Here’s the thing about Louis and what we see. It’s been 5 years of call and response between the fans and his public image, more than any of the other boys, including Harry.

The most predictable thing about this entire mess is the way they always try to fill plot holes and tie up loose ends in Louis’ public life alone. Show me the same scramble to explain Niall or Liam’s holidays with family and friends.

They consistently go back and try to answer questions, and that isn’t real life. They’ve treated Louis differently since September 2011. Always ready with a posed picture from an event most fans correlate with family (vacations, birthdays, Christmas). And that would be fine if it wasn’t nearly every single holiday and special event broadcasted by social media and paparazzi for over 5 years. He didn’t even get a reprieve when he “broke up” with Eleanor. He had another girlfriend lined up just in time for Christmas the same year. And this year.

They’ve never learned that less is more. But they probably wouldn’t even be able to execute a less is more strategy, because Harry and Louis have already set the standard by which we measure all other interactions between them and others.

And that bar is too high to fake.