at the grinning boy in front of me with crinkled eyes. “What are you on?” I giggle, only for him to shake his head. “I’m completely sober.” His grin widened as he pulled me close again, placing a few chaste kisses on my lips. “You sure? You’re never like this in public…” I muttered the end against his mouth as he pulled me in for a passionate kiss, our lips locking into each other’s for a couple of seconds before he pulled away and buried his face in the crook of my neck. “I missed you…” His voice is soft, well as soft as his gravelly voice could get, as he mumbled into my skin.

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anonymous asked:

What kind of boyfriend Bloo would be like? I saw the Dabin one and it's like so accurate??

hello, it was fun too :D

Bloo as a boyfriend;

  • where do I start?
  • He’d call you his princess or queen
  • “Yes, princess?”
  • But still, call you babe/baby
  • He would post tons of pics of you
  • and with you
  • couple pics w/ corny captions
  • He’d ask you to take pics of him
  • “Babe, can you take a pic of me in this alley”
  • “But I’ve already taken like 34789234 pictures -”
  • Matching Tattoos or chokers
  • maybe even jumpers
  • he would smile at you 25/8
  • laugh at ur bad jokes
  • compliment you all the time
  • “Babe, you’re so pretty”
  • when he’s busy he’d face time you 
  • tell you he misses you
  • being clingy in front of the guys
  • “Get A Room”
  • waking you up with kisses
  • drunk confessions and texts
  • “You're so fucking pretty! leTS DATE!”
  • he likes to play with your hair
  • hickeys 
  • lots and lots of hickeys
  • “you’re mine”
  • bc he gets jealous when you talk to the other mkit rain guys
  • but he loves you
  • a LOT

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Just Breath

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Featuring: Bloo

Genre:  Angst 

Word Count: 1,207

82. “ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ʙʀᴇᴀᴛʜᴇ, ᴏᴋᴀʏ?”

“Just breathe, okay?” in a hushed tone nothing louder than a whisper, you attempted to calm Daniel.  He was slumped with one arm around your shoulder, as you tried to keep your balance for you both as you tried to find the right key to his apartment to let him in. You had seen his instagram live about an hour earlier, and you couldn’t help to feel worried about him; you decided to check up on him after his live had come to an end. To your surprise, you had found Bloo about a block away from his place, with a bag in hand. He had gone to the local mart two blocks down, for more liquor…

When you had found him, he was sitting slumped over on the curb his eyes half open; you had never seen him look so dejected before…   and it pained you to see him in that state, knowing the feeling all too well first hand.  When you called his name to get his attention, it took him a few moments to recognize your voice.

He scoffed at you, “What? You’re here too? Was the live show not enough? Hm? Did you wanna come laugh in my face? Uh?”

You were taken aback, by his response,”No it’s not like that Daniel. I wouldn't…”  

He let out a laugh,“Why wouldn’t you?” his eyes were glossy, “What?  you think you’re so special that you wouldn’t? Didn’t I give you enough reasons too?”

“I wouldn’t because I’m not like that… and I don’t hold grudges.” you took a step closer and sat next to him on the street curb.  You weren’t sure what to do, you weren’t even sure if there was a way to console Bloo at the moment, you couldn’t find the words to comfort him through everything he was going through. So you quietly sat there next to him, in complete silence.

“Man… fuck this shit and fuck everything. I’m tired of this shit!”  Bloo exclaimed as he broke the silence of the night.

“Then take a break,” you suggested as you turned your head to him as he also turned to look at you.  His eyes were piercing into yours and you didn’t know what to expect from Bloo,  for a second you feared he would have an outburst.

“It’s not that simple.” he ran his hands through his already disheveled hair.

“Talk to me then.”  He turned away from you and shook his head, “Fuck that shit and fuck these stupid people.” He continued ranting as he reached into his paper bag for his bottle of liquor without haste his hand quickly unscrewed the lid, determined to take a swig.

