daniellaromeo  asked:

Why are you acting as though suffering is a bad thing? It is the root to everything. I think you thinking its a bad thing is what's making you upset about others commenting on Buddhism and its relation to suffering. Suffering is beautiful, all that I have come to learn in life funnels directly through my sufferings. It is not a bad thing.

(publishing this in case anyone else interpreted that post this way)

i’m sorry if i made it seem like that to you. i guess i should’ve put a disclaimer on the post saying that i myself am not buddhist and all of those points i talked about are purely the teachings of buddhism i’ve learned from my dad’s side of the family (who are buddhist).

what makes me upset isn’t because i think suffering is bad. what makes me upset is that people are using incorrect information about buddhism to talk about suffering.

as i said in the post: “it is up to you whether you choose to find any meaning in your own suffering, but buddhism teaches you how to let go of it and achieve a higher state of being”

meaning that i have no qualms about whether suffering has helped you grow as a person — if you believe suffering is beautiful, then by all means, go for it

the thing that i don’t agree with is when people defend their personal beliefs by referencing to beliefs that aren’t actually buddhist (i.e. you might believe going through suffering yourself teaches you about life but buddhists don’t share this belief)

that post was meant to address (and fix) what people think are the beliefs and teachings of buddhism, that’s it