danielle actually makes personal posts sometimes

Things That Danielle Did Today:
  • Phone went off this morning at ten with a text from a friend; plans made last night for today are cancelled, more sleep for me. 
  • Woke up at twelve in the afternoon.
  • Lay in bed till about one-onethirtyish contemplating my place in the universe. 
  • Got up, got showered, and dressed, achieving ‘Presentable Human’ status.
  • Made breakfast at three, like a boss. 
  • Watched episodes of How I Met Your Mother for about two hours.
  • Washed dishes for Mum.
  • Went back to The Batcave (my room) and on the internet.
  • Proceeded to diagnose myself with about four different mental disorders and watch cat videos.
  • Watched episodes of The Mighty Boosh for an hour or two.
  • Ordered two sweatshirts and a t-shirt off of Threadless.

Now, I am currently drinking tea out of Bubo, my owl mug and listening to The Mountain Goats. 

Gonna be a crazy night, kids. Just thought you ought to know.