You think I’d let him destroy me and end up happier than ever? No fucking way. He doesn’t get to win. My cute, charming, salt-of-the-earth Missouri guy. He needed to learn. Grown-ups work for things. Grown-ups pay. Grown-ups suffer consequences.

I wonder how much time Danielle spends thinking about how she is the actor dating Louis, but the musician dating Louis is the one starring in a movie.

The last 9 Days

29 February - TMZ & other press outlets report Louis is embattled in a custody fight with Briana:

29 February -  TMZ & other press outlets report Briana has told Louis Danielle can’t see Freddie

2 March - Louis goes out to a club with Lottie and her boyfriend. Louis takes several fan pics and there are pap pictures. He then posts a picture from inside the club on his instagram:

3 March - Louis goes out again to another club, this time with Niall and Lottie. He posts another picture from inside the club on instagram:

4 March - Louis & Danielle go to lunch at Coast in Santa Monica

4 March Louis’ friend posts an old photo on instagram of a past night out using the hashtag #LTismissing

5 March - Louis & Danielle go to the Nice Guy and 1OAK together with Mike Navarra (Sony Publicist) and others. There are pap pictures.

6 March - Louis’ friend continues to post old videos on instagram of past nights out using the hashtag #LTismissing



Danielle got papped outside Louis’ rental house.

But wait a second…Danielle is in front of the garage:

Which is on a cul-de-sac, meaning at the end of a dead end street.

That means she drove past the photographer taking her picture as she got out of the car and stood in the driveway for several minutes letting him get shots that identify the rental house.

So basically, they set this up to put her at the rental house beyond just her weekly pool pictures and her fans think they’re trying to protect her “privacy.”