“Stop that!” you blurted as you reached over for the bottle only for Bloo to push your arms away and continue to drink. You reached over and abruptly yanked the bottle from his hands as he drank, spilling a bit in the process.   You stood up and backed away from him as you closed the bottle.

“Give it to me!” he cried out as he attempted to stand up only to slump onto the curb again.

“No. You need to cut it out.” you defied as you placed it into your bag and zipped it closed.

“I need it! I need to get fucked up!” he tried to reason as another slur of curses poured out of his mouth in frustration each getting louder than the other.

“Stop. You think alcohol, is gonna solve anything? When you wake up after your hangover everything is going to be the same! Nothing’s gonna change! “ You could feel yourself growing agitated as your chest heaved up and down harsher than usual.

“FUCK YOU!  Why do you care!? What the fuck do you even care for!?”

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[Forever doesn’t mean forever anymore │Bloo & Nafla]

All it took was a one phone call from your usual bartender for you to come running. It didn’t matter that it was the middle of the night, and it didn’t matter that it was snowing. Daniel needed you. You rubbed your shoulders, taking refuge from the frigid winters and spotted him immediately at the bar. His arm around another girls’ shoulders as he leaned into her whispering. His face flushed from the alcohol and about five too many bottles lined up in front of him.

Sighing you made your way over to him, first apologizing to the bartender and paying his tab. “Thank you for calling me”

“It’s no problem…I tried calling Nafla but he was busy” he gave you that same apologetic pitiful smile that you’d come accustomed to. It was the same one your friends gave you, the same one your mother gave you. The same one you’d often find in the mirror.

You were pitiful.

“Daniel…come on…let’s go home.” you grabbed his coat.

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A Ghost of A Chance

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A Ghost of A Chance
[Ghost!Bloo│A connection so deep it transcends life]

Ghost; the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons.

“Come on Dream, play with me.” Daniel groaned, tossing the ball against the wall, scoffing seeing that his dog was ignoring him again. “Awww you’re no fun” It was to be expected Dream had been playing with only him over the last three years. Being a ghost was hard enough, but it was even harder with a dog.

He was lucky enough that he was some sort of poltergeist. He didn’t really understand the full range of his abilities he just knew that he was indefinitely dead. And he could still move things around at will. It was like he was both tangible and not. Alive yet dead.

The strangest form of limbo.

“Ya know Dream you were way nicer to me when you were a puppy” he pouted. Seeing his dog whimper, he frowned. “What’s wrong buddy?” lately he just hadn’t been himself, and he didn’t know what to do anymore.

“Dream!” he stood up seeing his dog dart out the doggy door. After all the years of being there, Dream had never once used the doggy door.

Daniel froze at the cusp of the doorway, knowing that he couldn’t go past it. He could hear Dream just a few feet away, happily yipping by the sidewalk.

“Hey there~You’re so friendly. Your name is Dream? That’s so cute” a soft voice chimed. He watched as a young woman pet and cuddled his dog against you. “Do you live here? Is your owner home?” you picked him up in your arms and carried him to the door. Dream licked your face happily, encouraging you.

Oh no you were coming.

Someone was coming into his home.

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Hate, Drink, Love

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Nafla laughed seeing the grimace on your face every time you passed by the bar. “Why does everyone like to smoke indoors? I can’t stand the smell.” You covered your mouth and nose with one hand and held onto Nafla’s jacket with the other so you wouldn’t get lost.

Looking over at you he could see how you were holding your breath. “You could just breathe through your mouth.”

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~It’s Live~

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Artist/Person : Daniel Kim/Bloo

Group/Crew : Mkit Rain/42 crew

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : 521

Request :   A scenario with Bloo on insta live with his girlfriend

His soft chuckles came from the other side of the room, his fingers gripping onto a can of beer as he tipped it back, the liquid slipping past his plump lips and down his throat. I watched with low eyes as his adams apple bobbed into his swallow. “I’m going live.” He said suddenly, picking up his phone and setting it up on the desk that he sat at, preparing everything before starting his Instagram live. “Sup guys.” He muttered, smiling widely and running a hand through his hair.

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